Blogging Again 8

Sorry about that false dawn – seems I was sicker than I thought. Three days ago I decided I was well enough to go out for a walk, and after just four hundred yards I collapsed in the street, which was dead embarassing. First everything went orange then my legs wouldn’t hold me anymore. I was helped home by a young couple from Kosovo.

Unfortunately, I think the damage to my lungs caused by the extraordinary near fatal episode detailed in Murder in Samarkand, most likely an attempt to kill me, has left me less able to cope with routine stuff like flu. But I think I really have recovered now – I feel fine. I have lost just over a stone, which is probably no bad thing.

Nadira and Cameron are fine, neither show any signs of catching anything.

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8 thoughts on “Blogging Again

  • Grumpy old Man

    Welcome back, you’ve been missed. I trust you will continue to recover from the ‘flu, but things like this do take more time when tempus is fugiting.

  • mary

    What a relief to know that you are OK now and very sorry you have had such a bad time. Glad you are back with us.

  • MJ

    Very sorry to hear about your recent health problems. It sounds as though your immune system is a bit weak. Suggest you take high-ish doses of Vitamin D3 to give it a boost.

  • arsalan goldberg

    Oh my G-d, you named your son after Cameron?

    I thought you were against all things right wing?

    Why couldn’t you give him a proper central asian name like Arsalan or Timur.

    I suppose you can always start pronouncing it kamran ??????.

  • dreoilin

    Craig, it sounds like you had a really rotten time. But I’ve been attempting to lose 1/2 stone, and if you’re anything at all like me, you’ll consider the stone lost a silver lining. I hope so anyway.

    Take care. I do hope Nadira and Cameron will manage to avoid any illness.

  • Clark

    Hi Craig,

    I’m glad that you’re well again, and that Nadira and Cameron didn’t catch it. It seems very similar to what I caught shortly after the JCHR hearing; I thought I was better after a week, but it returned with a vengeance and took nearly a month to clear.

    Dreoilin, if you haven’t tried giving up dairy products, give it a go. Milk is naturally rich in growth hormones.

  • nextus

    “First everything went orange then my legs wouldn’t hold me anymore.”

    Action replays of CCTV recordings in the vicinity revealed blurry images of a bald fat orange man in a nappy running around slapping people in the face.

    You know when you’ve been tango’d!

    Glad to see you’ve got your juice back.

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