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3 thoughts on “Blair views the roses of future sucess

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Splendid! More please – it brightened my day.

    Actually we need much more general piss-taking. These guys take themselves far, far, too seriously, and humour is a) medicinal and b) a very powerful tool.

  • Richard II

    Here's a short video depicting the authoritarian, fascist, warmongering, vigilante U.S. striding across the Middle East, and on to Iran, Syria, Russia, and China. In China, it will meet a government sympathetic to its goals.

    We can beat these pussies – with our hands behind our backs!

  • Richard II

    Chuck wrote: "These guys take themselves far, far, too seriously…"

    Actually, George Bush does have a sense of humour – just a depraved one!

    "Colbert & the Courtier Press":

    "Two years ago, at a similar dinner, journalists laughed and clapped when Bush put on a slide show of himself searching under Oval Office furniture for Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

    Rather than shock over Bush's tasteless humor – as the President rubbed the media's noses in the deceptions about Iraq's WMD – the press corps played the part of the good straight man. Even representatives of the New York Times and the Washington Post – the pillars of what the Right still likes to call the 'liberal media' – sat politely after having served as little more than conveyor belts for Bush's pre-war propaganda."

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