Mavi Marmara: Footage Hidden From the Israelis 176

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.

Lara Lee managed to hide this footage from the Israelis when they confiscated all the evidence from passengers. This video shows plainly a bloodstained ship before any commandos boarded, and that the passengers were not teroorists preparing for a fight.

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176 thoughts on “Mavi Marmara: Footage Hidden From the Israelis

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  • duppyconqueror

    I worked in a morgue for 3 years.

    that is not paint on the walls. it is blood. half a pint of blood looks like 10 pints as it flows everywhere. paint doesn’t.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    MJ – ha! That’s a good one! A good satire.

    Larry, you do enjoy playing hard-to-get, don’t you? What a tease you are.

    The raven must’ve been an ornithological terrorist sent by the late, unlamented Bin Laden. Or maybe it was an FBI raven.

    Yes, the NW is beautiful, so I’ve heard. Enjoy the rest of your sandwiches. Perhaps you ought to spend less time at your computer and more out in the open air, feeling that Pacific breeze and opening your mind.

    On which note, here’s a song for everyone. The great John Cipollina, live. If one could play guitar like this…

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    Israel: 144th place

    Score: 3.019

    Israel’s score improved in 2009, leading to a rise of 2 places to 144th in the 2010 GPI.

    A fall in fatalities associated with external conflicts in 2009 reflected a much more peaceful year on the Gaza and Lebanon fronts, with a tense truce holding between the Islamist group, Hamas, (which has controlled Gaza since June 2007) and Israeli forces.

    Easing domestic tensions also triggered a drop in the likelihood of terrorist acts and a sense of lower levels of criminality in Israeli society.

    Nevertheless, Israel remains in a formal “state of war” with its northern neighbours, Syria and Lebanon, and relations remain tense with much of the Arab world and Iran, with an ongoing risk of further military conflict with Hamas or Hizbullah, the Lebanese Shia group.

    Israel’s GPI measures of internal

    conflict and relations with neighbouring

    countries both receive scores of 4, unchanged from last year.

    Partly offsetting these improvements

    are an increasing likelihood of violent

    demonstrations, amid Palestinian anger

    over the continued construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which were endorsed by the new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. There was also a substantial fall in the level of respect

    for human rights to a score of 5, although this indicator refers to 2008 and so includes the incursion of the Israel Defence Force into Gaza ?” a conflict that resulted in an estimated

    1,417 Palestinian casualties (official Israeli sources put the death toll at 1,166) and 13 Israeli fatalities.

    Military expenditure rose marginally to 7.3% of GDP although the GPI score remained unchanged at 3. The IDF is highly capable and sophisticated

    and Israel remains a major manufacturer of arms; exports rose in 2008-09 according to the most recent figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, further contributing to a very high score for Israel’s measures of militarisation.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Golding – Children of Iraq

    I think Israel should have been given a Zillion more points for being, lying, hypocritical, mass-murdering psychopaths.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Military expenditure rose marginally to 7.3% of GDP’

    Did they count the billions GIVEN to Israel for militarisation by the USA ?.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    After the grovelling arse licking by Tony Blair during and after his Tuesday meeting with the criminal Netanyahu, his sister-in-law Lauren Booth, gave him an arse kicking after Blair went on Channel 10 and agreed he supported the Israeli action to murder the occupants of a supply ship heading for Gaza.

    “Gaza is a concentration camp,” she fumes. “Why am I using an inflammatory term? Because underplaying the situation in Gaza and being sensible has done them no good at all.

    “That’s not the same as mincing with the truth ?” it’s that the situation there has been underplayed for too long.

    “Gaza isn’t a prison ?” a prison is somewhere guilty people go, somewhere people are locked up for the good of society.”

    “Sixty-one per cent of the population there are children. They are not prisoners, they’ve had no due process ?” it is more like an internment camp.”

