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  • StefZ

    and before some apologist for premeditated murder on the high seas tries to blow off the previous link with some evasive waffle about pissant jealous Brits here’s the link to the Liberty Veterans web page


    …not a red coat in sight

  • AbeBird

    Brutaly???? The “peaceniks” passangers offered the soldiers their rope climb up the deck of ship.

    it was legal action of Israel. Keep your heart well, Europans, because islamization is at your door step.

  • AbeBird

    Arsalan; Anti Semites losing their head while at pressure. It’s nice to see the British Muslims at pressure.Arsalan, check your blood pressure. “Zionists are not Jews”? So, do Terrorists not Muslims? I wonder !!!!

  • AbeBird

    Courtenay Barnett;

    * Is all that gibberish ‘history’ of the conflict you c&p is your way to “Fight for Peace” ? Or maybe your statement “For Peace Loving Peoples of the World”?

  • AbeBird

    Ian M; It’s not Sweden Yet. Only some hundreds stupid “working class” dumb mob. No any “trade and cultural boycott is beginning to happen”, because if you will be devoted to your promise to boycott Israel’s goods you will have to pull out from your computer all the devises that enable you to attack those who created them!!!!

    Law breakers, even if they call themselves ‘peace activists’, are not allowed breaking the law. They better write down their False-tinian proPALganda on their blogs!

  • tony_opmoc

    I would just like to say that the very best Foreign Ambassador I have ever met in my Life is Spanish.

    She not only makes friends with absolutely everyone in her gorgeous authentic Spanish accent

    Learning English as she goes along making new friends…

    But she knows our friends so well, that she knows what our friends are thinking of and getting very close to do doing…

    And = well she is the fastest cleverest ambassador I have ever come across

    Craig Murray does quite well too…

    His Words Are All Over The World.

    I do notice these things

    I will go back to my other computer now and not annoy you further.

    Love & Peace,


  • tony_opmoc

    Some people never cease to amaze me about their kindness, intelligence, and self sacrifice for others. They don’t think about themselves, they just do the good thing that needs to be done because they could never even think of not doing it.

    How’s Rachel Corrie?

    I mean fucking hell, that took some balls


  • AbeBird

    Courtenay Barnett; Does the United Nations Charter applies, from all state and communities in the world, only to Israel?

    Any way, rewriting history won’t help your cause! You say: “700,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from what is today Israel.” Let leave aside the Real numbers of fleeing Arabs, they sure WEREN’T Expelled. Approximately 620,000 Arabs, encouraged by their leaders to leave, fled from what is now Israel between April and December, 1948. The Arab leaders promised them that they would soon be able to return following Israel’s destruction. In some cases the Jews, including Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, urged the Arabs to remain, promising that they would not be harmed. Those who remained became full and equal citizens of Israel, while those who chose to leave went to neighboring Arab states. Instead of welcoming their Arab brothers, and integrating them into the mainstream of their societies, the Arab states kept them in squalid refugee camps and used these Palestinians refugees as political pawns in their fight against Israel.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Hilarious that you can’t stop mentioning the USS Liberty ?” like 911, all of your arguments have been answered.

    Can anyone answer why the IDF soldiers didn’t shoot anyone else on any of the other boats, including the Rachel Corrie?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    So, AbeBird, even if one accepts your analysis – and I don’t, I think it’s being used in a propagandistic manner, drawing-on selected sources and selected quotes and ignoring many others, so that only a part of the picture is revealed rather than the whole; this is not to say there is not some truth in some of it, esp. the criticism of the neighbouring Arab regimes, with which I entirely agree – does this justify the continued oppression of the Palestinians and the denial of their human rights?

    Many Jewish people in the world didn’t actually want a ‘Jewish State’ until the 1940s and the Holocaust of Jews committed by states and peoples in Central and Eastern Europe, yet no-one now would doubt the strong feelings of nationalism which many Israelis feel. One could quote numerous pieces of evidence re. this process, too. Someone mentioned Einstein.

    Personally, I am suspicious all nationalism (though I acknowledge that as with certain anti-colonial and Scottish nationalisms, it can be a progressive force at times, for a time). But it is inaccurate to support – and not question – one, while disavowing the existence of the other.

    Anyway, the old Golda Meir thing won’t work anymore; wake-up, Palestinians exist and they call themselves Palestinians and the UN has recognised this for 35 years or more. At its heart, then, yours is a pointless, dead argument.

