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Palestinian faith in Obama ‘evaporates’


And in other shocking news, the sun sets in the evening….

There are many terrible injustices in this world. Of the two which most caught the World’s attention and about which I marched through the streets of Edinburgh as a young man, apartheid is thank God long gone, but the fate of the Palestinians has got worse and worse. No American President except Carter has even remotely cared. Blair’s appointment as quartet “envoy” on Palestine was a joke so sick that I can only think of the concentration camp slogan about work setting you free as a similarly horrific irony.

Meantime anyone in any doubt as to how unpleasant our Conservative rulers in waiting are, might look through the comments section on Martin Bright’s Spectator blog post on Kaminski.

I particularly like this comment from someone called Judy:

Craig Murray is not just unreliable, but a ludicrous and embittered crank with inter alia a track record of writing distorted defences of the most indefensible regimes, such as the Iranian one.


As my extremely negative view of the Iranaian regime is a constant source of dispute with my commenters here, I found that funny. Judy’s link is to an article by the pig-headed neo-con fool Oliver Kamm, where he took issue with my contention that the British sailors arrested by Iran were not in Iraqi waters but in disputed waters, and that the “boundary” map produced by the MOD had no legal standing and was simply propaganda.

Eventually, of course, absolutely everybody including the House of Commons inquiry accepted that I was right. Kamm has since been totally silent on the subject. Whether he still believes in the entirely fake MOD boundary map, I have no idea. I guess he probably does. He probably believes the Iraqis cunningly hid the WMD too.

Meantime, a large prize goes to anybody who can produce an example of me “writing distorted defences of the most indefensible regimes”.

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