I Decide To Join the Establishment 36

Somebody posted two parcel bombs. Grave threat to western civilisation. Our basic principles are at stake. They hate our freedoms. Biggest threat since World War 2. Islam incompatible with democracy. Yemen is the new Afghanistan. Eternal vigilance needed. More tanks required at airports. Fighter plane escort for passenger planes is a rational answer to parcel bombs. NATO may need to invade Somalia. Torture in Saudi Arabia vindicated by this tip off. Israel is our stoutest ally.

Will that do? Where do I get the money?

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36 thoughts on “I Decide To Join the Establishment

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  • ingo

    Sorry, yoiu forgot that little bit about yemen being a thorn in the eye of the beholder, The house of hypocrissy Saud.

    What is found in the mountains ofr yemen? more oil and gas? gold?

    Or the future of organised state terrorism, supporting the established noblesse noblige as we know it?

    If you have joined the establishment, you have to ditch the Lib Dems and join the hard core fraternity.

    They all know you, you know!

    israel seems to become the Lib Dems stoutest ally as well, jeremy Browne seems to have butt-plugged himself into Netanytahu’s personal ambiguity

    memory, releasing it as required by the great masters of the universe.

    Ah, gouly goings on eh, who would have known what Halloween is good for some thirty years back, today you can hide a horse behind it, almost anything will disappear if you smatter it with a bit of witch dust.

    One big whoosh from some ‘concerned witches’ and the BBC believes anythin’.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Heh Alan – btw Craig Murray likewise accused me of being a Secret Agent Man because I posted at – what the thought was – a curious time.

    He seems to operate on a Reverse Occam’s Razor basis.

    Sleeping disorder? No way.

    Job that requires availability in different time zones? No way.

    Secret Agent Man? Absolutely. After all, it’s the explanation that requires the MOST assumptions. Like, for instance, he’s so important that the intelligence systems of the world need to target him on his blog.

    Never-ending laughs here.

  • ingo

    Larry, you can tell us if you wanna be the boyfriend of a butch married German heterosexual man, no need to use the News of the world, or take pounds and shekels from some sordid outfit just because you wanna come out and like the CfI’s.

  • technicolour

    You know, despite the evidence of the infiltration and surveillance of CAAT, among many, and the latest announcements on Indymedia UK, it would be far more pleasant to think that our public resources were being spent on combating corruption, say, or violence.

    But in fact I hope Larry and alan campbell are being paid. Otherwise, why aren’t their friends and families trying to help them?

  • Anonymous

    yeah Larry from ST L got confused with the paper that mentioned Thermite in the dust, he thought they mentioned Marmite?

    Hes been perplexed ever since

  • Larry from St. Louis

    That thermite “paper” – are you once again bringing up that you don’t understand the concept of peer review?

  • Alfred

    “Somebody posted two parcel bombs. Grave threat to western civilisation. ”

    What’s with everyone, about bombs on planes? It’s a damn sight more hazardous crossing the road than taking a scheduled flight anywhere outside of Africa. Every year forty thousand Americans die for the automobile industy and practically no one gives it a thought.

    Let’s have some realism. The odd planeload lost to a lunatic with an explosive jock strap is simply the price we must be prepared to pay if everyone is to get on with their business. Even, with that risk, flying’s much safer now than in the early days of jet airliners when Comets were discovered to disintegrate spontaneously in midair and Boeing 707s routinely dropped engines in mid-Atlantic.

    And air travel in those days must have been a Hell of a lot safer than traveling by stage coach in the days of Dick Turpin and James Whitney:


  • KingofWelshNoir

    More to the point Craig, you’ve still got plenty of contacts inside the establishment, what do they think of all this? Surely they know as well as anyone on this blog that this latest terror hysteria is pure garbage?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    In my opinion, from the information available to me, it seems likely that the blogger in question would benefit from a prolonged period of assessment and treatment undertaken by a multidisciplinary mental health team.

    He expresses aggressive impulses directed against individuals and exhibits some degree of paranoid ideation, as well as possible elements of thought and body image disorder. There appears to be some measure of temporal disorientation. There are as yet no first-rank symptoms of schizophrenia. But that would exclude neither the presence of a loculated psychosis, nor second-person auditory hallucinations.