  • Arsalan

    For the rest of you, Capo were Nazis of Jewish descent. They treated real jews worse than the other Nazis.

    Zionists sided with Nazi Germany, because genocide was the only way they could think of, of forcing Jews to go to the bastard state they were trying to create.


  • Apostate

    The lesson of the Liberty attack-and don’t forget one of the veterans fell into Israeli hands after the flotilla massacre-is the lengths Israel knows it can go in relation to its US sponsors.

    Former BBC journalist,Alan Hart,who’s just finished a trilogy on Zionism,go to his website, was in the region in 1967 covering the Six Day War.He believes that the US did not believe the undertakings the Iraelis had given not to broaden their war against Egypt by attacking Jordan and Syria as well.

    The US had advance knowledge naturally of the Israeli plan to launch a pre-emptive attack on Egypt.

    Thus the most sophisticated spy satellite ship the US Navy had was pressed into servive in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    When the attack on the ship begun and alerted US ships in the zone were on their way to defend it and rescue survivors from the protracted Israeli assault-which included the prolific use of napalm-LBJ and MacNamera recalled those ships not once-but three times.

    They were willing to see those US seamen and their ship go to bottom of the ocean rather than admit to the Israeli betrayal to which they had fallen prey.

    The parasitic Rothschild/Lobby apparatus wielded such power then as now within the US administration that the decision had been taken to cover up the whole event.

    Most readers will be aware that both Jordan and Syria WERE subsequently attacked by Israel and ceded the West Bank and Gaza to Greater Israel.

    When Sharon infamously dismissed the very idea that the US should rein in Israel he was quite serious about the extent to which the masonic statelet (with its links to the CFR,elite policy groups and control of Congress) could easily brush aside the US if it had the temerity to defy Israel’s will.

    Seen in conjunction with various other racial supremacist statements made by Israeli leaders since 1948 no-one should be in any doubt that Israel sees the attack on other regional sovereign states leading to WW3 as a price worth paying.

  • Freeborn

    As far as I am aware there has not been much attempt in the British media to cover the extent of Turkey’s outrage at the flotilla massacre.

    To rectify that here’s PM Erdogan’s denunciation of the massacre which he links with the terrorist attack on the Turkish Iskenderun naval base that occurred almost simultaneously.


    Curiously enough Seymour Hersh is one of many reporters who’ve linked the PKK and related Kurdish militia groups with Israeli/US destabilization ops in Iran as well as Turkey.


    No doubt about the Anglo-US synarchy

    plans for a new major conflagration.

  • Steve

    Hello Craig,

    I love you site, so far the best read since this terrorism began.

    I don’t know if any one is aware of this but on friday in Dublin, Ireland. I was part of a small group of protesters that “blockaded” the Zionist Entity Embassy.

    The Zionist in there usual fashion said “Due to an illegal violent demonstration the Embassy will not open today as usual.”


    “A Garda spokesman said the protests were peaceful, no arrests had been made and that the situation was being monitored.”


    Well its a bank holiday here on monday but we shall continue our “blockade” on tuesday.

    I mean if the zionist can “blockade” Gaza for fear of cement getting to hamas, then well I think we are justified in thinking the zionist may try and commit more passport fraud at the embassy.


  • Zionist Troll #3 Codename "Bob Marley"

    “I was part of a small group of protesters that “blockaded” the Zionist Entity Embassy.”

    Dear me! It’s getting more and more like Iranian State News.

  • Arsalan

    Bloody hell,,, the Zionists must be getting desperate or we must be doing something very right. Have you counted the number for trolls here?

    We usually just have one or two. maximum which we ever had is three. Look at all the new ones who have come since the genocide on the boat!

  • Abe Rene

    doug scorgie: I think we may agree quite a bit. People don’t deserve to be jailed simply for belonging to a political organisation, especially one which has been allowed to take part in an election. Nor should stone-throwers be regarded in the same light as serious criminals. There appear as you say to be hundreds wrongly deprived of liberty, who have not taken life, (including those kidnapped by the IDF) and Israel should release the lot, as far as I am concerned.

    Gilad Shalit is a soldier, and I don’t regard his use of a weapon, even if he did so under orders, in the same light as someone who plants a bomb in a cafe. So he should gain freedom as well, as I see it.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Remember I made that prediction at the very start of this episode? It proved my point, really. Some people on these threads do seem to want to discuss things, but most of the very obviously pro-Israel ones clearly do not. And of course, Old Goriot is still with us, too.

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