Who will blink first? 1

The New Statesman on Murder in Samarkand

Jack “the Lad” Straw and ex-ambassador turned general-election rival Craig Murray are in a “who’ll blink first” stand-off. The Foreign Secretary refuses to clear Murray’s weighty 160,000-word memoirs for publication; our ex-man in Uzbekistan offers the book for sale from June on Amazon. Murray threatens to lift the lid on UK support for torture and rendition. Jack the Lad, it seems, is putting Murray through his own torture.

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One thought on “Who will blink first?

  • Kaz

    Hi Craig, I have been folowing your career for some time. I was heartened to read in the Sunday Times that the book was on its way. I went to buy it on the 1st, 15th, and today I try again on the 22nd. I hope its finally available.

    I wonder though what you will do if the Foreign Office continue their tricks? I want to read this book and am happy to take part in anything that may help you get this published at last.

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