Another Old Etonian Wanker Calls Me a Liar 67

Rory Stewart is getting the hang of being a Conservative politician; he has plainly learned that the first requirement is to lie through your teeth. Form today’s Independent on Sunday:

Once tutor to Princes William and Harry, Rory Stewart, in his latest incarnation as Conservative prospective candidate for Penrith, has found himself the unlikely subject of intrigue. Craig Murray, renegade former ambassador to Uzbekistan, claims in his blog that Stewart worked as an MI6 officer in Afghanistan. While it’s true Stewart was educated at Eton, received training from the British armed forces, and has yet to marry, the comparisons with James Bond appear to end there. “I’ve never met Craig Murray and I have no idea why he is saying this,” he tells me when I call, “It’s not just false but extremely dangerous. I’ve been doing charity work in countries where people are already at risk and his claims will only endanger them further.” Stewart’s father is even more succinct: “It’s bollocks.”

Let me be plain. Rory Stewart was an officer for Torturers’R’Us (formerly trading as MI6).

Now I know many MI6 officers personally and I know the identities of hundreds of them. But I have no intention of “Outing” them and, once retired, I am more than happy for them to tend their roses in Tonbridge Wells in all anonymity. But Stewart has entered politics and, in putting himself forward as a parliamentary candidate, he forfeits his right to conceal his history from the voters.

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67 thoughts on “Another Old Etonian Wanker Calls Me a Liar

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  • bogart


    you have to post a link to a scan of the letter you mentioned in your last post about Rory, saying the government asked you to remove these allegations. That would end this affair. You’ve made your allegations, you’re in fairly deep, now jump in and back them up.

    Please reply to this: – where’s the letter?


  • Jon

    @dreoilin – apologies; thought it was exasperated sarcasm. You couldn’t make this stuff up 😉

  • Jonathan

    Rory Stewart made a comment in an interview recently with the Guardian (I think) in which he said that problem with David Cameron was that he was ‘the wrong kind of Old Etonian’, which is possibly one of the most mystifying statements I’ve ever heard. Is there a right kind?

    There are many places in ‘The Places in Between’ where it sounds like Mr Stewart is terribly sniffy about any kind of foreign involvement in the ‘colonies’ unless it is from privileged polymaths like himself who know how to deal with the natives correctly. He seems to have very low opinions of aid agencies.

    Keep up the good work Mr Murray.

  • Bogart

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I’m sure I speak for all when I say I look forward to seeing it.


  • Frazer

    Rory was certainly not working for a Charity in Afghanistan,,,he was well known for pumping INGO workers for info on a Thursday night at the UN bar in Kabul…I know as I met him several times !

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