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As a campaigner for liberty, and a sucker for damsels in distress, I was looking to work up a piece in defence of Amanda Knox.

Incarceration is a horrible thing. We lock up far, far too many people in the UK. Punishment is necessary in society, but there are innumerable other forms of punishment possible apart from prison. The only real reason I can think of to lock somebody away is that they pose a physical danger to others; why we lock people up for non-violent property crime I have no idea, especially as in the vast majority of cases the cost of incarceration is greater than the value of the property which was stolen.

But I am genuinely sorry to say that the more I researched the more I came to the conclusion that locking up Amanda Knox is rather sensible. Having previously simply seen the odd bit of news coverage, I am quite sure after further research that the balance of that reporting has been rather kinder to Amanda Knox than she deserved.

She gave a series of lies to the police about where she was at the time of the murder, and has no corroborated alibi. She did not just (as news reports I have seen implied) suggest to the police that it may have been Patrick Lumumba, she actually told them that she was present in the flat when he murdered Meredith. Lumumba – who it is worth stating is entirely innocent – had many witnesses to the fact he was in his bar all evening. Knox later changed her story back to not having been in the flat that evening at all.

She also claimed that the next morning she came back to the flat, found a broken window and blood on the floor and wall, and Meredith’s door locked, but did not call the police or in fact anyone. Instead she took a shower and washed her hair in a bloodstained bathroom. Rudy Guede’s unflushed faeces now eight hours old and presumably pretty smelly – we in the toilet, and it was one of those ledge ones so they sit above the water. She didn’t flush them, but showered, brushed and blow dried her hair all standing in the small bathroom next to them.

That tiny detail is for me a clincher that her story is untrue. Yes, it is of course physically possible to wash brush and blow dry your hair right next to a pile of someone elese’s faeces, but do you know a girl who would do it?

The glass from the broken window had fallen on top of belongings of another flat mate that had been strewn around the floor, and had not been strewn around when the flatmate left that afternoon. But the glass landed on top of the strewn around things. So the strewing around was not done by someone who broke in through the window. The window breakage therefore looks like a later effort to simulate burglary.

Knox testified that she had been worried when she found the blood and the broken window and no Meredith, so she had phoned several times to check if she was OK. Phone records show that she had phoned each of Meredith’s phones, but only once – and for three seconds and four seconds respectively. That is less than two rings.

Knox was leaving the flat with a mop and bucket when the police arrived. She had not called them and Meredith’s body was still locked in its bedroom. Police had been alerted by finding Merdith’s phones, apparently flung out of her window. Knox had a mop and bucket with her which she said she was taking to her boyfriend’s house to clean up a pasta spill. When police got to his place, everything was newly cleaned – with bleach – including the knife which matched one of the wounds. Have you ever cleaned a knife with bleach?

So the white charger is staying the stable on this one. The defence are making much of the fact that Knox had no motive. But what precisely is the motive of the Perugia authorities for setting her up meant to be? Chillingly, someone who worked with Knox in the US and is Jewish said that Knox, who has German ancestry, taunted “My people killed your people! My people killed your people!”

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  • sinbad

    Guede appears to have little choice other than for a fast track trial. It would appear that Knox and bf returned to the murder scene and attempted to remove all evidence of their presence, leaving only Guedes DNA, prints and faeces.

    The alternative for him would be to appear as a co-defendant and become prime candidate for blame. Knox and bf denying that they were there.

    Altho Knox initially told the police she was present when the Bar owner committed the murder she later withdrew this statement as it was given without a lawyer being present and thus inadmissable during the trial.

  • Philius Freud

    Alex says:

    “Undergraduate flat sharers don’t murder each other however much they annoy each other because ultimately they are free. Free to move out.”

    No one is arguing that Knox set out to murder Meredith. What’s being argued is that in a drink and drug fuelled haze the immature Knox’s feelings of rage at what she saw as belittlement by Meredith came to the fore.

    This rage concerned matters sexual and it’s no surprise it manifested itself so.

    “Your stuff about US vs UK levels or sexual repression sounds like piffle”

    Just shows you don’t know very much about growing up in middle class white America.

