Revelations about detention flights in Diego Garcia highlight need for full inquiry 4

From Amnesty International

Further inquiries into allegations of rendition flights announced by the UK government should not be a substitute for a full, independent investigation into any other UK involvement in renditions, Amnesty international said following the admission by the US and UK governments that two rendition flights had landed in Diego Garcia in 2002.

“As recognized by the UK government, the revelation that US planes, involved in the transfers of detainees, landed in Diego Garcia directly contradicts its own repeated assurances and public denials to the contrary. It highlights the need for full investigations into the USA’s detention and rendition practices and any involvement or complicity of European countries,” Claudio Cordone, Senior Director at Amnesty International said today.

“European governments must now recognize that reliance on US assurances about renditions has been an inadequate response to an unlawful practice. The Diego Garcia admission must spur into action all European countries by initiating thorough, independent investigations. Governments must heed the calls by the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe and the European Parliament. They must also take immediate steps to ensure that the practice of rendition is not allowed to happen again.”

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4 thoughts on “Revelations about detention flights in Diego Garcia highlight need for full inquiry

  • bryanc

    This has got the government rattled – they are trying to gag Ben Griffin who has first hand experience of UK involvement in rendition, interrogation and torture.

    The government have been caught lying (again) and are using the law to prevent the truth from becoming more widely known.

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  • hillblogger3

    Something's got to be done to resolve the Diego Garcia issue that's caused horrendous problems for its inhabitants who are now aging fast.

  • macshealbhaich


    They (as in the government, the PTB, et al) are probably hoping that if they drag their feet long enough the former inhabitants will die off and they'll be able to dispose of the island as they wish – well I suppose they're doing that anyway. There's a deep psychosis at work here: the world is ours to parcel up and dispose of as we wish and nobody has a right to complain because We are the Beneficent West.

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