Was the Daniel Khalife escape staged?

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    Fat Jon

      The thread on the Skripal poisoning alerted me to the fact that the same sudden intensive media coverage seems to have surrounded the escape of the relatively unknown 21 year old ‘terror suspect’ Daniel Khalife.

      And now he has been found on a towpath, the media is full of self congratulatory articles concerning the Counter Terrorism Operations Centre which is 2 years old and hasn’t been getting a great deal of publicity during that time.

      Could it be that Khalife was tempted while in prison by a double agent visitor who had the power to organise the strapping of him to a delivery lorry, and getting through the Wandsworth security setup, and given food for a few days – then left on his own while the security services set up a media circus style search while knowing where he is all the time?

      There is certainly an outpouring of gushing praise and backslapping by the various agencies involved. Maybe even enough to increase their funding?

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        Daniel Khalife was in Belmarsh. Daniel Khalife was held as a spy acused of passing information to Iran. Daniel Khalife was rehomed in a lower security graded prison.

        Julian Assange is in Belmarsh for telling the truth. Julian Assange is still in Belmarsh. Please, go figure…_


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