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Ambassador’s Tell-All Memoir: The Moscow Times Review

By Jill Lawless in The Moscow Times

LONDON – Craig Murray says he’s an accidental ambassador. His allies consider him a hero. His opponents say he’s a disaster.

Britain’s former top diplomat in Uzbekistan, Murray was removed from his post in 2004 after accusing the government of torture and of holding thousands of political and religious prisoners.

His comments won him praise from human rights groups, ordinary Uzbeks – and, he says, many other diplomats. But within months the self-confessed whisky-loving womanizer was accused of mismanagement and sexual misconduct, saw his private life splashed across the tabloid press, was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and finally was removed from his post.

Murray is unrepentant about his highly undiplomatic behavior. To the British government’s chagrin, he has published a book, “Murder in Samarkand,” recounting the whole grisly affair.


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Public meeting at UCL on government plans to spy on internet users

Over the summer the Home Office is holding two public consultations on

government powers to spy on Internet usage and demand passwords from

computer users. A free public meeting at University College London is

being held on 14 August to hear a range of views on these powers, from

government officials and peers to computer security and human rights

experts. The meeting will also hear about problems in the way that

computer evidence has been used to obtain convictions. Attendees will

get a detailed insight into this obscure area of British law that will

have a huge impact on privacy and human rights in the information age.

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