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A national newspaper has put in a Freedom of Information request to the University of Dundee for the expenses claims of Court members over the last three years – precisely the period I have been Rector. Now why might they want to do that?

Personally, I only submitted any calims in the first six months when I was on my uppers and needed to claim travel and accommodation costs. Since I could afford it, for the last 30 months I have borne all expenses from my own pocket. So if anyone’s hoping for a scandal from me, they will be deisappointed.

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  • Jives

    Yeah but that’s how the bastards work…the smear process,guilt by insinuation,whispers and rumours…

    The odious little shits that they are.

  • Anonymous


    Apparently more scandal about to follow about the renting out of diner facilities at parliament to outside corporate interests.

    Patricia Hewitt’s name initially mentioned in conjunction with BT….

    Im sure more info will follow,…

  • glenn

    Private Eye reports in the 22/1 -> 4/2 issue that Patricia Hewitt spends (according to the parliamentary register of interests) 53 hours/month with Alliance Boots, BT and private equity firm Cinven. Of course, this does not interfere with her duties as an MP when she’s not plotting coups against the party leader.

  • crab

    MPs on modest salaries under strict expense scrutiny are more ready to influence and recruit by commercial interests.

    This financial squeeze on the supposed directors of our nations interests amounts to an attack on their livelyhood and status by much, much more wealthy peoples.

  • Abe Rene

    The poor fools ahould have read “Murder in Samarkand”, and then they wouldn’t waste time on someone who as scrupulously honest about such things as yourself!

  • ingo

    Who are the other copurt members and what is their opinion of this FoI request?

    Secondly, can we find out, via a freedom of information request if necessarry, what the Newspapers editors and top journo’s expenses were? and publicise it, off course.

  • writerman

    Welcome back, Craig. I was beginning to worry!

    Anyway, over at the Information Clearing House website there is an extraordinary piece about the Christmas, underpants bomber, sourced from a Congressional inquiry.

    It reveals that the bomber was not only known in advance, but that he was allowed to continue his activities, because it was hoped he would lead them to more and bigger fish, something I suspected all along. I am very sceptical about these terror plots, most of the individuals involved are either entrapped, or nutters. Like the shoe bomber.

    What’s surprising is how such sensational revelations are filtered out of the mainstream media accounts, at the same time they are crowing over how loudly this particular barmy bird is singing!

  • George Dutton

    They tried this one on with George Galloway and found his expenses were ZERO.

    Of course they tried and failed to get him by other means/LIES. They never stop trying Craig…

    “Yeah but that’s how the bastards work…the smear process,guilt by insinuation,whispers and rumours…”

    “The odious little shits that they are.”

    Well said Jives.

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    Isn’t it nice that you are so well thought of that someone wants to do a hatchet job on you?

    I wouldn’t doubt your integrity in public office.

    Which newspaper?

    Why not FOI and find out.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Jives

    It’s pathetic really.They are terribly small,spiteful,weak,hate-filled,narrow idiots.

    They don’t like you Craig becuse they could never be the man you are and they hate themselves for it.This is what cowards always do:transfer their self-loathing onto others.

    No matter how trying and painful your fight these last few years has been always remember this:

    You’ll never have to be them.

  • Jives

    @ George Dutton

    Funny almost isn’t it George.

    Hewitt spent most of 70’s campaigning against Govt. phone tapping.She was tapped herself.Last few years she’s been spearheading the NuLabour mass surveillance RIPA process and now,it seems,she’s an non-Exec Director of BT!

    And,allegedly,providing very nicely for them-and her.

    How very very cosy,how very very NuLabour.

    How utterly fuckin’hypocritical.

  • mary

    I have BT broadband (more’s the pity until I get out of the contract) and laughed to myself when I just had to correct a typo in my e.mail address. I typed .con instead of .com

    I am posting this as it is relevant to the thread. I thought Jackboots Smith had gone but Postman Pat is just the same. It used to be ‘reds under the bed’ now it is ‘browns under the gowns’


    Terror police sent to universities

    Britain is becoming a police state, academics have warned after an MP announced that counter-terrorism officers were being stationed in universities identified as vulnerable to extremists.


    Kelvin McKenzie (ex editor of the Sun! that fine organ of the Murdochracy)recently said that no Muslim should be allowed to attend a British university. The demonisation is ongoing.

  • George Dutton

    “how very very NuLabour”

    “My review was excluded from dealing with issues under investigation before 20 July 2009 by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards or at any stage by the Police; nor has it dealt with tax aspects, which fall to HM Customs and Revenue.”…


    “House of Commons Members Estimate Committee”…


  • Hatari


    Take it as a compliment that you are a focus of attention. You must be ruffling a lot of feathers with your comments and authoritative blog. Since your information can not be refuted, word must be out to discredit you. So far you have stood up very well to all scrutiny and intimidations so keep the good fight.

  • writerman

    In a functioning democracy the Murdoch empire would be broken into pieces, because the concentration of so much power in the hands of one man, and the ability of that man to effect the politics of country he isn’t even a citizen of, is an scandalous affront to the concept of democracy.

    On the other hand, if one instead lives in a Power State, then it’s perfectly justifiable and the natural way to conduct affairs.

  • Rob Lewis

    I don’t believe newspapers can file FOI requests. Only individuals.

    So, who told you your expenses were the subject of an FOI request? And if what they say is true, how did they know that the request was for a newspaper? When was the request made? How has it been handled? And why have you only been told about it now? Further, why did the university not contact you for permission to release the information without the individual having to invoke the FOI act?

    (I’m not suggesting you share the answers to these things: just food for thought).

    I would suggest you ask to find out who exactly has made the request (there’s no other way you’ll know). I’m 100% confident you’re legally entitled to know. You could, for example, file an FOI request yourself. But a tiny part of me suspects you’ve just been bullshitted by someone at the uni who objected to your claiming anything at all.

    Either way, somewhere along the line you’ve made an enemy or met an idiot, or both.

  • Rob Lewis

    Sorry – just reread OP and saw the request was for all court members (Dundee uni has a court?). Still think the FOI claim is political uni bullshit to discourage expenses claims, but perhaps less focussed on you and more on members generally. Depends who has been told about it. Would be intrigued to know if I am right.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    You effectively gave up a well paid career on principle. That is a clear example to me you are worthy, honest, brave, reliable and truthful. I will support you and stand up for you – you are my hero and the reason I am here.

  • Martin

    I meant to say before Craig, you use the sub heading sleaze for some topics.

    Personally that seems to make light of the problem and should be given its real name, i.e. Corruption.

  • Frazer

    Cool. If you make headlines in the News of The Screws a bottle of bubbly to your door. This could get interesting.

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