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Been doing some filing. Thought you might like these statistics relating to legal threats received by this blog since it started five years ago. These figures also include letters from the Treasury Solicitors threatening action under the Official Secrets Act and other legislation.

Dedicated to Jack Straw, Alisher Usmanov, Tim Spicer, the Quilliam Foundation and nine other bad people with something to hide, who have wasted money trying to frighten this blog out of telling the truth:

Number of letters received from lawyers threatening legal action 47

Number of lawyers involved 11

Number of lawyers told to go ahead and sue or prosecute 11

Number of suits/prosecutions brought Nil

Number of apologies and retractions issued Nil

Damages Paid Nil

Number of flasehoods published Nil

Who says it is not fun running a blog?

Of course, some of these rich criminals and mercenary killers have succeeded in hindering me by legal bullying of other people. Alisher Usmanov had us closed down for three days when he got my webhost to close down the site by threatening legal action. (The Quilliam Foundation tried to pull the same trick but found I now have a much more robust webhost).

Ultra wealthy mercenary killer and war profiteer Tim Spicer threatened my publisher into preventing commercial publication of the Catholic Orangemen of Togo. But he backed down when I published it in full online.

Britian’s notorious libel laws are designed to inculcate fear in those who would publish the truth. But, as with most situations in life, a lack of fear makes things much less fraught.

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  • David T

    We are also frequently threatened with mischievous defamation suits.

    Similarly, as I refuse on principle to take legal action against those who defame me, there are a number of people who take advantage of the situation, by publishing unpleasant lies about me.

    Dismal though it is to be lied about, it would be far worse to operate in a political culture in which it is not possible to talk frankly about issues of importance. That, I’m afraid, is precisely where we are.

    Craig – I think you’re a loonie, and a good chunk of what you write is conspiracist nonsense, but I’ll defend you against any legal threats you receive.

  • Craig

    David T

    Thank you. For the record, I think you are a warmongering supporter of the slow and excruciating genocide of the Palestinians. But I will support your right to free speech too.

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    That is a good record, do you play football?

    47- nil.

    I only ask because the Scottish football has a reputation for being s**t.

    Do you play in the centre or on the wing?

    Well done, keep up the good work.

    I liked your Quilliam Foundation posts very much.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • eddie

    Keep up the good work Craig, funded by the taxpayers. I agree with David T.

    George Laird has still not explained what human rights have been compromised at Glasgow University.

  • Control

    Very droll eddie.

    BTW just as a side note you have a typo in your post I think:

    ‘Number of flasehoods published Nil’


  • technicolour

    David T: I’d like to know what ‘conspiracist nonsense’. So please, provide evidence (not from the commentators on this board, of course, but from the original post). I’m prepared to accept proof that you’re a peace-loving person who has spoken out strongly against the treatment of the Palestinians (white phosphorous?) by the way.

  • Ruth

    I think you’re doing an absolutely brilliant job but I think, though you haven’t been sued, your blog is being attacked in another way through the spate of ridiculous and diversionary remarks.

  • The liar Blair

    Just goes to show that these cancerous vermin take you seriously, Craig.

    That’s quite a tribute when you think about it. You must now be even more sued than Private Eye. They felt it a badge of honour, before Hislop became so timid.

    Amusing too that they don’t take themselves seriously enough to follow through on their threats.

  • Andy

    I had a vague threat from Nottingham City Council on the basis that my blog might ‘distress’ some of their employees and councillors.

    I largely adopted your approach to the Quilliam Foundstion ie to politely blow raspberries at them.

    Not heard a dickie bird since.

  • technicolour

    Wow, is it somehow fishy to be or have been funded by the state now? Better contact your MP, eddie.

  • Leo

    Eddie, you have a very peculiar idea of what the word “funded” means if you think that Craig being employed by someone in the past, to do something quite different, means that his current activities are funded by that same person.

    Perhaps disingenuous is a better word than peculiar. It’s hard to tell if you’re a nasty person or just a fool.

    I suppose you think this comment I’m writing now was funded by all of my former employers, going right back to school-time work experience?

  • eddie

    Craig was paid six years’ salary by the FCO when he was booted out of his post. That is taxpayers’ money amounting to several hundreds of thousands of pounds. Since then his source of income has been what exactly? Selling a handful of books? So on that basis I think it is a reasonable assumption to state that this site and all his current activities, are funded by the taxpayer. If not, perhaps he could advise.

  • A Taxpayer

    I’m sure Craig was paid during his time at the FCO.

    I very much doubt though that the FCO are paying him for this site. For obvious reasons.

    I’m afraid I’d have to conclude that this Eddie is just a tad dimwitted.

    Would explain his gullible views of course.

    Craig – Any chance you could organise some kind of kindergarten or nursery forum for the Eddies and Larrys who wish to play at commenting, but without the embarrassment attracting on being considered a full adult?

    It’s surely not fair to expose them to this continual ridicule.

  • George Laird

    Dear Eddie

    First let me say I am profoundly sorry that I didn’t reply to you on the subject of human rights abuse at Glasgow University.

    In my own defence, I can only say it is because you make such a low impact on this website.

    I have found bog rolls more interesting to look at than your writing.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • angrysoba

    Yes, I agree with Craig Murray and David T that people shouldn’t be silenced just because they are loony.

    But I think that people who demand free speech for their loony views ought not to apply double standards by asking for others to be banned or censored.

    (Admittedly it is cruel to expect logical reasoning from conspiraloons.)

  • glenn

    It seems, Soba, that it is also cruel to ask you reasonable questions, given they vex you so.

  • Charles

    This just proves that if you know you’re right and you face these people down, they’ll back off! I liked the way you dealt with the Quilliam Foundation’s lawyers! As a matter of interest, did you ever find out what alarmed them so much by your little note that they hadn’t filed their accounts? That must be the oddest of the 47!

  • Chris Dooley

    ‘Quilliam ain’t sin-ing-in an-y-more!’

    ‘Whooose the bastard bombed Iraq ?’

    47-0, those boys took one hell of a beating 🙂

  • Abe Rene

    Nice going. I hope Britain’s “libel capital” status will soon be no more, if for no better reason than the embarassment caused by individual American states refusing to implementing the decisions reached by British courts.

  • eddie

    A Taxpayer – I don’t think you understand. Craig was given a lump sum of six years’ salary when he LEFT the FCO. i.e. several hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money. Unless he has some other source of income then I presume he is living off that money and it is funding his current activities.

    George – I didn’t think you’d answer the question about your dimwitted campaign. Are they making you do some work or something horrible like that?

  • Chris Dooley

    Eddie, are you getting jealous of people with a job because you will lose yours after the coming election ?

    Don’t worry so much, KFC have the odd vacancy.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    So Eddie, you’re defining being compensated for an unfair sacking as being ‘subsidised by the taxpayer’ – what a load of rubbish. By that definition anyone granted compensation by an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal is ‘taxpayer subsidised’.

    Also everyone is ‘taxpayer subsidised’ through public services – the roads, the NHS etc – even if big private firms are now also even more heavily taxpayer subsidised through PFIs, arms export credit guarantees etc.

    Why is it you’re so outraged at Craig getting a few years pay for unfair dismissal but have nothing to say about hundreds of billions taken from patients, nurses , teachers and pupils and handed to PFI consortia?

  • Jon

    Hmm, either way, I think Craig deserved a decent severage package, after the deliberately rotten treatment meeted out to him.

    In any case, a taxpayer-funded activist is not a bad idea at all, we could use some of those 🙂

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