  • Craig


    Good question. I thnk the mainstream media ask “What’s the story” meaning in effect what is the plot line that will attract the public, and thus advertising or sales revenue. The “tory” in this case in beautiful innocent American girl convicted. Then they report any facts that fit.

  • alex


    ‘you are buying into a media campaign against the ordinary Italian people of Perugia’

    I think that extraordinary leap lets me off the hook in terms of responding to your reply at this late hour in my part of the world.

    Still, nice to get in something emotive. (I fear you’re a born politician.) And as for the ‘ordinary Italian people of Perugia’, poor dears, I dare say they’ll pull through if the white charger is ready at their defence.


    ‘Just shows you don’t know very much about growing up in middle class white America.’

    I must claim a sheltered upbringing in that respect.

  • Philius Freud


    You really ought to read the detailed evidence and discussion.

    It’s all referenced here.

    This was quite a nasty piece of work. They tortured and murdered Meredith, and there’s a lot of evidence of pre-meditation and cover up, and it looks very much like Knox was the leader of the gang.

    On the evidence, there isn’t even the remotest possibilty that Knox is not deeply implicated in that murder and torture.

    Quite simply, none whatsover.

  • alex


    You sounded serious so I’ve seen it.

    Poor amateur sleuthing, well larded with quasi-psychoanalytic clap-trap. (I note that despite the popularity of the topic, few of the pages manage a Google rank above 0)

    It happens to take the view that Amanda Knox is guilty, but given its quality, it wouldn’t much matter which viewpoint it took.

  • rogerh

    Re the case,

    How does a parent say to their kid “sorry baby, but we don’t believe you, see you next year”.


    “sorry baby, we believe you, but we can’t afford to keep paying the lawyers – see you next year”.

    Sad really.


  • Philius Freud

    Alex says of

    “Poor amateur sleuthing, well larded with quasi-psychoanalytic clap-trap.”

    Hmmm. It would take at least a week to read it and its references. You claim to have managed it in about three quarters of an hour.

    It’s actually quite a sophisticated piece of work, evaluating all the evidence in minute detail, with reference to previous similar cases and the criminology involved.

    It also makes use of an individual who attended the trial on a daily basis and reported ALL the evidence, much of which wasn’t more generally reported.

    Not sure what you mean by “quasi-psychoanalytic clap-trap”, other than in indicating you’re a person who thinks all psychology is clap trap.

    Such a position is of course laughably naive but it does also indicate a lack of familiarity with trials and indeed perhaps with life itself.

    I have to say that that statement of yours which I’ve quoted above also indicates that rather like Amanda, you just don’t make a very credible witness, neither in terms of honesty nor observation.

    Luckily the trial judge disagrees with both you and the more fanciful areas of US media.

  • See, I'm innocent...

    This is an email for everyone, because id like to get it all out and

    not have to repeat myself a hundred times like ive been having to do

    at the police station. some of you already know some things, some of

    you know nothing. what im about to say i cant say to journalists or

    newspapers, and i require that of anone receiving this information as

    well. this is m account of how i found my roommate murdered the

    morning of friday, november 2nd.

    The last time i saw meredith, 22, english, beautiful, funny, was when

    i came home from spending the night at a friends house. It was the day

    after halloween, thursday. I got home and she was still asleep, bu

    after i had taken a shower and was fumbling around the kitchen she

    emerged from her room with the blood of her costume (vampire) still

    dripping down her chin. We talked for a while in the kitchen, how the

    night went, what our plans were for the day. Nothing out of the

    ordinary. then she went to take a shower and i began to start eating a

    little while i waited for my friend (Raffaele-at whose house i stayed

    over) to arrive at my house. He came right after i started eating and

    he made himself some pasta. as we were eating together meredith came

    out of the shower and grabbed some laundry or put some laundry in, one

    or the other and returned into her room after saying hi to raffael.

    after lunch i began to play guitar with raffael and meredith came out

    of her room and went to the door. she said bye and left for the day.

    it was the last time i saw her alive.

    after a little while of playing guitar me and raffael went to his

    house to watch movies and after to eat dinner and generally spend the

    evening and night indoors. we didnt go out. the next morning i woke up

    around 1030 and after grabbing my few things i left raffael’s

    appartment and walked the five minute walk back to my house to once

    again take a shower and grab a chane of clothes. i also needed to grab

    a mop because after dinner raffael had spilled a lot of water on the

    floor of his kitchen by accident and didnt have a mop to clean it up.

