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67 thoughts on “Wake Up Nick Clegg!!

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  • Jon

    Larry, regarding your response to Suhayl, yours is more disingenuous rubbish. It has become clear that Israel organises paid and volunteer ‘information armies’ on the internet, to try to influence public opinion or at least cast FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) on the opposing side. You are, presumably, aware of this already. Some of said armies presumably do it for the lucre, some because they are passionate about the Zionist (or whatever other) cause.

    I don’t know Suhayl personally, but his is consistently one of the most lucid – and least disruptive – voices here. Your is, again, deliberately awkward and looking to pick a fight. Please at least +try+ to engage constructively. It isn’t hard, even if you disagree with most folks here.

  • ingo

    Hallo Nick…..

    He’s still asleep, best not wake him up, he’s got a lot to dream about and we would not want him to stop coalescing now, or would we?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “You are, presumably, aware of this already.”

    Why? Because I get paid by Israel to post here?

  • Jon

    Err, no – just because you read the news. You are, I think, reasonably well-read, and so would be likely to know this already. I include a link in case you weren’t aware of it (the Guardian in the UK is regarded, in mainstream circles at least, centre-left, but the story is I think corroborated across the media).

    I am not specifically of the view that you are paid to post here, but if you would like to explain what you +are+ doing here, I would gladly listen. My views about you appearing to be intentionally disruptive are, sadly, unchanged.

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