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Totally out of touch with public mood, the BBC is prioritising political parties – any political party – over an independent candidate, even a serious one. The BBC’s Michael Crick has denied any bias by the BBC in refusing to cover me on Newsnight. In Today’s Independent on Sunday, Michael Crick states:

“Oh yes, that’s right, it’s all a big conspiracy, ordered by the BBC governors. Of course it’s not. It was an accident. We’re not obliged to report all the candidates. He’ll have to join the queue behind the BNP and UKIP candidates to be interviewed. It’s much ado about nothing.”

The BBC’s desperation to promote the BNP as ahead of me is scarey. Here are today’s odds from Ladbrokes.

Conservatives 1/9

Labour 6/1

Greens 16/1

Craig Murray 25/1

Ian Gibson 33/1

Liberal Democrats 33/1

UKIP 100/1

BNP 200/1

Bill Holden 200/1

Libertarian Party 500/1

Official Monster Raving Loony 1000/1

Can anybody see a genuine reason why I have to queue behind the BNP for an eventual interview, or why the Greens and Lib Dems have been heavily plugged by the BBC while I to date have not been reported at all?

Bloggers are excellent at free speech issues which affect the interent. But free speech should not be confined to the internet. I should be most grateful if other bloggers would take this up too.


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53 thoughts on “BBC Prioritises BNP

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  • Clive

    Craig, regarding your sucking eggs comment. I have been involved in local, Norwich campaigning-type-things and, sometimes, in local politics, since the early 80’s – (and, before then, in Hastings and London). I have also usually found it difficult to get media coverage for the things that I have been involved in. That is why I was once involved with the editorial group of a successful, editorially independent, local environmental magazine – until it was sabotaged by a national pressure group, which didn’t wish to respect our editorial independence. Since then, I have mainly tried to find other ways to bypass the establishment media. I know this doesn’t help you much with your immediate problem of getting mainstream coverage (if I get any ideas about this, I will let you know) but I hope it will encourage you to support independent and alternative media ventures if you are elected.

  • mary

    What infantile tosh. Is Tory Bear trying to market Boris Johnson as some sort of latter day Lord Sebastian Flyte carrying Aloysius? The content on the site seems to emanate from the Sixth Form of a minor public school.

    ‘Sebastian and Youth

    Cara says it best: “Sebastian is in love with his own childhood.” He carries around a teddy-bear named Aloysius (named after Saint Aloysius, the patron of youth, by the way). The only positive relationship in his life ?”besides Charles ?” is with his Nanny, who for some reason still lives at Brideshead. Sebastian, like a child, is incessantly concerned with possession, even of people ?” Samgrass is “someone of Mummy’s”; Rex is “someone of Julia’s”, etc. He gets so territorial about Charles because he applies these same childish rules of possession to their friendship. In his mind, Charles belongs to him, and his family can’t intrude. (More on this in a bit.) And even Charles remarks that Sebastian provides him with the childhood he never had. Where did this all come from?’


  • eddie

    Craig has already admiitted that he was given six years’ salary from the FCO. He says he could have received more if he had contested his dismissal.

  • Chris

    eddie, since when was Craig Murray an ‘unknown independent’? The very fact that you show such interest in his blog would rather suggest that ‘unknown’ is a particularly lazy epithet.

    As for the BNP….. fascists.

  • VamanosBandidos


    Straight to the point;

    #1- You have made an impact, hence the “Psyop” operatives as in Denim…, and eddie, taking direct aims at your personal affairs.

    #2- The notions of an Independent Candidate, replacing the usual predatory arrangements of Party structures, funded always by the rich, whom evidently expect no returns, (yeah I should cocoa too).

    #3- The labour grandee started his line on the independent candidates, on the BBC newsnight of them all places way back amidst the brouhaha of the expense scrounging, tax dodging, multi job free loaders getting outed for their greed, and avarice.

    #4 – The lines adopted by; eddie, and Denim are the attack lines set out by the “strategists” of the relevant parties. These trolls, are regurgitating the same sophistry to cover up the underlying malice and contempt for democracy. Remember good old Bernie Ecclestone and his adorations of those getting the Job done: Herr Hitler.

    #5 – You are under the misapprehension we live in a democracy, hence your undue expectations from the media. Remember freedom of the press means you are free to own one. The local papers have a lot of advertising revenue riding on covering the right people, and ignoring the right people too.

    #6 – Get your people to gather the constituents into the venues for speeches, and questions and answers, get your people to make the proposition to Norwich; all politicians are corrupt, Craig is not a politician by any measure, and can change the way Norwich is managed, and make a difference, instead of pandering to the predatory corporates, and their representatives among the current batch of vassals pushed into place as per the current arrangements, and the politicians being offered to Norwich yet again.

    #7 – Your policy is to let Norwich decide what is good for Norwich, not hampering Norwich with a plethora of verbiage, that essentially is designed to beholden Norwich to existing vested interests.

    #8 – Don’t expect any help from the main stream Media, and or local media however be on the look out for the hatchet jobs initiated in the local media, and issue the rebuttals to these promptly.

    Good luck, I do not envy your task.

