US and UK Troops Kill Muslims with Christian Inscribed Guns 63

US and UK soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are killing Muslims using guns with optical sights marked with Christian Gospel references, manufactured by Trijicon, an avowedly Christian Evangelical company in the US, which in the past also supplied South African special forces in breach of the international anti-apartheid embargo. Trijicon’s website states:

We believe that America is great when its people are good. This goodness has been based on biblical standards throughout our history and we will strive to follow those morals.

Peculiarly, having read the Gospels many times, I can’t recall Jesus advocating shooting people from a great distance.

Al Jazeera TV showed pictures today of Muslim Afghan commandos involved in fighting the Taliban in Kabul this week, carrying weapons inscribed with the Christian messages. This is highly reminiscent of the belief that bullet cartridges were greased with pig and cow grease, that was a major factor in leading British Indian troops to mutiny in 1857.

It is hard to imagine anything more calculated to upset Musim opinion, and is a vital reminder of exactly what kind of US nutters Blair allied us with.

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63 thoughts on “US and UK Troops Kill Muslims with Christian Inscribed Guns

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  • arsalan

    I think it doesn’t make much of a difference to Muslims what the guns that kill us are marked with.

    I think I’m more worried about the bullets entering the brains and hearts of my people than what is written on the sight.

    The people who should really be offended are Christians. These people are writing parts of your holy book on guns they use to kill people.

    These People who rule America hate Jesus, hate the Bible and hate God. I don’t think it is possible to disrespect the Bible more?

    How is it possible to mock what Jesus said about turning the other check, than writting his words on Guns?

  • Richard Robinson

    “This is highly reminiscent of the belief that bullet cartridges were greased with pig and cow grease”.

    Gah. I’d seen the story, but I never thought of that. Good *grief*, that’ll really help things. Not. How silly can people get ?

    Come to that, who’s equipping the forces of law & order in Iraq ? My head’s started spinning. How many non-Bible-thumping countries does the USA feed small-arms to ?

    This may be a good moment to link to

    “NEW YORK?”Responding to recent events on Earth, God, the omniscient creator-deity worshipped by billions of followers of various faiths for more than 6,000 years, angrily clarified His longtime stance against humans killing each other Monday.” (contd. p94).

  • Arsalan

    These fools call him the Prince of Peace and then write his words on Guns!

    May the curse of Jesus, and the other Prophets be upon them until the end of time.

  • ste

    Oh yeah i see what you done there, “killing muslims” inferring (nudge nudge) that US and Yoo Kay troops will be routinely and deliberately killing muslims in general as opposed to terrorists and insurgents who are muslims and who kill and try to kill…erm…all or as many ‘Christians’ in general as possible with whatever weapons they can.

    Very clever of you!.

  • Ed Davies

    For the avoidance of doubt, I’d like to point out that if you wish to read my previous comment out loud a tone combining sarcasm and bewilderment would be suitable.

  • Craig

    So Afghans fighting the occupying forces are “insurgents”.

    Where did they surge in from, precisely?

  • MJ

    The company is using two biblical references on its sights; one from a gospel and one from a Pauline letter. They are:


    “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”


    John 8:12

    “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life”

    The rifles are therefore delivering to non-Christians the darkness they deserve. All a bit sick-making really.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “It is hard to imagine anything more calculated to upset Musim opinion …”

    So Craig Murray, do you think the Pentagon intended to have the inscriptions, or do you think it was solely the manufacturer that wanted to piss off Muslims?

    This is certainly an upsetting issue, and one that will obviously be resolved. Hopefully they’ll ferret out similar inscriptions (if any).

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “examples are abound in their armed services.”

    So then why is this news?

  • Clark

    Arsalan, you wrote:

    “These People who rule America hate Jesus, hate the Bible and hate God. I don’t think it is possible to disrespect the Bible more? How is it possible to mock what Jesus said about turning the other check, than writting his words on Guns?”

    The manufacturer’s thinking is so compartmentalised that they never make the connection. Their left hand doesn’t know what their right hand is doing. I see this in so many people, and I have no idea what to do about it. If you try to show such people the connection between belief and behaviour, they just get angry. Compare consumption and climate change. Compare riches and poverty. What do we do?

