Five years on 4

From Stop the War

Next Saturday 15 March, the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, will see a day of global

protests. The London demonstration will assemble at 12 noon in Trafalgar Square and march down Whitehall on a route which will surround Parliament. The rally in Trafalgar Square will

highlight the disasters of five years and more of war.

Speakers will include Tony Benn, ex-SAS trooper Ben Griffin, representatives from Palestine, Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas, Lindsey German from Stop the War Coalition and film director Nick Broomfield. Joining us on the stage will be Omar Deghayes, recently released from the Guantanamo torture centre, where he was held for five years.

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4 thoughts on “Five years on

  • peacewisher

    Are you going to speak this time, Andrew? Your "blood on their hands" speech at the 2005 demo was one of the best I ever heard.

  • Friend

    Thanks Peacewisher for the kind comments on the speech. However, I can't claim any credit for that as I think you must be thinking of a different, infinetely more famous, Andrew. Personally, I blame the royal family for the glut of Andrews that emerged from the maternity wards of England in the 60s and the resulting confusion.

  • peacewisher

    No, Craig… it was your speech.

    I guess I confused your surname because the original was posted by Andrew… and of course there are two prominent anti-war Murrays!

    That speech WAS a very good one – aa a time of hope before SOCPA and the re-election of Blair – and I'm sure you would have gone down well on Saturday, had you made it to the podium.

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