Jack Straw in battle for survival 1

The Guardian – War pitches Straw into survival battle: “He has done nothing good for Muslims,” says Abu Musa, who shoos Mr Straw away from his door. “He’s siphoned the vote off us for many years. As home secretary he introduced anti-terrorism laws which totally discriminated against Muslims and now as foreign secretary he is going around the world subjugating Muslim countries. “All he has done is abuse the power the Muslim community has given him.”

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One thought on “Jack Straw in battle for survival

  • ArtyTypo

    We have now been enjoying the spectacle of the pip – squeak scot ex Foreign Sec. ex leader of the Hse. Racing Tipster and wannabe Stock Market TITAN, Mr Robin Cook, standing on a soap box and supporting the feeble minded Straw.

    Meanwhile in the back streets of Blackburn the silent, sleek, silver Mercedes are acting as helpful postmen, collecting their sackfuls of voting slips….relieving their owners of the toil of actually voting.

    This is New Labour on the prowl, Cook and Straw. The limos of the new oligarchs.

    New Labour, putting National back into Socialism.

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