  • opit

    Actually, I believe the ‘Lord of Light’ is the title of Lucifer, whose glorious appearance hides the putridity inside. Dante’s Inferno was not on my required reading list.

    Just what they need! An organization of religious freaks in New Mexico has sent 600 “solar powered bibles” that recite the gospel in Haitian Creole to the victims of last weeks devastating earthquake. Dubbed “the Proclaimer” the audio-bibles broadcast “digital quality” and is designed for “poor and illiterate people” according to Faith Comes by Hearing, the whackjob outfit that is sending the bibles to Haiti.

  • writerman

    The Dutch Davids commission has recently published its long awaited report into Holland’s participation in the war against Iraq.

    It’s interesting that this report, compilied by trained lawyers, came to the conclusion that, basically, the Dutch government broke both domestic and international law by supporting the invasion of Iraq.

    What’s also “interesting” is how little influence this detailed report, which I believe has also been published in English, has been reported in the British or American media.

    One particularly interesting section deals with a “private” letter from Tony Blair, delivered by hand, in the run up to war, by the British ambassador to the Dutch PM for his eyes only, and that after reading it the letter was returned to the ambassador and no copy made for the Dutch archives.

    The Davids committee asked the UK government for a copy of the letter, but the request was refused. What was in that letter and why the secrecy? Will Chilcot ask for that letter?

    Another “paradox” relating to this whole conspiracy to drag the UK into war by stealth, is the extraordinary lengths the main conspirators went to, to keep their dealings secret and provide future “cover” for their crimes. If, If, they were so innocent, so credulous, so sure of the legality of their actions, it seems rather odd that they were so concerned with covering their tracks doesn’t it?

    One only needs to look at Jack Straw, his letters to Blair seem like a form of insurance policy for the future, to show that he had doubts about the policy and was only a loyal servant and not one of the core conspirators in the crime. But onece again the crucial weakness with the entire Chilcot enquiry is the lack of any competent cross examination of the witnesses.

    And another thing, Craig. Recently hacks like Rent a Tool and Cohen have alleged that there is no such thing as international law relating to war and no court, and therefore Tony Blair couldn’t have committed a war crime, because their is no law to break! What do you think about this line of argument and reasoning?

  • Anonymous

    Well what ever dream ya average american citizen had of democracy just saw the whole idea go down in flames as the Supreme Court rules that Corporation had political rights like citizens.

    Bang goes the cap on buying your senator, oh how our English politicians must be envious…..

  • ingo

    I agree with writerman, this dutch letter should be seen by Chilcot, after all the inquiry has no powers to convict or punish in any sense, so nobody has anything to loose letting these privvy councillors see such diplomatic exchange, well was it diplomatic if only Blair and the dutch PM saw it? Should the dutch PM be called to give verbal evidence about this letter?

    Was the war illegal if it was not declared,i.e. if nobody said we are going to war, was it a war in the sense of the geneva conventions or rules of war? don’t know but these lawyers can argue themselves our of any heap of shite.

    I’m not a lawyer, but would the Khmer rogue get away with having a go at civilian Thai’s because they have not announced their incursion and called it a war?

    Such arguments are spurious and should not count, because in any other behaviour, outside established law, where a third party is hurt, as Iraq’s civilian victims were, regress is given, no law would let the perpetrator go free just because his crime has not been ‘announced’ and hence it is not eligible to be judged by said law, or is it?

  • tony_opmoc


    That is the first I have heard of “a “private” letter from Tony Blair, delivered by hand, in the run up to war, by the British ambassador to the Dutch PM for his eyes only and that after reading it the letter was returned to the ambassador and no copy made for the Dutch archives.”

    I am intrigued as to why Blair used a letter. Maybe he considered it the most secure form of communication, but perhaps also he realised it was a highly important historical record, which could explain, if not justify his actions.

    The contents of the letter may reveal a real threat to the entire human race, that still exists, and is so serious, that it is still not safe for it to be revealed.


  • Steelback

    Bindon’s Trijicon sounds like another Templar outfit.Probably the logo everyone’s frothing loudly about because of its alleged “religious insensitivity” is the Roger Moore Saint logo!

    NZ has reacted with the utmost piousness and rectitude re-blatant offence caused to muslims they’re fighting in the Middle East-huff,huff!

