Labour complacent as Blackburn acquires “totemic significance” 1

The Financial Times – War Blair faces Muslim backlash over Iraq war: The Blackburn constituency of Jack Straw has taken on a totemic significance for an antiwar protest campaign, although local Labour strategists believe the foreign secretary will hold on to his near 10,000 majority, helped by Lord Ahmed, the Labour peer, leading Muslim supporters on his behalf.

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One thought on “Labour complacent as Blackburn acquires “totemic significance”

  • ArtyTypo

    On February 23, Lord Nazir Ahmed ( The only Lord who affirmed his oath when sworn into the House of Lords on the Koran) hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for Israel Shamir.

    This drew the attention and comment of Stephen Pollard in the Times who described Shamir as " in fact, a Swedish-domiciled anti-Semite also known as J?ran Jermas"

    Why would Lord Ahmed have hosted such a man in the Lords? Asked Pollard. He says he has"worked for Zavtra, Russia's most anti-Semitic publication, and is allied with the Vanguard News Network, set up by an American, Alex Linder ? a man so extreme that he was even ostracised by the US neo-Nazi National Alliance."

    It appears that Shamir has also worked for the BBC who he described in his speech at the HOL as, "the propganda tool for the New Empire". Based in Jaffa he has also written for Haaretz, the Jewish Daily newspaper and has a confused and decidedly anti-Zionist outlook and assists the Deir Yassin remembered organisation which sees the events there as the starting point for the Palestinian genocide.

    "Deir Yassin also signalled the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians leading to their eventual dispossession and exile and was just one example of a conscious and premeditated plan to destroy the Palestinians as a people in their own homeland."

    Shamir seems an remarkable person for Lord Ahmed, a known Labour supporter to invite to say the following things to the HOL assembled members (Quotes directly from the Shamir website

    "Not only your RAF assists the Americans, but your BBC, once a paragon of objectivity, became a propaganda tool for the New Empire.

    Elder people maybe remember the subsequent Zionist terrorist attacks on the British troops, the assassination of Lord Moyne, maybe they remember the two British sergeants who were kidnapped and hanged by the Jews, and their dead bodies were defiled, booby-trapped by the killers. Menachem Begin, our late Prime Minister, was particularly proud of it. Younger people won't even know it, for your media, the mind and the nervous system of the nation, is hijacked by Zionists like Conrad Black and Murdock, (both Catholics)and they won't allow this knowledge to be remembered.

    But it is vital to remember, for the new empire continues the ways of the old. Now in Iraq, the US and its British dependency continue the same old fight for ensuring Jewish supremacy in the Middle East, for England – or even English business – has no need to be in Baghdad and Basra. Indeed, in the Middle East we have just one reason for wars, terror and trouble – and that is Jewish supremacy drive. In our country, Israel or Palestine, we can have peace today, if we were to agree to equality of Jew and non-Jew. But this principle, so carefully observed in Europe, is anathema to the Jews in Israel.

    Why the New Empire went to war, committed itself to the vast expenses and dangers, antagonised bigger part of the world – and all that in the interests of Jewish supremacy?

    Superficially, one can explain it by personalities, by the special position of the Neo-cons in Washington and of the Jewish media-lords in the US and elsewhere. Jews indeed own, control and edit a big share of mass media, this mainstay of Imperial thinking; just last month a Rothschild bought the French daily Liberacion, and an Israeli citizen bought a TV 4 channel in Sweden.

    In your case, Michael Howard is less Judaic than Tony Blair, for the first objects to removal of British liberties and to sweeping anti-Muslim legislation, while the second brought this country into the Iraqi war for Israeli interests.

    Now, there is a large and thriving Muslim community in England. In my view, Islam is a form of Christianity, even nearer to the Nicene Creed than some Pentecostals or other American denominations.

    There are friends and enemies of the Empire in all your major political parties, and equally all the parties are Zionist-infiltrated. There is a need for new realignment in order to unite anti-Imperial forces for full withdrawal of British troops from overseas, for independence of England from the American Empire.

    In the Apple Cart by Bernard Shaw, the US makes a bid to take over England, and a wise monarch keeps its independence. Disentanglement of England from the US embrace is much needed, an answer to the Boston Tea Party is called for. "

    What curious friends Mr Straw has who may help him in his hopeless cause to retain his seat in Blackburn?. Accusing The dear Leader Tony of taking the UK into Iraqi war ?"for Israeli interests". Or for calling for?" for full withdrawal of British troops from overseas, for independence of England from the American Empire".

    Perhaps someone may take the opportunity to ask the Right Honourable Jack "facing the Sack" Straw if he agrees with the views of M'luds friend.

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