    so i arrived home and the first abnormal thing i noticed was the door

    was wide open. here’s the thingabout the door to our house: its

    broken, in such a way that you have to use the keys to keep it closed.

    if we dont have the door locked, it is really easy for the wond to

    blow the door open, and so, my roommates and i always have the door

    locked unless we are running really quickley to bring the garbage out

    or to get something from the neighbors who live below us. (another

    important piece of imformation: for those who dont know, i inhabit a

    house of two stories, of which my three roommates and i share the

    second story appartment. there are four italian guys of our age

    between 22 and 26 who live below us. we are all wuite good friends and

    we talk often. giacomo is especially welcome because he plays guitar

    with me and laura, one of my roommates, and is, or was dating

    meredith. the other three are marco, stefano, and ricardo.) anyway, so

    the door was wide open. strange, yes, but not so strange that i really

    thought anything about it. i assumed someone in the house was doing

    exactly what i just said, taking out the trash or talking really

    uickley to the neighbors downstairs. so i closed the door behind me

    but i didnt lock it, assuming that the person who left the door open

    would like to come back in. when i entered i called out if anyone was

    there, but no one responded and i assumed that if anyone was there,

    they were still asleep. lauras door was open which meant she wasnt

    home, and filomenas door was also closed. my door was open like always

    and meredith door was closed, which to me weant she was sleeping. i

    undressed in my room and took a quick shower in one of the two

    bathrooms in my house, the one that is right next to meredith and my

    bedrooms (situated right next to one another). it was after i stepped

    out of the shower and onto the mat that i noticed the blood in the

    bathroom. it was on the mat i was using to dry my feet and there were

    drops of blood in the sink. at first i thought the blood might have

    come from my ears which i had pierced extrensively not too long ago,

    but then immediately i know it wasnt mine becaus the stains on the mat

    were too big for just droplets form my ear, and when i touched the

    blood in the sink it was caked on already. there was also blood

    smeered on the faucet. again, however, i thought it was strange,

    because my roommates and i are very clean and we wouldnt leave blood

    int he bathroom, but i assumed that perhaps meredith was having

    menstral issues and hadnt cleaned up yet. ew, but nothing to worry

    about. i left the bathroom and got dressed in my room. after i got

    dressed i went to the other bathroom in my house, the one that

    filomena dn laura use, and used their hairdryer to obviously dry my

    hair and it was after i was putting back the dryer that i noticed the

    shit that was left in the toilet, something that definately no one in

    out house would do. i started feeling a little uncomfortable and so i

    grabbed the mop from out closet and lef the house, closing and locking

    the door that no one had come back through while i was in the shower,

    and i returned to raffael’s place. after we had used the mop to clean

    up the kitchen i told raffael about what i had seen in the house over

    breakfast. the strange blood in the bathroom, the door wide open, the

    shit left in the toilet. he suggested i call one of my roommates, so i

    called filomena. filomena had been at a party the night before with

    her boyfriend marco (not the same marco who lives downstairs but we’ll

    call him marco-f as in filomena and the other can be marco-n as in

    neighbor). she also told me that laura wasnt at home and hadnt been

    because she was on business in rome. which meant the only one who had

    spent the night at our house last night was meredith, and she was as

    of yet unaccounted for. filomena seemed really worried, so i told her

    id call meredith and then call her back. i called both of merediths

    phones the english one first and last and the italian one between. the

    first time i called the english phone is rang and then sounded as of

    there was disturbance, but no one answered. i then calle the italian

    phone and it just kept ringing, no answer. i called her english phone

    again and this time an english voice told me her phone was out of

    service. raffael and i gathered our things and went back to my house.

