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After Blackburn, I had promised never to put myself again through the horrors of standing as an independent parliamentary candidate. But the sleazthat has been revealed is only a symptom of the moral laxity and low quality of our MPs, as revealed in their endorsement of illegal war, torture, curtailment of civil liberties, the Ponzi scheme economy… I could go on.

But where to stand? After Blackburn, I refuse to stand in any constituency that does not contain at least one bookshop. Nobody can comprehend the true disaster of the collapse of our public education system, without going to Blackburn. No wonder New Labour have to collect in their postal ballots and fill them in for them.

I had pretty well resolved to raise the anti-sleaze banner against Douglas Hogg, but he seems to have run away already. Of course, by-elections may alter the equation, but otherwise I should be interested to hear any suggestions.

Tim Ireland, incidentally, has done Nadine Dorries up like a kipper.


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32 thoughts on “Where to Stand?

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  • Craig

    Problem is there is a very good MP in North Norfolk, Norman Lamb. Don’t want to stand against him.

  • louisiana

    +1 Dulwich & West Norwood. Please fight Tessa and the Mafia.

    We also have Jacqui S (porn-gate) and her sister (second home) living a couple of hundred yards away in Ivydale Road. There are at least 2-3 good bookshops.

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