Happily Ever After 3

For those of you who have read Murder in Samarkand, you might be interested in an update on what has happened to Nadira, now over a year since the ending of the book.

Well, we are still very happy together. Nadira completed a course at Rose Bruford College, then last year did both summer schools at RADA and this week finishes her postgraduate acting course at Drama Studio London. Next week ahe discovers if she has passed her BA at Trinity College, London. She has obtained her RADA Bronze Shakespeare Certificate, and takes her Silver in the summer. As many actors who are native English speakers have difficulty with these, I am terribly proud of her.

But now, of course, she faces the acid test for any young actor; whetherr she can make a living in the profession. She has already had a couple of small professional parts on TV, but the next few months will be crucial. At this stage you need luck as well as talent and hard work.

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3 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  • kazbel

    Congratulations to Nadira and good luck to you both. I hope Nadira finds acting an enjoyable career – I know several dedicated actors working in small companies who are very happy in the career they have chosen. So instead of wishing her fame and fortune 9obviously they might be nice too), I'll wish her good roles and contined progress in the career she has chosen.

  • Craig

    Kazbel –

    Thanks. Yes, Nadira is principally interested in stage acting and is not starting out with any unrealistic ambitions. Her dad is an actor, director and playwright and her mum an actress, and Nadira grew up in a provincial theatre company, so it is a life she knows.


  • Foddy

    Glad things are still going well. I hope she can find some interesting work and keep you in the style to which you would like to become accustomed!

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