    However, the blogger in question poses no danger to others. Indeed, he is largely ineffectual, his Tourette-like ejaculations, inefficient and overburdened, it seems, with the repetitive structures common in the early onset of organic brain disease in those with already- compromised cerebration.

    Rx: Regular, three-weekly depot injections of depixol and the assignment of a Community Psychiatric Nurse, a Social Worker and a Nurse Practitioner specialising in Continence issues.

  • alan campbell


    You’ve already done your years as part of the Establishment. No doubt well paid for it too. If you’d really wanted to rock the boat, you could have done a Robin Cook in March 2003, but you didn’t. Maybe you’re more Clare Short?

    PS I met her once. Deeply unpleasant when drunk.

  • technicolour

    ah hah, he’s going for the organ grinder

    spec she didn’t like you much either, alan campbell, drunk or sober, but probably couldn’t be arsed to post ad hominem slurs about you on a forum. still, you carry on. makes you look big 🙂

  • Dick the Prick

    I’m gonna join the Rastafarians so at least i’d know which fake war I was fighting. ‘Pass the reefer, dude’ -‘yeah man’. Either that or the women’s institute – quality cakes and jams at very reasonable prices too.

    Taxi, pour moi?

  • Anonymous

    Nice retort Stupid from St Louise.

    Please, please enlighten me with your greatness and in one act of permanent enlightenment please read the paper and explain in your own words on why the science is errrrrrr false….

    Im waiting eminent scientist to here your explanation line by line, unless of course your gonna just point me to the popular mechanics response.

    Next your gonna tell me Office Terrance Yeakley comitted suicide (Oklahoma Bombing)

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Alfred,

    Your point is accurate and well stated:-

    “What’s with everyone, about bombs on planes? It’s a damn sight more hazardous crossing the road than taking a scheduled flight anywhere outside of Africa. Every year forty thousand Americans die for the automobile industy and practically no one gives it a thought.”

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    I feel sorry for Hanan al-Samawi, an engineering student at Sana’a University, had been arrested along with her 45-year-old mother, who was later released.

    Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s president, said the information that identified her was provided by the US and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Lyn DeWald

    Few people in the public sphere seem to have escaped the (rather amusing, to me) hysteria around this half-baked plot. Thank you, Craig, for being once again the voice of reason in the middle of a never-ending cacophony.

  • nobody

    Hullo Craig,

    Remember the Maine! Or more to the point, do you remember the Maine? How about the ‘surprise’ at Pearl Harbour? How about the cock-and-bull Gulf of Tonkin? Not forgetting of course the USS Liberty, the Lavon affair, and of course, those WMD’s in, um… which Muslim country was slated for destruction that week? It was one of them.

    The thing is they were all fake mate. As fake as a whore’s orgasm. But somehow you keep going back to that whore. You won’t let anyone tell you that the establishment (elected, spooky, or both) are sluts who wouldn’t know how to be real if they’re lives depended on it.

    And yeah, you perpetually point out the ordinary sex and the bad manners in bed etc. but deep down you still hold to the position that when they say they care about you, they mean it.

    Face up to it Craig. It’s ALL false. All of it, from the tiny squeals all the way through to the window rattling screaming.

    The shoe bomber, the underpant bomber, the liquid bombs, all fake, and obviously and comedically so. I could go on and on, and in this avalanche of bullshit there you’ll be with your face upturned waiting for a tasty morsel, and waiting, and waiting, before finally turning to us and wondering if it doesn’t taste ‘a bit faecally’.

    Wake up Craig. The whore doesn’t love you. That shit taste in your mouth really is shit. And this terror? Fucking hell! More of the same! Sure, of course – always this way.

    You’re like some arse-about Peter Pan mate. The most naive, hard-bitten, wide-eyed old hand there is, perpetually ready to take the spooks at face value until of course you realise, “D’oh! they’ve made it all up! Again! Why do I keep falling for the same old trick?”

    It’s a good question. Why do you?

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