    i unlocked the door and im going to tell this really slowly to get

    everything right so just have patience with me. the living

    room/kitchen was fine. looked perfectly normal. i was checking for

    signs of our things missing, should there have been a burglar in our

    house the night before. filomenas room was closed, but when i opned

    the door her room and a mess and her window was open and completely

    broken, but her computer was still sitting on her desk like it always

    was and this confused me. convinced that we had been robbed i went to

    lauras room and looked quickley in, but it was spottless, like it

    hadnt even been touced. this too, i thought was odd. i then went into

    the part of the house that meredith and i share and checked my room

    for things missing, which there werent. then i knocked on merediths


    at first i thought she was alseep so i knocked gently, but when she

    didnt respond i knocked louder and louder until i was really banging

    on her door and shouting her name. no response. panicing, i ran out

    onto our terrace to see if maybe i could see over the ledge into her

    room from the window, but i couldnt see in. bad angle. i then went

    into the bathroom where i had dried my hair and looked really quickley

    into the toilet. in my panic i thought i hadnt seen anything there,

    which to me meant whoever was in my house had been there when i had

    been there. as it turns out the police told me later that the toilet

    was full and that the shit had just fallen to the bottom of the

    toilet, so i didnt see it. i ran outside and down to our neighbors

    door. the lights were out but i banged ont he door anyway. i wanted to

    ask them if they had heard anything the night before, but no one was

    home. i ran back into the house. in the living room raffael told me he

    wanted to see if he could break down merediths door. he tried, and

    cracked the door, but we couldnt open it. it was then that we decided

    to call the cops. there are two types of cops in italy, carbanieri

    (local, dealing with traffic and domestic calls) and the police

    investigaters. he first called his sister for advice and then called

    the carbanieri. i then called filomna who said she would be on her way

    home immediately. while we were waiting, two ununiformed police

    investigaters came to our house. i showed them what i could and told

    them what i knew. gave them ohone numbers and explained a bit in

    broken italian, and then filomena arrived with her boyfriend marco-f

    and two other friends of hers. all together we checked the houe out,

    talked to the polie,a nd in a big they all opened merediths door.

    i was in the kitchen stadning aside, having really done my part for

    the situation. but when they opened merediths door and i heard

    filomena scream “a foot! a foot!” in italian i immedaitely tried to

    get to merediths room but raffael grabbed me and took me out of the

    house. the police told everyone to get out and not long afterward the

    carabinieri arrived and then soon afterward, more police

    investigators. they took all of our informaton and asked us the same

    questions over and over. at the time i had only what i was wearing and

    my badg, which thankfully had my passport in it and my wallet. no

    jacket though, and i was freezing. after sticking around at the housr

    for a bit, the police told us to go to the station to give testimony,

    which i did. i was in a room for six hours straight after that without

    seeing anyone else, answering questions in italian for the first hour

    and then they brought in an interpreter and he helped my out with the

    details that i didnt know the words for. they asked me of course about

    the the morning, the last time i saw her, and because i was the

    closest to her, questions about her habits and her relationships.

    afterward, when they were taking my fingerprints, i met two of

    merediths english friends, two girls she goes out with, including the

    lat one who saw her alive that night she was murdered. they also had

    their prints taken. after that, this was around 9 at night by this

    time, i was taken into the waiting room where there was various other

    people who i all knew from varous places who all knew meredith. her

    friends from england, my roommates, even the owner of the pub she most

    frequented. after a while my neighbors were taken in too, having just

    arived home from a weeklong vacation in their home town, which

    eplained why they werent home when i banged on their door. later than

    that another guy showed up and was taken in for questioning, a guy i

    dont like but who both meredith and i knew from different occasions, a

    morracan guy that i only know by his nickname amongst the girls

    “shaky”. then i sat around in this waiting room wthout having the

    chance to leave or eat anything besides vending maschine food (whcih

    gave me a hell of a stomache ache) until 530 in the morning. during

    this time i received calls from a lot of different people, family

    mostly of course, and i also talked with the rest. especially to find

    out what exactly was in merediths room whent hey opened it. apparently

    her body was laying under a sheet, and with her foot sticking out and

    there was a lot of blood. whoever had did this had slit her throat.

    they told me to be back in at 11am. i went home to raffael’s place and

    ate something substantial, and passed out.