  • anon


    It’s not that the BBC has ignored the Iraq war so much as that Blair hacked down all the BBC personnel that criticised his Iraq policy, banned 90% of the reporting from the war because of ongoing military action and poured sodium chloride on the roots of free speech.

    Blair told us many times that he would take full responsibility for his decisions, which in his own terms he has done. The Zionists who commissioned the war have rewarded him thoroughly for his services to Zionism by removing the threat of a strong Iraq from Israel. Craig is now beginning to understand the Zionist connection in the BBC. Blair will be judged in God’s court with the Zionist criminals who have overtaken UK and US foreign policy.

    The Fascist BNP that has started to flourish in the paraquated set-aside created by new Labour represents a tiny minority of opinion in the UK, while Craig represents the vast majority.

    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Craig and his values and principles will grab the imagination of the electorate of the UK and prevail.

    Is Eddie trying to pin the donkey’s tail on the BNP?

  • Abe Rene


    “I was once involved with the editorial group of a successful, editorially independent, local environmental magazine – until it was sabotaged by a national pressure group, which didn’t wish to respect our editorial independence.”

    Could you expand on this a bit please? What magazine was this, what national pressure group sabotaged you, and how could they, if you were independent? What advice would you have for others to resist similar persecution?

  • eddie


    Craig is unknown to 99.9% of the population. Known to me, of course, but then I am a geek like you. Don’t kid yourself that this is mainstream media or mainstream web activity.

    BNP = fascists, I agree.

  • Chris


    I think you underestimate Craig’s profile, although I freely admit that he’s not in the Beckham league of celebrity. The issue is whether the BBC (who do know exactly who he is) should acknowledge the fact that he is a serious candidate here.

    The problem that exists now is that Mr Crick will discriminate all the more lest he be seen to have been wrong in the first instance. At least Craig has the satisfaction of knowing that there is, at least, some concern among the mainstream – be it politics or media – which suggests he is on to something. Good on him for that.

    Geek?????? fair enough……

  • MJ

    The issue is not Craig’s national profile but his standing within the Norwich North constituency. Here he appears to be running a creditable fourth, way ahead of the BNP who are barely showing at all. The BBC should be reflecting this, not trying to rectify it.

  • mullah

    That Mr Crick is very discriminatory for a scientist. Remember what he said about Africans and intelligence!

  • Norwich North Campaign Team


    1) Call for Volunteers:

    If anyone has even just one hour, or one evening to spare we urgently need your help to deliver leaflets in Norwich North. Craig’s campaign is making great progress and it is essential we keep this momentum going. Benefits include a chance to meet similar, like-minded people as well as showing the main political parties that you are sick of their corruption and sleaze. For those of you living outside Norwich come on down and feel the spirit – accommodation is available still! Call 079080 53099 or 079080 53098 to discuss.

    2) Still time to Register to Vote in Norwich North.

    For those of you lucky enough to live in Norwich North who are not yet on the electoral register you still have a chance to vote for Craig. Wednesday 8th July is the last day to register and the process is easy. To find out more please go to the following link for details:

    Come and join in, the campaign is really gaining momemtum!

  • tony_opmoc


    You could start by asking for help from the NUJ. Their primary responsibility is to their journalists – and you have got a very newsworthy story for their members. If some of them write it and photograph it some of them will get paid when their work gets published.


  • Denim Justice

    Craig is running fourth in the bookies, not in any poll or indicator of opinion of the actual people in Norwich North! Totally unscientific.

  • mary

    Get your soapbox and loudspeaker out Craig and turn up outside the announced venues. My father did this in the 70s.

    I feel ashamed that we are living in such an undemocratic country and feel very sorry for you. You have the guts to counter this.

    Are you getting fair coverage in the local press and radio?

  • yassau nafti

    i thought you registered as a party, so why are you getting this ” independents have to line up behind the parties” line?

    Clearly it’s NOT because you are an independent. There must be some reason for this discrimination……now if you could find cause to suggest it is for some reason that is not legal….you haven’t made it known that you have a mental health/bipolar disorder have you?

    You have!! Really… don’t think….

  • JB

    The elite who run the BBC would hands down prefer the BNP to win over Craig Murray. This is screamingly obvious.

    I’m wondering when the anti-fascist groups are going to start a specific campaign to demand that the BBC show the BNP in all their violent extremist glory rather than the fluffy ‘anti-immigration’ party that they are currently painting them as.

    They have their roots in the NF and their older members come from the British Union of Fascists. There is youtube footage of Griffin adressing the KKK and explaining that they are ‘using democracy’ in order to present a moderate face and that they should play down the extremist language in the interim.

    The proof that they are fascists prepared to use violence against minorities and progressives is all over the place. They themselves will admit to being Nazis. The only people pretending all of this isn’t the case is the BBC.

    It’s time to demand why our taxes are being spent of promoting violent far-right thugs and presenting them as respectable. Nicky Campbell was positively gushing over Andrew ‘Rights for Whites’ Brons the other week and calling him ‘Professor’ (even Brons had to admit that this was an incorrect way to address him).

    The BBC are a bunch of sick and twisted bastards these days. I would be utterly ashamed if I was a BBC worker in 2009.

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