The Balding Butt Plug 56

I have been offline for almost three weeks, and the reason is that I have been deeply depressed. I guess that it is time I came out as a lifelong sufferer from severe bipolar disorder, or manic depression as it was known when I was first diagnosed at Ninewells Hospital Dundee in 1978.

I have for almost all my adult life eschewed the chemical regulation the medical industry has so kindly proffered, and in general although very unpleasant to me, I have managed through self-will to control the swings as they affect others. The exception is when something depressing happens anyway and an adverse swing reinforces it.

I was very scared that the Government would use this condition to try to explain away the events in Murder in Samarkand as a result of my condition. In fact the government did indeed try to do that, by contacting a number of news editors across the media to inform them helpfully that I had a history of mental illness. In fact it is true that my illness affected the events in Murder in Samarkand, but only in the very limited sense that when they chose to attack me with numerous false accusations, the resulting depression hit me harder than it might have another. My employers, of course, were well aware that would happen.

As other bipolar sufferers, my principal symptom was in general the alternation of periods of unusual high energy with perods of lethargy. In consequence occasionally routine work would be a bit late. That was used as the basis of one of the accusations against me. It was of course more than balanced by longer periods of huge energy and creativity.

Anyway, enough of the past. I was depressed lately partly by the problems over getting the book published, but mostly by despair over the “Bailouts” in the US and UK. This incredible misuse of taxpayers’ money represents the biggest net redistribution of funds from the poor to the rich in all of human history. The lack of real analysis in any of the media is what plunged me in to gloom so deep it was not even much relieved by the death of Jeorg Haider. Incidentally a friend who is a retired member of MI6 texted me that Mossad killed Haider. I replied it was about time they did something useful.

Talking of people the World would be better off without, I see that Nathaniel Rothschild, escort of Gulnara Karimova,

is in the news. The deeply sad thing about this is that Rothschild, Karimov, Osborne, Mandelson et al inhabit the same sleazy space. But I would certainly believe Osborne over Rothschild. God made Nathaniel Rothschild that size to be a convenient butt-plug for Russian and Uzbek oligarchs.

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    I'm so sorry, I do hope you feel better soon. You've come through so much and not been beaten in spirit and I'm sure things will change for the better, doors close and others open… platitudes, but nonetheless, with truism at their hearts. Keep on!!!! You're not alone!!!

  • writeon

    Like so much in society, control and discipline are increasing across the board. The gaps between the prison bars are narrowing. I almost think I can see a pattern that pervades everything, a ratio between crap and quality widening.

    The ammount of 'quality' journalism in the newspapers is shrinking in my opinion. I think there are literally only a handful of journalists who really challenge the system in their writings. They are almost 'tokens' or 'trophies' that 'prove' that our media isn't as controlled as the media in a classic totalitarian state.

    We don't need to kill journalists, torture them, or lock them up; because most 'trouble makers' don't even become journalists, and given the structure of the national press 'dissidents' are 'vetted' or 'filtered' before they become established. One learns that one has to become a team player and not make waves.

  • Benny the Bridgebuil

    Re my earlier post:

    I should clarify that "you" in my Hiberno English" translates into "one" in the Queen's version.

    It was a general question and not specifically directed at Craig.

    I would still be interested to know if there are any "mainstream" media people could identify with or trust, at this late hour in our civilisation?

  • Andrew Cooper

    Seems astonishing to me that someone with a bipolar diagnosis should be allowed to be an Ambassador. Nothing personal – my sister is officially bipolar although the labels used by the pscyhs are, to my mind, pretty meaningless. I think her symptoms suggest that she's actually psychotic.

    Imagine this. You've boarded your holiday flight. The captain introduces himself and says 'oh, by the way, I'm bipolar/psychotic'. What do you do?

    Quite. I have a deep understanding of what these words mean. I don't want the UK to be represented by people whose minds aren't their own. Does that make sense?

  • MilkMonitor

    "I don't want the UK to be represented by people whose minds aren't their own."

    What an incredible comment. More than almost anyone on this planet in these disgusting times, and against all pressures, Craig Murray has proven himself to have a mind of his own.

    Surely you are not happy to have the UK represented by people whose minds are owned by Bush, God, Murdoch, big money and the Israel lobby?

