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6 Years of Guantanamo

Tomorrow, 11th January 2008, it will be six years since the US authorities first transported ‘war on terror’ detainees to the military prison at the naval camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Amnesty International are marking the 6th anniversary by assembling as many people as possible dressed in Guantanamo-style orange boiler suits at the Ameriacan embassy in London.

For details go of this and other protest events marking the day go here

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Civil servant who leaked rendition secrets goes free

From Guardian Unlimited

Secrets charges against a Foreign Office civil servant were dramatically dropped at the Old Bailey yesterday after it emerged that senior figures within his own department had privately admitted no harm was done by his leaking a series of Whitehall documents.

The case against Derek Pasquill, who faced jail for passing secret papers to journalists, collapsed as it was becoming increasingly clear that it could have caused the government severe political embarrassment.

The leaked documents related to the US practice of secretly transporting terror suspects to places where they risked being tortured, and UK government policy towards Muslim groups.

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