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  • Alasdair

    There is usually some decent coverage on Radio Free Asia http://www.rfa.com/english

    I have travelled a fair bit in Western China, although sadly not Xinjiang, and the situation is complex. However there is no doubt that in Tibet, Gansu and certain other provinces the Chinese State overtly favours Hans, encourages mass migration to those regions and discriminates against the local.. over and above the opression suffered by all Chinese citizens.

  • Alasdair

    Would like to change that to ‘travelled a little bit’ – its a big place!

  • VamanosBandidos

    Although there may exist a climate of discord between the Chinese authorities, and the Iugher minority, however the current unrest caused by the viral spread of falsehoods to inflame the tensions, and the existing fractures within the multi national/ethnic/culture society of the area.

    This is the continuation of the Bush, Cheney legacy and their versions of latter day Dulles Bros. Interventions; fomenting troubles, in an attempt of indirect aggression towards the countries US has found itself in some kind of competition, with.

    The fact that poor people are still getting hurt does not however make it any more easier to accept this version of actuality, alas those plutocrats whom had the power of decision on who is to be sentenced to a death by slow starvation, now can project their power that results in who is to be left living and who is to be dead, all the while who is to be the acceptable “leader”, exercising control based and an acceptable levels of “control” in which part of the world.

    So far in June there were; Iran, Honduras, and China, going into July, which country is the next stop for the current summer of CIA manufactured discontent?

    Notwithstanding the above the idiots in charge of the current version of OSS, along with their very own out of work banksters have forgotten their current predicament of being out of; funds, luck, and time to carry on their ill conceived ideas, planned by the singular paucity of thought due to the incestuous selections and promotions of “yes men”!

  • Merlin

    If the Uighurs are treated anything like the Tibetans, Bush, Cheney and co are not needed to stoke up unrest.

  • Alasdair

    The idea that the CIA are helping the Uighurs seems far fetched, indeed, it has been the US war on terror that has allowed the Chinese authorities to protray the Uighurs, and other muslim groups in China, as terrorists. Equally the idea that the CIA are behind the protests in Iran is silly. I am sure they are watching, but nothing would kill a popular uprising more quickly than the hand of the CIA.

  • avatar singh

    it has ben some time that the britiish spy agencies have been involved in creating uighuir revolyt in china-itis no secret to any casual obeserver even.

    It is high time that the eng,lish spies are taken out selectively from all the countries where the english scums have no reason to be there.

    as for minorities the englsih brough tamils to lanka to give them jobs over the sinahalese, they brought bengalis to assam to give them job over assamese-in otherwords they seelctively created rift in ho9mogenous population by bringing a labour aforce and giving that labour preferential treatment.

    But look how the same enlgish treat their minorites in thier own country-

    all major an dnminor party in england ais what you would call racists and to the right of all otherparties in other countries. the enlgish media is full of anti minoritism and migration labour.

    and thse scumbags dfare lecture to other count=reis.

    hit them so that they are forced to keep their ugly foul mouth shut.

  • avatar singh

    behind any CIa atytrempt is the bigger and dirtier british hands.

    It is a little-known slice of history that in the countdown to the Anglo-American coup in Tehran against Mohammed Mosaddeq in 1953, the US Central Intelligence Agency lost nerve just as the Tehran street protests – eerily similar to the recent unrest – were about to be staged, but the British intelligence outpost in Cyprus which coordinated the entire operation held firm, forced the pace and ultimately created a fait accompli for Washington.

    At any rate, Tehran is going after Britain – “the most treacherous of foreign powers”, to use Khamenei’s words.

  • avatar singh



    “For the past 60 years, the stated aim of the CCP’s policy has been to maintain national unity and stabilize civil society. The communist government considers all ethnic groups to be Chinese, but encourages all ethnic groups, especially minorities, to keep and develop their traditional cultures. The government has even helped minorities with only a spoken language create their own writing system.

    The idea that all people in China belong to the “great family of Chinese” is not the invention of the communists. This attitude began with the founding father of modern China, Dr Sun Yat-sen, and was supported by early Chinese enlightenment thinkers such as Liang Qichao and Hu Shih.

    In the era of chairman Mao Zedong, the ethnic policy was dictated by his class-struggle doctrine, by which all Han and non-Han working people shared one common identity – socialist labor. The term “labor” meant they were also the owners of the country – constitutionally and ideologically. Capitalists, land owners, serf owners and other “exploiters” – regardless of their ethnic origins – were the enemies.