    Those who say that the extent of Zionist domination in any given nation rises in direct proportion to its troop level commitment in Afghanistan are probably right.

    Bindon (d.2003,Cessna hit mountain scenario) was S.African and described in all the current hype as “a devout christian”.It’s bollocks-part of the company’s website sales pitch to the US hunting and shooting brigade.

    Bindon,like most S.African arms dealers, would have worked with the Mossad.The US Christian Zionist sects and the linked MIC assets are simply extensions of the Jewish Freemasonic conspiracy to foment civilisational war between muslims and christians for the ultimate benefit of the plan for world domination hatched over centuries.

    The Templars were enlisted into this plan for Ismaelite world dominion via christian versus muslim civilisational war through their contact with the Ismaelite Assassins sect.

    So if Bindon was a Christian so were the Templars!

  • tony_opmoc

    With regards to the content of the undisclosed letter, there are various possible scenarios to consider. The important point, is not that the threat is necessarily real, but that the highest levels of Government are convinced that it is real.

    My first guess is something that even I believed was real for a week or so, but am now convinced is false.

    It goes some thing like this.

    Message from Blair to Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister.

    “The evidence is now clear and irrefutable. Peak Oil is Real. We have less than 10 years worth of energy resources left, until Western Civilisation collapses into chaos. We have a very short window of opportunity now, to secure the last major oil resources in the World. Iraq is almost completely undefended and we can secure these precious resources in only a few days with minimum loss of life. The Iraqi’s will welcome us, as we will be freeing them from the tyranical rule of Saddam Hussein, who should be removed on moral grounds regardless of the critical position on energy supplies. We also have conclusive proof, that if we don’t take this action now, then China will. We will then either be totally under the control of China, or World War III will be far more likely which could result in the end of human civilisation.

    Love & Peace,


    Other scenarios will be considered ridiculous conspiracy theories from the realms of James Bond and other disaster movies…

    But here’s one…

    (this one may seem silly, unless you consider MAD – mutually assurred destruction via nuclear missile US VS Soviet Union – ref Dr. Strangelove – Humans Actually Do Some Incredibly Strange Things)

    Message from Blair to Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister.

    9/11 was not an inside job. It was a warning and a demonstration. All Western Governments have been infiltrated to the highest level, such that the real decisions are being made by an undisclosed foreign power. We were informed of what we had to do, but we refused and called their bluff. To prove their capability they gave us 9/11, but the real threat is much more serious than that and is very real. All major Western Cities are equally threatened, and the nuclear weapons do not have to be delivered by missile, but are already in place, hard wired and exceedingly well hidden. Until we can locate them all and disarm them, then we are forced to comply with their directives.

    Love & Peace,


  • tony_opmoc


    I recently saw an episode of The Saint made in around 1965 when I was staying at the in-laws and was bored. The acting was so completely atrocious that it was hilarious. It even featured some original flower power hippies.

    Now, whilst there are some real historical connections with regards to various ancient religious and power elites, some of which may still exist today, my view about the vast majority of them is that they are a load of old bollocks.

    The real evil twats over the last 100 years or so have virtually no Jewish connection whatsoever. They are quite clearly Anglo-American. You should read FW Engdahl’s “A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” and Pepe Escobar “Globalistan”.

    You can take your pick from all the religious nonsense and dream up any conspiracy you want. Some people believe the Pope is the real anti-christ, but you may as well believe its the bloke in Iron Maiden who’s also an airline pilot.

    Incidentally your link doesn’t work. It’s probably been removed by one of the posters here.


  • Jon

    Off topic – Craig, I should be interested to read a post on your thoughts about Obama’s “fighting talk” with the banks. He touches on the idea of separating domestic and casino banking, something I think you can gleefully point out you mentioned quite some time ago, and well before the UK media thought it was OK to broach.

    Apparently Osborne initialled followed suit and said that under the Tories a similar thing would happen, but today he appears to have retracted somewhat and he would “wait and see” what the international community decides. I am generally not a fan of shadowy theories, but someone does appear to have “had a word”.

  • glenn

    Jon: It looks like a re-implementation of the Glass Steagall act, introduced after the first republican great depression of the 1930s, which was caused very much by the same sort of speculation and gambling. It was repealed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, leading to exactly what we’ve got now.

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