    in the morning raffael drove me bck to the police station but had to

    leave me when they said they wantrd to take me back to the house for

    quesioning. before i go on, id like to ssay that i was strictly told

    not to speak about this, but im speaking with you people who are not

    involved and who cant do anything bad except talk to journalists,

    which i hope you wont do. i have to get this off my chest because its

    pressing down on me and it helps to know that someone besides me knows

    something, and that im not the one who knows the most out of everyone.

    at the house they asked me very personal questions about meredith’s

    life and also about the personalities of our neighbors. how well did i

    know them? pretty well, we are friends. was meredith sexually active?

    yeah, she borrowed a few of my condoms. does she like anal? wtf? i

    dont know. does she use vaseline? for her lips? what kind of person is

    stefano? nice guy, has a really pretty girlfriend. hmmm…very

    interesting….weid like to how you something, and tell us if this is

    out of normal.

    tehy took me into the nieghbors house. the had breaken the door open

    to get in, but they told me to ingonore that. the rooms were all open.

    giacomo and marco-n’s room was spotless which made since becaus the

    guys had thoroughly cleaned the whole house before they left on

    vacation. stefano’s room however, well, his bed was strpped of linens,

    which was odd, and the comfoter he used was shoved up at the top of

    his bed, with blood on it. i obviously told then that the blood was

    definatley out of normal and also that he usually has his bed made.

    they took note of it and ussred me out. when i left the house to go

    back to the police station they told me to put my jacket over my head

    and duck down below the window so the reporters wouldnt try to talk to

    me. at the station i just had to repeat the answers that i had givne

    at the house do they could type them up and after a good 5 and a half

    hour day with the police again raffael picked me up and took me out

    for some well-deserved pizza. i was starving. i then bought some

    underwear because as it turns out i wont be able to leave italy for a

    while as well as enter my house. i only had the clothes i was wearing

    the day it bagan, so i bought some underwear and borrwed a pair of

    pants from raffael.

    Spoke with my remaining roommates that night (last night) and it was a

    hurricane of emotions and stress but we needed it anyway. What we have

    been discussing is bascially what to do next. We are trying to keep

    our heads on straight. First things first though, my roommates both

    work for lawyers, and they are going to try to send a request through

    on monday to retrieve important documents of ours that are still in

    the house. Secondly, we are going to talk to the agency that we used

    to find our house and obviously request to move out. It kind of sucks

    that we have to pay the next months rent, but the owner has protection

    within the contract. After that, I guess I’ll go back to class on

    monday, although im not sure what im going to do about people asking

    me questions, because i really dont want to talk again about what

    happened. Ive been talking an awful lot lately and im pretty tired of

    it. After that, Its like im trying to remember what i was doing before

    all this happened. I still need to figure out who i need to talk to

    and what i need to do to continue studying in perugia, because its

    what i want to do.

    Anyway, thats the update, feeling okay, hope you all are well, amanda

  • james c

    There seems overwhelming evidence that she was an accomplice after the fact, at the very least.

  • Craig

    see, i’m innocent

    Thanks. no idea if that was pastiche or an attempt to set out a genuine possible innocence scenario. one or two problems though. Knox did not call the police, they arrived after Meredith’s phones were found. You miss out her strange phoning of each of meredith’s phones for three and four seconds respectively. The rest might be just about plausible if she hadn’t told several alternative and wildly different stories, or if Rafalle had not consistently denied that she spent the night at his flat, or if she hadn’t been seen not at his flat by three independent witnesses.

  • See, I'm innocent...


    Quite telling that you think it a pastiche.

    Apparently, it’s the actual email that Knox sent to her friends and others in Seattle just before she was arrested.

    It’s bizarre stuff, and this piece is quite telling in confessional terms:

    “i have to get this off my chest because its

    pressing down on me and it helps to know that someone besides me knows

    something, and that im not the one who knows the most out of everyone.”

  • Craig

    see, i’m innocent

    Many thanks. I agree with you entirely. Very weird indeed. And I think the fact that she claimed, falsely, that she phoned the police whereas in fact the police turned up after Meredith’s phones were found, is extremely damning.

    I am rather pleased with the confirmation that she was off with a mop and bucket to clean up Sollecito’s apartment, as on various blogs I have seen it widely alleged that I made that detail up. Interesting too that this email confirms what she first told police, that the mop and bucket was to mop up a pasta spill, while in her written statement a week later she said (presumably having worked out the pasta spell story was unbelievable) in a written statement at the police station, that it was to mop up from a burst pipe.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    If Amanda did not call the police then who did?

