Daily archives: April 20, 2005

Labour complacent as Blackburn acquires “totemic significance”

The Financial Times – War Blair faces Muslim backlash over Iraq war: The Blackburn constituency of Jack Straw has taken on a totemic significance for an antiwar protest campaign, although local Labour strategists believe the foreign secretary will hold on to his near 10,000 majority, helped by Lord Ahmed, the Labour peer, leading Muslim supporters on his behalf.

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Jack Straw in battle for survival

The Guardian – War pitches Straw into survival battle: “He has done nothing good for Muslims,” says Abu Musa, who shoos Mr Straw away from his door. “He’s siphoned the vote off us for many years. As home secretary he introduced anti-terrorism laws which totally discriminated against Muslims and now as foreign secretary he is going around the world subjugating Muslim countries. “All he has done is abuse the power the Muslim community has given him.”

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