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18 thoughts on “Sorry Folks

  • Control

    Great news Craig.

    Can you give us a hint as to the book? Is it your autobiography or fiction?

    What the subjects of the documentaries?

    Hope your problems with the Estate agent are overcome.


  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Good Luck Craig – You are gathering strength – sorry for this – but important.


    Gordon Brown was tasked with setting up a US styled Council in 2007 with a public facing statement that the council would give the British public a clear understanding of the “truly frightening” extent of radical Muslim activity in Britain. The Council would also reverse the ‘ad hoc’ security ‘get-togethers’ of the previous Blair led government and NOW prepare FORMAL notes of the meetings and subsequent decisions.

    Brown however had little enthusiasm for the agenda forced on him by Bush/Obama/NSA criticism of Britain’s depressingly low key security agenda having lost the humiliating ‘war’ in Southern Iraq and losing another in Afghanistan. More importantly(in the ears of the elite), was Israel’s bellowing voice that Britain had become an “incubator of extremism and an exporter of terrorism.”

    The Council under Brown met just three times, while William Hague stood fuming on the side-lines at Britain’s military and world status decline.

    In May this year, 2010 Cameron regenerated the ‘broken’ NSC under the ‘advice’ (or direction) of former JIC chairman Sir Peter Ricketts KCMG.

    First thing on the agenda was a plan to restore public confidence in the intelligence agencies eroded by Mr Blair’s case for war in Iraq. Ha!

    TO APPEASE THE BRITISH PUBLIC the publication of a new security strategy will follow essentially based on the work of Lord West, a former admiral now serving as security minister, who has been carrying out a wide-ranging review of Britain’s ability to withstand a major terrorist attack. (watch out!!)

    Critically the Council must win “hearts and minds” of the British public while in the dark corners of GCHQ and SIS the plan to attack Iran moves forward with Mr Hague plunged immediately into the process of trying to get the UN Security Council to agree new sanctions.

    This British government is tasked with building British society to forget Iraq and prepare for the US and/or Israel attack on Iran’s nuclear plants.


  • Richard Fife

    Fine. Looking forward to the fruits of all that. I had otherwise been expecting a comment on the new coalition Foreign Secretary’s announcement of an inquiry into British collusion in American torture practices; or, to put it more concisely: Craig Murray Wins!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Does anyone need access to Prince Andrew, by any chance?

    I cannot believe that someone has been fooled again by that News of the World sting reporter. One wonders whether it may be because like drag queens the sheikhs of the ‘Gulf’ region are themselves parodic and so it’s difficult to tell the difference b/w a real and a panto sheikh.

    The motto? If approached in a Mayfair street by a man dressed in sheikh’s costume, run very fast in the opposite direction. It’s either Mazher Mahmood or Sasha Baron Cohen.

    Good luck, Craig, with all your projects. But remember, if ever you need access to any member of the Royal Family, just contact you-know-who and ask for ‘The Duchess’.

  • Abe Rene

    I’ve seen the video of the sting operation on Fergie. Amazing. As Bertie Booster might say ‘I say, that’s hard on the blighters trying to buy HRH’s attention now, the Duchess might not believe them. These rotters from the tabloids have queered the pitcher for everyone else!’

    The following conversation might take place with a mysterious lady called Ms S:

    Second Stinger: ‘Hello, I’m a businessman and I wish to see Our Mutual Friend about an important business arrangement. I’ve got a deposit of $40k and a fee of £500k’.

    Ms S: ‘No can do, my dear man. the Press have been beastly to me, simply beastly. The rotters have to be taught a lesson. So as of this day, the deposit is $100k, and the full fee is £1 million. Remember, I didn’t say that.’

    S.S.: ‘OK, perhaps I’ll try and go through someone else instead, like (whisper).’

    Ms S: ‘Now let’s not be too hasty. I was just cross, you know. Tell you what, let’s make it $60k deposit, and £750k for the fee.’

    S.S. ‘I dunno, I’ve only got $40k in this briefcase. Suppose we say $40k deposit and $600k for the contact?’

    Ms. S. (grin) ‘Okay ja, hand it over. And don’t forget to pick up the tab for this room, our meal and the taxi back to the airport!’

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I guess it’s just like a drug deal in lowtown-anywhere: blue blood is the drug, Fergie (“I’m so aristocratic, isn’t it fab? I need money, I need money, I need lots of money!”), the dealer and the panto-sheikh, the punter. Do they also shake hands in that odd way, the way that allows them to transfer drugs from palm-to-palm?

    She’s just selling her labour, like the average hooker and like most of the rest of us. Not that’s we should in any way feel abl to identify with these people. They exist on a different level entirely from the vast majority of us, their soap-operas are just that. The reality is much worse.

    Yet, at the risk of elevating the simple corruption which is the operative norm at this level, this farce is more serious than many, as it hints at the underbelly of backroom deals which go on at the highest level and also raises the question of what exactly does (the “whiter-than-white”)Prince Andrew do and how might it relate, for example, to matters like Saudi Arabia and BAE or those odd bombs which went off in Saudi Arabia some years ago and which some British businessmen were arrested for – big fuss – but about which then everything went quiet. Prince Andrew was sent to smooth things over. The SIS may have been deeply involved in the dynamic. Remember?

    So, on one level, it’s just a juicy story and Fergie fulfilling her panto role as the clumsy sister, the symbol of greedy 1980s, Hardy to Diana’s Laurel, but look for a moment beneath the surface at the darker matters on which the News of the World will not be likely to be shining its light…

    There’s another song which might not be on YouTube but it’s really accurate. I’ll try and find it. Meantime, here are the Fab Four!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Which leads us on, in joyous, esoteric fashion, to the notoriously ligitinous ‘Magic Alex’, John Alexis Mardas, of one-time Beatle fame. Remember him?

    Suffice to say, search the web, looking for King Constantine of Greece.

    Also of interest might be the ‘Greek Colonels’.

    Also, ‘security’ and ‘Belgium’.

    Please note that I am not suggesting that any of these words are linked to any of the other words, simply that it might provde amusemnet on a chilly Spring morning.

    It’s akin to a game of Scrabble. When you can’t write in sentences, you must play with blocks.

  • Abe Rene

    Suhayl: “like most of the rest of us.”

    Not in my case, I’ve above that sort of thing. Sell contacts in high places (if I had them, I should be so lucky) for £500,000? Not on your life! What an outrageous suggestion. Some of us have standards, you know. ONE MILLION And Not A Penny Less! Think I’m cheap, or what?

  • Abe Rene

    PS. I hope I wouldn’t accept such a bribe for one million either, indeed not need to.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Abe, have some ermine, do you…? You sell me ermine, I give you good price.

    Oh, and throw in a couple of car-mats, would you, there’s a good man.

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