Murder in Samarkand: Radio Play

David Hare’s witty portrait of an unlikely hero, based on the memoir by Craig Murray. Broadcast on 20 February 2010 on BBC Radio 4, starring David Tennant as Murray.

Craig is proud to be sent as Ambassador to Uzbekistan, eager to work hard and also eager for fun. The combination takes him on a dangerous course both professionally and personally, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Murder in Samarkand (full upload via craig-murray)

Script written by David Hare, based on the book Murder in Samarkand.

Craig Murray …… David Tennant
Bax/Safayev …… Jonathan Coy
Dill/French Ambassador …… Richard Cordery
Foreign Secretary/Uzbek Judge …… Simon Chandler
Prosecutor/Fazilov …… Ian Gelder
Roy/Avazov …… John Hollingworth
US Ambassador/Karimov …… Paul Jesson
Dr Ableman/Uzbek Uncle …… Bruce Myers
Angela …… Flora Montgomery
Dilobar …… Nadira Murray
Emily …… Clara Neather
Nadira …… Jemima Rooper
Serena/Kristina …… Lucy Robinson
Ivo Sanderson/Quest …… Malcolm Sinclair
Procurator …… Sirojiddin Tolibov
Fiona …… Lia Williams

Piano by Michael Webborn

Produced by Ann Scott

Directed by Clive Brill

A Greenpoint production


  1. :) I wish Lucy Robinson heard my English :) Even in a nightmare of my English teacher I wouldn’t sound that Russian hahahaha, I mean the accent…

  2. Wish could download it to my MP3 player!

  3. David Tennant is better looking.

  4. Big fan: Craig Murray, Dr. Who, David Tennant. Same with my daughter. It all works out in the end…

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