Murder In Samarkand “Celebrated” – Official! 1

Wow! Murder in Samarkand has graduated to be a “celebrated memoir”, according to the Guardian. Well, I certainly celebrated it, anyway.

In This World also gave Winterbottom a cause. He’s returned to it twice since then – with Road to Guant’namo and A Mighty Heart – and is planning a fourth: an adaptation of former diplomat Craig Murray’s celebrated memoir, Murder in Samarkand. But Winterbottom denies he has any special affinity for reactive, issue-based film-making. “Generally speaking, things we’ve done have been things we just thought were good ideas. We go through phases, obviously. Not all good. When we were doing Mighty Heart, we were driving through Pakistan and it felt kind of similar to In This World. This is when you have moments thinking: we’ve done this before so why are we doing this? What’s the point of doing this again?”,,2168097,00.html

It is in fact a fascinating interview, well worth reading quite aside from my brief mention.

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One thought on “Murder In Samarkand “Celebrated” – Official!

  • Rusalka

    Just wanted to say Congrats 🙂

    Finally got round to reading your biography and it was a wonderful read, made me quite angry as well, had to put it down a few times

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