    “They are being tortured for their race or, the latest excuse, their political opinions. That ?” under the Oxford English Dictionary definition ?” is a concentration camp and I want people to be shocked by it, I want them to see the civilian life there.”

    “If they cannot escape, they’ve got soldiers around them, people keeping food from them ?” what else is it?”

    Good on ya Lauren – you can come for tea anytime.

    I wonder if Cherie agrees with her?

  • McIntyre

    “Actually, I’m in Seattle, you fucking insane moron”

    “Liberal Larry” Chomstein himself. He who thinks he can satirize the American ‘left’ and entertain very-low-IQ right-wingers with references to JOOOOOOOOS and FREE RUBBERS and his own testicles. Not a subtle bone in his body.

    So this is where you came after Bush left office. Got tired of doing the garden and watching the TeeVee. And you’re not in Seattle either. You’re in California.

  • MJ

    “And you’re not in Seattle either. You’re in California”

    How do you know that?

  • MJ

    Is this true Larry? Personally I don’t buy it, having looked at that site. But I could be wrong.

  • sandcrab

    uh oh what slander! The true larry bin louis will be furious when he sees this.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    I have to admit that I’m lost. Is that typepad site supposed to be my site?

  • angrysoba

    “Yes, the absence of the ship’s name in the appropriate place is a bit of a giveaway, ditto the absence of the huge Turkish flag draped down the side. Note too that in the Israeli video the aid-workers attempting to repel the attack are wearing balaclavas; I haven’t seen a single balaclava in the footage shot from onboard the ship.

    It’s probably a video of an Israeli rehearsal/training exercise.”

    I think this is just more paranoia. There are a lot of ships flags billowing around on the deck of that ship but none of the designs on them can be read or seen. It seems more likely to me that the cameras don’t pick up such things but instead pick up depth. Anything painted on a flat piece of canvas just wouldn’t show up whereas the contours of the ship and the people would.

    I don’t know anything about that kind of technology though.

    It looked like they were wearing gasmasks, which we definitely know some of the activists were wearing. I don’t know how you can dismiss the fact that some of them may have worn balaclavas also. We also know from various other videos and photographs that there was fighting with sticks and knives so if it was faked then they predicted the fighting with seer-like accuracy.

    Anyway, is anyone from the flotilla actually accusing the IDF of having faked the video?

  • McIntyre

    Larry is a neocon-supporting, Zionist-supporting, gay-bashing, liar, who thinks he can write satire.

    He considers himself above all of you and intellectually above Chomsky. He will deny being the author of BlameBush, that monument to right-wing ‘humour’.

    More likely, he’ll do an Israel on it and neither confirm nor deny. Watch his language carefully.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Actually, the Chomstein site is quite funny, in a Jerry ‘Gobshite’ Sadowitz kind of way, though I am not implying that Sadowitz shares the politics of Chomstein.

    Deliberately, it both exudes and relishes the receipt of insults and is of course extremely rightwing. Ultimately, of course, it is a crass loudhailer for US imperialism.

    Of course, the rub with such purveyors of humour is that they are using Swiftian tactics (and so, supposedly-anarchic, Yippie-style linguistic tactics) in order to reinforce, rather than subvert, centres of power and ultimately, to bolster oppression and mass murder.

    But I like perusing such places, as they allow me an insight into the contemporary ‘Id’ of Empire. Thank you, ‘McIntyre’, whoever (and wherever) you are.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Larry is a neocon-supporting, Zionist-supporting, gay-bashing, liar, who thinks he can write satire.”

    Do you dolts still think that’s my site?

    Gay-bashing? Hah!

  • McIntyre

    Never mind. I think we’ve sorted it all out on the “So This is Self Defence?” thread.


  • Trifon Atanassov

    My compliments for your bold action in protecting video record and it public presentation of the video in full length and unedited! I would like to establish communication between us and give little more information about other problems (some quite serious from this present here in dramatic case Mavi Marmara).
    Trifon Atanassov
    [email protected]

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