    This policy successfully surpassed ethnic differences and constructed a shared identity for all working people. To an extent, this policy under Mao united all ethnic groups in the “class struggle” against the “oppressors”. It also made the former elites of ethnic minorities diehard enemies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

    “In a televised address on Monday morning, Xinjiang governor Nur Bekri accused the WUC led by Rebiya Kadeer – a former businesswoman now living in the United States – of fomenting the violence via telephone and the Internet. “Rebiya had phone conversations with people in China on July 5 in order to incite … and the Internet was used to orchestrate the incitement,” read the statement.

    Kadeer’s spokesman, Alim Seytoff, told the Associated Press from Washington that the accusations were baseless.

  • VamanosBandidos

    It would serve the truth well, if we all were to face it, without shutting our eyes, whilst shoving our forefingers into our ears, and screaming atop of our voices; I am not listening!

    As Greenwald points out; “The whole world knows that telling other countries what to do is what the U.S. does generally, and that the massive amounts of various aid we give to …..”

    We are all familiar with those in charge of the various “causes” usually stationed in the West ie US/UK, and these paying fealty to the relevant pooh-baa, go onto singing the required praises, that includes the highlighting of the plight of the “beleaguered group of the Moment” people under the jackboots of the relevant dastardly and unwholesome dictators’ narrative.

    This story may have some traction in the US/UK where ordinary people are so busy earning a living as citizens of a “free country”, they have no time to understand, and have not been afforded the education, are incapable of abstracting; what is going on around them, hence their reliance on the “thoughts” that have been thought out for these and emanated in sound bites from the TV by that nice news man/woman, or in print from the rag of choice. Therefore this single “think” reflected in conversations in the pub, blogs, etc. evidently obviates the need for a change of narrative, and or a comprehensive reappraisal of the narrative to aid the neo liberal/conservative brand expansionist.

    Simply put, because we the solipsist and stupid buy into their simplistic story, they keep on telling us the same worn out story, while committing the same mistake, and causing the same mess over and again for real.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Craig – I think this post needs a touch of moderation, but I know you are busy!!

    Avatar – you are degenerating into racist mumbling. I am not even sure what your point is…

    For those who see the all powerful hand of the west (or the UK!) behing this, I think you seriously overestimate the authority and power of the West and its spy services. Seriously, those who read this blog are all aware of the terrible things which countries have done, but the West does not rule the world and is not responsible for everything, however much simpler that sould make things.

  • anon

    I am thinking about the Uighurs but I am keeping my thoughts to myself.

    I am also thinking about the words of Stephen Green head of HSBC who said this morning on the BBC that the Truth was: that you couldn’t separate the ordinary banking system from the ‘casino’ banking system. Why? because they need the cash from the real economy to gamble with. They wouldn’t be gambling with their own money now , would they?

    I went to the same Oxford College as Mr Green, but somehow my education seems to have directed me to a different version of the truth from that of the banking elite.

  • avatar singh

    comment by At–“Avatar – you are degenerating into racist mumbling. I am not even sure what your point is…

    itis a fact not opinion that the en.lgish spies and even enlgish foreing minister have been in instigating uighir people in china for last 3 years.

    For those who see the all powerful hand of the west (or the UK!) behing this, I think you seriously overestimate the authority and power of the West and its spy services”

    dear mr. At-I am completely lucid while making thos assertions-yes thnakfully west does not rule the world-but in many counttries the west has installed stooges to do its dirty work. where the west cannot isntall the stooge it starts decrying so called fraud while fact is the west is the bnumber one fraud escpecially england. yes itis not a racist assertion-nothing against the people but the enlgish nation has doen and is doing th emost damage to the humanity today-, besides west is a n=misnomer.

    what they really mean is england and any country that supports enlgish ambitiuon to loot ohters. that is why west ios primarily engl;and plus its anglosaxon old colonies plus enlgish installed stooges in european copuntries and european isntitutuins like nato . europe does not need west-england needs it. and you know that.


    as some one said–”

    “The West’s policy – in other words, the policy of the Anglo-Americans, as the European Union does not have a policy worth citing – toward the Middle East has long been formulated by Bernard Lewis. The British-born Lewis started his career as an intelligence officer and has remained in bed with British intelligence ever since. Avowedly anti-Russia and pro-Israel, Lewis reaped a rich harvest among US academia and policymakers. He brought president Jimmy Carter’s virulently anti-Russian National Security Council chief, Zbigniew Brzezinski, into his fold in the 1980s, and made the US neo-conservatives, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, dance to his tune on the Middle East in 2001. In between, he penned dozens of books and was taken seriously by people as a historian. But, in fact, Lewis is what he always was: a British intelligence officer. . . .

