Ryan Giggs 9

I am an avid sports fan; I don’t blog about it much, but you may be surprised to hear I watched almost every ball of the Ashes series live, for example, mostly on my TV in Ghana. This weekend I was gripped by whether Westwood or Donald would make World No 1. And my heart is singing at the prospect of Norwich City’s return to the top flight, not to mention stuffing Ipswich at Portman Road.

I am not a Manchester United supporter. I fully qualify to be, as I have absolutely no connection to Manchester, but I am not. But I must note the wonderful performance by the incredible, ageless Ryan Giggs last night against Schalke. Not flashy, but his intelligence both on and off the ball simply overwhelmed the German team. His one howling miss was just an accent to his performance. Everyone who loves football should cherish these late autumnal moments of his career.

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9 thoughts on “Ryan Giggs

  • Beeston Regis

    I used to go and watch Norwich play, back in the day when the money from my paper round could easily pay for a ticket in the Barclay end……

  • ingo

    On the ball Cityyyy… Didn’t asee last nights game but it must have been good. Norwich 96 minute win against Derby must have been a humdinger as well, they are getting a reputation for finishing them off at the last minute.
    The Ipswich rout was something else, they just did not know what was hitting them, ahh well, back to tractor driving..

  • Paul Johnston

    Somehow I think he will be a lot more missed than the other old soldier Paul Scholes.
    Still Scholes was born in the same Salford Hospital as my daughter. Suppose she “IS” entitled to be a Red.

  • Michael Marshall

    I can only agree with you regarding the World’s greatest living Welshman. However, as a Cardiff City supporter I hope your singing heart will be rendered silent for the time being.

  • Dick the Prick

    Yes indeed, Ryan Giggs certainly scored one for the team, a goal which was super in the junction of the court of the outfield, not shameless in that good town but perhaps marred by the logan’s run at 35 and celebrated with some Mcgregor’s scotch. Uuurgghh, I give up.

  • ingo

    Not many people know this, Norwich City FC has the oldest club song of all english clubs, so, they deserve to get into the premier league just for that, says Ingo in a totally biased mode, after two vodka blacks.

  • haemoglobin

    Good news about Norwich. Congrats Craig. Will Lambert be in such a benificent mood that he considers releasing Steven Smith to sign for Aberdeen?

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