Another Dull Attack 3

I have been very busy the last few days giving interviews about Georgia – largely because there seem to be few others who are against missile systems and NATO policy, without being Putin apologists.

Anyway, there is a rather lame but surprisingly extended attack on me in the Sunday Times over my comments on the Fringe.

This is a particularly poor piece of journalism as the newspaper failed to contact me for comment. There are also a number of extraordinary omissions or distortions. To clarify:-

– I have never accused the Fringe of failing to promote Nadira’s show. They got the Fringe office to comment on something I haven’t said. I did point out they had listed it in the wrong category. If the Sunday Times had asked them to comment on that, I imagine they would have agreed they had done so. Promotion in general has been very good.

– Nadira’s show has had super reviews. It has had in Edinburgh in total (that I can find) two five star, four four star and two three star reviews. The Sunday Times has chosen to quote only from the two three star reviews.

– My complaint was very plainly that one publication had reviewed the Show without actually seeing it. That is obvious from the blog entry below. It is completely out of order for the Sunday Times to omit what my complaint actually was.

– I am very happy with audiences. An average of fifty is brilliant for the Fringe at 1.30pm.

– I stand by my more general comments that there is an excess of bad comedy and loutishness at the Fringe nowadays. I am not against comedy. I love good comedy.

Here are some of those reviews. Unlike the Sunday Times I am giving you a representative sample of one 5, one 4 and one 3 star review.

I suppose that I should be beyond being upset by a foolish piece of journalism like this. But the lack of professionalism of the Sunday Times, and their obvious malice, is very annoying.

The Murdoch press remain great cheerleaders for Alisher Usmanov. Stuart MacDonald appears to be trying to outdo his Dirty Digger stablemate Mark Franchetti in the worst journalistic standards stakes. But I think Franchetti is still ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Another Dull Attack

  • ruth

    The Sunday Times is very, very biased in its reporting of Russian affairs. It seems it will do anything to smear Putin. In promoting such a pro-UK government stance it makes me wonder why the paper is supporting Alisher Usmanov, who engineered the 2005 diplomatic reversal in which the United States was kicked out of its airbase in Uzbekistan and Gazprom took over the country's natural gas assets. I can only think Usmanov is a tool of the West ingratiating himself with Russia and biding his time until the presidency of Uzbekistan is available and possibly that of Russia with the result that the West will once again control Russia's resources.

  • Frank B

    I found myself reading the "back" sections of the Sunday Times recently and was pretty appalled to see how weak the journalism had become… no doubt the financial climate impinging on the need to meet the paper's primary role in the marketplace; to have too many sections of crap to carry home. I doubt that the 12 year old writer would even know how to cross-refer to the paper's policy on Karimov. If he had seen Nadira's show he would have commented on tne content wouldn't he… and you were sufficiently outspoken at the book festival had the ST been able to afford the ticket he would have had a few more choice quotes. He's earned his keep; several hundred words based on reading this blog and little more. Looks like easy money to me!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I suspect that as was the case with Industrial correspondents during the Cold War, many of these types of journalists are on the hard state's payroll (or work for free for the same interests because they are fanatics). You can smell them a mile off. Misinformation is their qualification. I'm very sorry I missed the show. I'm sure it was super!

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