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Two British teenagers, Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya, have been found guilty in Ghana of drug smuggling and face sentencing with a possible maximum of three years in prison. There is no reason to believe justice has not been done in this case, and I hope that we will not be swamped with hypocritical sympathy. If my position surprises you, it is a good time to refer you again to my long article on the subject here:

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6 thoughts on “Ghanaian Justice

  • Badgercourage

    I'm also puzzled that Fair Trials Abroad are involved in this case. The two women clearly got a fair trial and seem likely to get a relatively lenient sentence.

    There are plenty of really unfair trials abroad to which they could more usefully devote their presumably limited resources.

    Kinda supports your point, Craig.

  • ruth

    There are also many unfair trials in the UK where government agencies notably HM Customs & Excise (now HM Revenue & Customs)withhold vital evidence that leads/could lead to the real perpetrators of the crime.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yes, I entirely agree. Intriguing , to learn of Ghana, I didn't know that. Thanks again.

    'Fair Trials Abroad' is an interesting organisation, is it not?

    Cocaine? Think N'drangheta and also watch the brand new, shiny, happy President of France who seems to possess boundless, almost superhuman energy. Watch his smile, the muscles of his face, the lines of his features… whoosh!

  • ninacath

    my comments are long overdue.Justice in Ghana is a joke.

    the whole system is corrupt..the cocaine confiscated finds its way into police lockers,and maybe even higher up too.

    any normal Ghanaian would have a laugh at this blog.

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