    Perhaps there is a fourth person who actually carried out the murder.

  • See, I'm innocent..


    Her account at that time is bizarre because she made it at all.

    Remember, she sent this email to friends in the US before she was arrested, and yet it’s so detailed with times, dates and at that time seemingly insignificant trivia that it looks more like a pre-meditated defence than any reaction to the horrific murder of a flatmate.

    Then there’s her repeated request to her emailees not to share this information with journalists.

    She was required to do that under Italian law, but we now know that her PR team in the US and other journalists used this material in her defence in US blogs and mainstream media, after she was arrested. It was from this they constructed their story.

    Her PR campaign was so dirty and smeary of anyone that questioned it that it made a laughing stock of those fronting it and all but the most sheepish of the Faux News followers recoiled from it.

    Why do you think she sent such a detailed email?

    Obviously a complex lie needs to be rehearsed and written down so that you remember it. You don’t want it on paper, that it might be found and exposed. An email serves the dual purpose of written form and deniability in terms of “telling your mates what happened” and it also allows your friends to give a coherent account to US media on your behalf.

    But why would you be planning all that before you were arrested?

    Wouldn’t worry too much about the “who called the police first thing”.

    The Police were already investigating the missing phones which were found in an adjacent garden, but that doesn’t mean Knox didn’t phone the Carabinieri shortly after and prior to the arrival of the phone police.

    @ Carlyle Moulton

    Some totally unnconnected old dear next door found the phones in her garden and phoned the phone police.

    There’s no fourth man, nor fifth man, thankfully.

  • craig


    no, i agree that the fact that the phone police arrived does not mean that she did not phone the police. But I checked very carefully through the several sites whic relied on people reporting the actual evidence from court, and though there was much testimony about the calls she made, I have not seen any indication that she phoned the police. I think they arrived most inconveniently when she was still cleaning up.

  • John


    I think you’re being very harsh Craig. The fact that she changed her story could be due to her mental state after being charged with murder, and don’t forget she alleged the police forced the confession of guilt out of her – Something which is a feature in the many miscarriages of justice which have occurred in Britain. Other key elements of miscarriages of justice are character assassination, circumstantial evidence and botched forensic evidence. Add to this the high profile of the case and the desire of the courts and the Italian state to get a result – and the whole thing looks like its been cooked up. The suggestion in The Observer on Sunday was that this verdict has been arrived at with the expectation that it will be overturned on appeal in a years time.

    When all is said and done, we don’t conclusively know who killed Meredith. Most that has been wrtten is speculation and opinion.

  • See, I'm innocent....

    @ John

    It’s simply not true that:

    “Most that has been wrtten is speculation and opinion.”

    There are many facts and evidence in this case. They’re all available online, as indeed is the judgement.

    And these facts and evidence undermine the various defences that Knox has presented.

    Like you, most commentators just don’t look at the evidence. They read newspaper accounts of the trial and think they know what went on.

    Those who write most of these newspaper accounts don’t read the evidence either. All they want is a story. Doesn’t matter what it is. It’s all in day’s work for them. They don’t care.

    So, if you’ve some criticism to make of the damning evidence against Knox then present it, but please don’t refer us to a newspaper article by some other lazy ill-informed idiot, who couldn’t care less.

  • John

    OK then please enlighten me: what is the evidence that Amanda and her boyfriend were present when Meredith was murdered, other than the botched forensic “evidence”?

  • Rob

    While it was obvious from his comment that “nobody” is fully bought into the myth of Satanic Child Abuse, I felt I had to share the following quotation from the document he links (indeed from the section that he guarentees will “knock our socks off”):

    “Could it be that the database being compiled will be utilized as something of a recruitment list to identify those persons who have been ‘preconditioned’ – so to speak – for future mind control operations? It’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. Interpol has, after all, been exposed as an illegal organization with distinctively Nazi roots. ”

    My socks remain on: but that paragraph brought a grin to my face that should last me the rest of the day.

  • See, I'm innocent....

    Not so sure about the “botched” forensic evidence.

