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10 thoughts on “More Problems

  • glenn

    Sorry to hear that, Craig – you need to sit it out, drink lots of fluids and rest. Nothing else will help… as my old man always said, a genuine case of flu takes two weeks if you treat it, and a fortnight if you don’t. Had a rotten case of flu myself last February.

    Maybe I had an early case of swine-flu, who knows… what it did do was cause pains to randomly sweep through my body. Blinding headache, then my back seized up, followed swiftly by knees which were agony to move, and equally swiftly by shoulder pain.

    It was remarkable just tracking the progress of this, while feeling as weak as a Labour principle the whole while and having the definite impression that this thing was trying to kill me.

    It didn’t, it just left me feeling depressed and anxious and rather frightened for a good couple of months.

    The nasty thought I kept getting was, “One day, something like this really will finish me off. Hope it’s not this time.” And that’s from someone who can run reasonably hard for over an hour. Take your time with it. Get better. I very much appreciate your getting back into blogging.


  • ingo

    lots of vitamin c in natural form will help to get over it.

    As much as you might want to avoid this concoction, fruit salads with a variety of nuts is one of my favourites.

    Get better soon and then have a break for a few days, I’m sure we all can talk to each other quiet efficiently.

    best wishes also from Steph and the boyzzz.

  • Clark

    Get Well Soon Craig!

    The symptoms Glenn describe seem very similar to something I had earlier this year. It also left me with a cough, sore throat and a chest infection for which I needed antibiotics.

  • Dr Paul

    You’d know if was pig flu: you’d come out in a rasher.

    Joking apart, I think I had pig flu earlier this year, and whilst it was not as bad as normal flu, it was pretty awful just the same.

    You will get better, but there are after-effects: symptoms of it (head-aches, muscle-aches, etc) will recur every so often over several months.

    Best of luck.

  • Frazer

    Get outside a bottle of has no medical value, but you will be so hammered that you simply will not care about how you feel, until the next morning that is !

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