  • ken

    Good grief Andrew, do you imagine that our present elected so-called representatives and/or rulers have minds that are their own? No, I would say that even their souls and spirits are owned by Murdoch, big money (getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster) and the Israel lobby, amongst others. That's the whole point, when you are truly in complete command of your whole mind, and have not sold or given up one little bit of it to those trying to take it away from you (not least the broadcasters these days), it becomes a mammoth task to look after it, a task that is pretty difficult at times……..


    Try to get some words down on the blog. Anything will do, everyone here seems very supportive.

    Have a look at Mark Thomas' home page (

    He has quite a humorous note there about apparent threats he received from Coca Cola before publishing his latest book about them. Mention of defamation, damages, aggravated damages. But the book's out. It struck me, maybe you and he have stuff in common and you two should chat about book publication. Afterall, Coke's a pretty powerful adversary.

    They demanded an advance copy. Mark sent them a box of poetry fridge magnets – individual magnetised words to write poetry on your fridge – saying all the words in the book are in the box!

    Just had a thought – who publishes John Pilger's books? He's pretty forthright.

    Hope that helps.

    Looking forward to reading you again.

  • oulwan

    "I have a deep understanding of what these words mean. I don't want the UK to be represented by people whose minds aren't their own. Does that make sense?" — Andrew Cooper

    Not in the slightest. I feel sorry for your sister.

  • oulwan

    "because most 'trouble makers' don't even become journalists"–writeon

    I don't think there is one, good, "investigative journalist" now in these islands. Am I missing someone?

    "Who is this Cooper twit? Don't want him to pilot my plane."–Benny

    I'd breathalyze him for starters.

  • Benny the Bridgebuil


    Surely many bloggers are "journalists" and not vetted by the establishment. Or are we now defining "journalists" as only those employed by the mainstream media. Seems to me, if that is the case, we are giving up too easily.

    Anyway, why leave out George Monbiot, Fintan O'Toole et al?

    And what about the alternative press?

  • writeon


    My comments were refering to the mainstream media. I'm not sure about the real influence or importance of blogging compared to the mainstream.

    I don't think journalists are openly vetted by the establishment, unless one is chosen for an important position with real influence. One doesn't really need to vet people, as mostly only those who are 'qualified' for leading roles ever get near such positions.

    I wasn't leaving out George Monbiot or Robert Fisk or John Pilger et al. But journalists of their kind are clearly exceptions to the rule.

    When one considers how many thousands of journalists are employed in the media it's surprising how uniform most reporting is on most issues and how little room there is for alternative views.

  • opit

    Back again from Western Canada.I'm afraid the link I wish I could give you I can't find, so I'm going to wing it…complete with my commentary.

    Perhaps 3 months ago I was browsing through an edition of the Red Deer Advocate ( Likely the Life rural section ) and came across an article which made me sit up and take notice because my deceased wife had bipolar disorder ( aka Manic depression as you note ).

    Anyhow, some soul noted that pigs have a 'tail-chewing syndrome' which is treated by dietary supplements. Researching this is awkward in a number of ways : doctors know very little about nutrition and drug companies neither patent food nor allow natural healing to be freely promulgated ( pharma means plant: who'd a thunk ).

    Anyway, the idea is that some people are less able to absorb the parts of food which their minds need for proper function and a dietary supplement is a simple enough idea that could be researched fairly risk free.Marketing would be problematic for any resulting formulae, though various tries were reported helpful in varying degrees.

    I'm afraid I haven't been able to chase down the piece but will be alert for further advisories.

    Anyway, electroshock, drugs and religion all seemed ineffective at positive intervention. Sounds to me like you are using biofeedback/self-hypnosis/meditation techniques to some advantage.

    A thought zipped through what simulates consciousness around here. "The Revolution Will Be Televised…on YouTube!"

  • stevie

    It looks like you can pre-order Craig's new book on Amazon (The Road to Samarkand: The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts):

    Hopefully the above link works! It currently ranks as number 359,713 in their charts, let's see if we can get it in the top 1,000 for Craig as an early Christmas pressent.

  • stevie

    That's Craig's new book at number 26,917 in the Amazon chart and climbing! The more people who pre-order this, the more pressure will be on the publishers so please try to do your bit.

  • stevie

    The Road to Samarkand: The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts: The new book is now number 11,645 in Amazon's chart and incredibly at number 3 under the category 'Political Oppression & Imprisonment'. I'm sure if eveyone who reads this blog for free buys a copy for themselves and a friend then it'll soon be in the top 1,000!

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