    The recent developments in Uzbekistan have all the hallmarks of the same process. This time the objective is to weaken China, Russia, and possibly India, using the HT to unleash the dogs of war in Central Asia. It is not difficult for those on the ground to see what is happening. The leader of the Islamic Party of Tajikistan, Deputy Prime Minister Hoji Akbar Turajonzoda, has identified HT as a Western-sponsored bogeyman for “remaking Central Asia”. . . .


    Zbigniew Brzezinski revealed a hidden Fact that on July 3, 1979, unknown to the public and American Congress that President Jimmy Carter secretly authorized $500 million to create an international terrorist movement that would spread Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia and “de-stabilize” the Soviet Union…

    The CIA called this Operation Cyclone and in the following years poured $4 billion into setting up Islamic training schools in Pakistan (Taliban means “student”).

    These people were sent to the CIA’s spy training camp in Virginia, where future members of al-Qaeda were taught “sabotage skills” – terrorism.

    Others were recruited at an Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York, In Pakistan; they were directed by British MI6 officers and trained by the SAS.

  • Abe Rene

    Avatar Singh, you have a bee in your bonnet about the English. The Persian proverb ‘If you trip over a stone, be sure an Englishman put it there’ is by no means necessarily true. Britain wants good relations with China for economic reasons, and therefore has no reason to support Tibetan or Uighur resistance movements.

  • Rob Speare

    Craig, thank you for blogging about this, even briefly. I am sick at all the news coverage being given to the memorial service for Michael Jackson, when people in Xinjiang are being slaughtered by racist Chinese cops.

  • anon

    Avatar Singh is not being racist when he identifies the British as silent contributors to the violence taking place in the world. He is not talking about the British people but about the collusion by a powerful elite in the UK with Zionist global subversion.

    It is well known that the Zionists trade stolen US technological secrets for influence in China’s internal affairs. Breaking the Muslims in China just part of the Brijinsky colonial strategy. In China, the USUKIS which is dismantling Pakistan at this moment is clearly trying to ambush the Islamic resistance to colonolialism from behind.

    Secondly, Africa is about to be raped, which is the main reason for Obama, to give USUKIS legitimacy to a new wave of plunder in Africa. In 2011, in order to comply with its global warming commitments, the UK is going to start handing out grants to households to rip out their existing hot water systems and install new green, renewable ones. The same applies to other Western countries. Copper, silicone and other minerals are going to be colonised and exported to China to be processed into green heating appliances so that we can all carry on having two hot baths a day.

    Avatar Singh is right. China is having its arm twisted by the Zionist West to deal with the Muslims as ruthlessly as possible, in exchange for gravy deals further down the line.

  • Bill Corr

    There is no such person as ‘Avatar’ Singh; even the name is a ludicrous concoction of New Age idiocy and the Sikh-Lion* name.

    Instead of Avatar Singh there is a naughty white boy trying to sound like a demented wog, a Krishna Menon of the Internet Age.

    Those familiar with the ‘Greyfriars’ stories will immediately recognise the parody of the ill-informed but opinionated Babu: “The frightfulness of the English spies in Turkestan and Tierra del Fuego is terrific, my dear Bunter!”

  • Bill Corr

    * Singh means lion and for that reason Sikhs are often found to be members of Lions Club International.

    Sheikh Osama bin Laden, and the great brains of Hamas are under the spmewhat impression that members of Lions Clubs are part of the Zionist Conspiracy.

  • Bill Corr

    anon mention a person called Brijinsky. Is that the fellow with the unspellable Polack name who was Carter’s Kissinger-substitute?

  • Anonymous

    you know why you disparaging a country, take it as read that everyone is ferering to small, eletists, greedy groups in control of our countries.

    The modus operandi is the say in any country. My politicians do not speak for me…..they speak for their bank accounts….

    like to see craig and george osborne challenging the gvt, on everything.