    If it were botched, why would Sollecito offer a defence to Meredith’s DNA having been found on the knife?

    Why would he say he pricked Meredith with it by accident. He’s admitting that he’s not surprised her blood was on this particular knife. Isn’t he?

    Why would Knox say that she was in the flat when Meredith was being murdered, fingers in her ears to shield herself from the screams?

  • alex

    ‘There are many facts and evidence in this case. They’re all available online, as indeed is the judgement.’

    I hope you’re not talking about Missread – an obsessive yet dismal blog recommended earlier by Philius Freud – another person who has watched to many Hammer House of Horror movies.

    Missread had clearly made up his /her mind about the case as early as March (as early as I could be bothered to read) and picks evidence to fit his fantastic theories. I offer, a selection here:

    The murder of…Meredith Kercher is amongst the most sadistically executed crimes I have ever come across. ….this crime is and will remain a fascinating example of group violence.

    …[it] can be classified as a sex related homicide. I spend a great deal of time reading literature relevant to these sorts of cases in order that I can better understand the types of people that commit violent sexual homicides and their reasons for doing so.

    “Saw impressive and potentially damning testimony from Antonio Curatolo the 53 year old homeless man who spends a lot of time in Piazza Grimana which has a good view of the gate leading to the cottage. His testimony was supposedly clear and concise; it appears that Curatolo is no fool and that he definitely knows what he saw.”

    “On a little side note I find it interesting that two witnesses stated that RS was sporty, one stated that he enjoyed kickboxing. If RS was fit and did kickboxing why then does he say he wasn’t strong enough to break down Meredith’s door when she didn’t respond? ….we have yet another big fib from Raffaele.”

    As I also pointed out earlier, it is at least reassuring that this drivel gets a Goolge rank of 0.

  • Philius Freud


    I’m not entirely sure why you think sadism is “fantastic”.

    It’s sadly too common, I’m afraid.

    It’s the evidence of the wounds to the body which leads to the “sadism” conclusion. It’s not invented out of thin air.

    If you’ve some alternative explanation for the wounds then please present it.

    I won’t bother dealing again with how you’ve misrepresented the very detailed evaluation of all the material in

  • Winterhawk

    Please read the book The monster of Florence by Preston and Spezi. The head prosecutor in the Knox case is the same as the one in the book above.

    The book is about a serial killer who murderedcouples around the florence area in the late 60s through into the mid 80s. An FBi profile of the killer gives him as in his teens to early twenties, impotent probably a butcher or hunter gvenhis confidence with a knife.

    The prosecutor mignini gos down a different path. He believes a freemason like secret society of cultists ordered the killings so they could conduct their satanic rites.

    It entirely answers the question, What interest would there be in prosecuting Knox if she were not guilty?

    If anyone can read that book, do abit of reasearch on Mignini and his friends and still think Knox is guilty say why. I’d love to know!

  • Philius Freud

    @ Winterhawk

    Knox is guilty because the judge and jury have found her guilty.

    Mignini is not the judge.

    The judge and jury rejected Mignini’s account as to motive, but still found her guilty on the evidence against her.

    That’s what you need to concentrate on.

    In terms of Mignini’s arguments more generally, it’s probably worth pointing out that those who had an interest in paedophilia, for example, found themselves rising up the ranks in organisations which cared for children.

    You could do worse than look at the case of Kincora, where the British intelligence services used the poor children there as both payment and trap for those in whom they had an interest.

  • Chris_Halkides

    Dear Mr. Murray,

    I see that previous comments have been lost. Your article contains a number of errors. There were a few drops of blood plus some bloody water on the bathmat, but the whole bathroom was not bloody. Mr. Guede's feces were not in the bathroom in which Ms. Knox showered. The story about the Jewish coworker came from an anonymous source in an article with at least three factual errors. Andrew Seliber, who is Jewish, flew to Italy at his own expense to testify on her behalf. Knox and Sollecito were not leaving the flat (they were waiting for the Carabiinieri when the Postal Police showed up), and they did not have a mop and bucket. This case looks like investigative tunnel-vision and CYA to me. The authorities had said "case closed" and did not want to reexamine their thinking when new evidence came their way.

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