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2 thoughts on “Terror Leeks

  • writeon

    Blair does not believe that the same laws and standards that apply to ordinary mortals also apply to him. He's too conceited, and lacks the talent of honest reflection, to realize that almost everything he does shows that he believes in the divine right of kings to rule.

  • Justice_For_All

    Bliar is an egocentric sociopath dressed in an expensive suit with all the shambolic pomp of grandeur.

    I suggest people read "THE LONDON BOMBINGS – AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY" – NAFEEZ MOSADDEQ AHMED and why this corrupt and lying government are still to this day suppressing an independent public inquiry into the 7/7 bombings in London….unless you had something to hide. No amount of rhetoric or spin can distract from this question and a justified answer.

    And now all of a sudden they are planning, I mean announcing the next terror attack.

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