    PS by the way heard bob geldolf gave that idiot politician berlusconi a hard time….

    good luck craig over the next couple of weeks.

  • VamanosBandidos

    Well just to prove the point; the troubles in Urumqi are not instigated by the outsiders, and are not continuing based on the outside orchestrations, Hu Jintao leaves the G8 and heads off home!

    Spining it like never before in this blog (the swine are trying to mess up the blogosphere now) the charade goes on.


    All in the best possible traditions of selection of facts in liquorice all sorts fashion; only the favourites, and not anything else. The blog singularly fails to mention that Hu was in the Air before Air-force one touched the ground, in Italy.

    This step is to deprive the reminiscence of the famous Bush Putin walk of the G8 in Beijing, before Putin left to go and kick around Saakashvilli the Georgian war criminal, whom enjoying the Israeli backed, trained, and armed Georgian forces, started his little war whilst awaiting the arrival of the Nato troops to stop the Russians from returning the compliment.

    Hu on the other hand being the master of intrigue has pre-empted any such glories to the current version of Bush in the white house, and left to go home, humiliating the leftover G7 by doing so. This G7, left bumbling around in l’Aquila, akin to those aristocrats with little or no money left but still insistent on living up the pomp and ceremony.

    Fact that dollar is no longer being taken as the reserve currency by the Chinese, as evident in the last three export contracts signed and sealed in Chinese Yuan, manifestly point to the newest of the new world orders has just been declared, right under the very nose of those living in denial, and still believing the fairytale fed to these as news.

  • Anonymous

    Am I reading this correctly Anon @ 8.50 am

    George Osborne challenging the Government?

    He’s as soppy as a wet dishcloth.

  • avatar singh

    only one commment- If it looks like a hyena, sounds and makes noise like a heyna, behaves like a hyena-then itis a hyena and not a tiger ,lion, or jaguar or cheeta.

    quote–“A story that developed into lore had Henry Wickham a British gonif (Yiddish for a transgressor of moral or civil law) stealing the much coveted and protected rubber seeds and sneaking them into Malaysia, a British colony. Wickham inflated his easy-to-accomplish theft into the equivalent of a pink panther job to draw investors’ attention to one of his Asian business schemes. Wickham got knighted for his “contribution” (stripping the rubber monopoly from greedy Brazilian tycoons and allowing British tycoons to sell it on the world market).”


    July 8, 2009

    Progressive Demolition

    In Amazonia


    in today.s counterpunch-read it!


    also-what i wrote years ago–

    “also during and after the gulf war(first iraq war) the british were taking full creidit for insitagating bush 1 to start and persue war agasint iraq. the reason war criminal blair diidnto take full creidt for iraq war 2 was because that went sour(failure has no fathers claming thiers). itis a fact that merciless war done by america has benen perpetauted by the british agents inside america( and not some indepdnet israli agents as claimed-it jsut so happend that only know israli interest happend to coinside with those of english parasites -that is why war on and for behalf of england is being waged by america the world over.

    By the way in IN ’88 when Dalai lama, at the height of Tibetan disturbances, visited west, the then british prime minister refused to meet Him. Later on with the demise of Russia and usefulness of China gone and with manipulation to keep power in Hong Kong somehow intact, the same british media and government ,like dog, started barking at China. It is interesting that amnesty international selectively targets those very countries( as it did china after cold war) who are out of favour (because they would not be a british stooge) of the british media and govt. This is not surprising as amnesty international is the creation of british govt, and british media. england with the most appalling record of human rights in last 200 years of her evil rule, needed some organisation to keep the others from charging england off her past and current evil practices. In other words it went for aggressive posture in propaganda war so that others can be demoralized and stopped from pointing out the real evil which is england. That is why amnesty international is one armour of the british lies to exploit the rest of the world. Amnesty international must be ignored and an independent human watchdog (which england will simply ignore) created. One purpose of amnesty international is to create an atmosphere for hatred towards the would be victims of british exploitation so that a victim could be blamed to have deserved the consequences. That is why ,now amnesty international ”

  • George Dutton

    7 July 2009

    “Barack Obama urges Russia not to interfere in neighbouring states”

    “In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonising other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chessboard are over,” he said, speaking to graduates from Moscow’s New Economic School.”…


    You couldn’t make it up.

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