My Russia Today Interview on Wikileaks 22

As usual I did numerous interviews today for international media but was invited to none at all for the British media. Sky News have just farcically had a spokesman for the ultra-right Henry Jackson Foundation and a US army Colonel “debating” the Wikileaks release and both condemning it.

Anyway here is a piece I did for Russia Today. As you can probably tell, my earpiece was giving problems and I didn’t actually hear the first few questions!


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22 thoughts on “My Russia Today Interview on Wikileaks

  • dreoilin

    “Sky News have just farcically had a spokesman for the ultra-right Henry Jackson Foundation and a US army Colonel “debating” the Wikileaks release and both condemning it.”

    I saw that. I had just woken up. What made it even worse was that after asking the question “Was Wikileaks right to release these documents?” (or words to that effect) they had “Yes” pasted up in the corner of Lt Col Shaffer, and “No” on that Pederson/Peterson (Henry Jackson Foundation) guy. But they were both condemning Wikileaks.

    Interestingly enough, I saw a video from Fox recently where same Lt Col Shaffer called the 9/11 report a whitewash. He wasn’t talking about an “inside job” but was saying that everyone involved in the 9/11 Commission was protecting someone else, and that material he furnished himself was never used.

    Here’s the video:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Craig, you come across very well.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I think Craig makes some excellent points during the interview – and likewise, I noticed no earpiece difficulties at all. Two that struck me as particularly poignant and key:

    1) The detailed exposure of the lie that the USA/UK et al didn’t know how many Iraqi civilian deaths were occurring. Orwellian lies. Murderous lies.

    2) These are US Army documents. In every aspect, therefore, the reality is likely to be 100 times worse than they reveal. So, take it, rip out euphemism and hot air, read between the lines, then multiply it by 100 and square it, and you may be close to something like the truth.

  • writerman


    You are not a slick media opperator, and I think this is part of you charm. It also shows that you are a real human being and not a clone, which in this day and age is a quality to be admired and nurtured.

    Years ago, decades actually, there was a slot on the telly on Sundays devoted to the examination of current affairs and great moral questions seen from a religious perspective. It was commonly called the ‘God Slot.’

    On a number of occasions representatives of the younger generation were invited to ‘speak for their generation.’ One of those who appeared on numerous occasions was John Lennon. Most people seem unaware or have forgotten that John appeared on these programmes. It seems like truly bygone age looking back. Sometimes I wonder if it really happened at all.

    What struck me about Lennon, as he debated with Oxbridge educated representatives of the establishment, mostly religious leaders; was how well he did for a musician from a Liverpool suberb who handn’t been to University or had an expensive, elite education.

    But what really struck me was his mad, reckless, death-defying, attempt to be honest and regain his humanity, in the crazed whirlpool of fame, excess, wealth, and showbiz, that he found himself inhabiting.

    This is what one has to strive for and remember. That honesty and the courage to see clearly is really the only weapon most people have, their only real power. The power to say ‘no’ and risk everything for it, and the hope that sometimes one can win and say ‘yes’ to a better and cleaner way of living.

  • crab

    To say you made the best of the “earpiece problems” would be an understatement Craig. You get the most salient points through the media haze brilliantly. The ones Suhayl notes above, which ive so far missed from other reports and discussions.

  • Scouse Billy

    We need Nuremberg style trials to assuage the disgrace of the Anglo-Saxon nations.

    If the Nobel Prize hadn’t been devalued I’d have liked to see Julian Assange receive the peace prize.

    Good interview, Craig.


  • Larry from St. Louis

    Thanks dreoilin for bringing up the American right-wing Able Danger bullshit.

    Why do you people continue to dirty this site with the fantasies of the American right?

    Anthony Schaffer is an asshole.

    And 911 was not an inside job.

    Craig Murray, why is it that most people who come to your site believe that 911 was an inside job (i.e., the Towers were preplanted?)

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “It seems like truly bygone age looking back. Sometimes I wonder if it really happened at all.” writerman

    That’s because there has been a deliberate, sustained and internalised dynamic of historical and cultural suppression in the UK over the past 30 years.

    It’s called guilt.

  • buch leser

    The released documents show the daily life of the conflict, as U.S. soldiers have experienced it. In addition, it appears from the thousands threat analysis, attack reports and arrest records but also reconstruct exactly how has unfolded, the Islamic brother struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, how society brutalized, such as abductions, executions and torture of detainees routine was. Even activists from neighboring Syria, Iran and Jordan mingled the documents revealed in this war. It is shown again and again. A war benefits no one. Only the people suffer.

  • Not Larry

    But Larry can you prove your assertions that is was NOT an inside job. Where is your evidence?

  • dreoilin

    Larry is an idiot who can’t read.

    “He wasn’t talking about an ‘inside job'” — I said.

  • MJ

    Where is your evidence?

    As the 911 thread shows, the spambot is unable to answer that question. It doesn’t have the code. It just produces random characters with “right-wing US nutjobs” nestling somewhere within.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    MJ, the evidence points to the fact that it is highly likely that 19 Arab Muslims acting on the guidance of bin Laden and others did 911.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    People, people, don’t let the trolls divert you – marginalise them by studiously ignoring them.

    It’s like fire and oxygen. Starve a fire of O2, it goes out.

    “A war benefits no one. Only the people suffer.” Buch Leser


  • Anonymous

    Larry do you contend that termite/thermate was not contained in the residue of the dust from the tower?

    Please because the science has been peer reviewed!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I repeat… let the trolls argue with one another (or perhaps, with themselves) on the 9/11 thread or better still, elsewhere.

    Subject: Systemic economic war, rape and mass murder.

    Primary Victims: Civilians.

    Primary Criminals: Our rulers (note, I did not say, ‘leaders’).


  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Please because the science has been peer reviewed!”

    Obviously you don’t understand peer review.

    Publishing a “paper” in a vanity publication, in which one simply pays $600 to have a few copies run, is not peer review.

    Now why on earth do you think that the therm*te claims were peer reviewed?

    And, if the science has been peer reviewed, shouldn’t you know whether it’s thermite or thermate?

  • ingo

    Ahh, our very own resident ‘not at all gay’ Mossad-netzki, something that hangs around like a dingle dangle, or a bad smell, is gracing us again with his personal favourite.

    If you carry on like this Larry you’ll end up convincing us that 911 was a Mossad job, so many postys on this subject makes this a little OCD, don’t you think.

    If you want to talk about your favourite issue, why don’t you piss off to where it is discussed, Larry.

    Oh. Just in case you feel up to it this monday, we do not mind you coming out here…. on the blog that had you banned, but, in a fitt of humourous exaltation, kept you on. Craig likes people and hates dogs, so you are lucky that we kept you on as the pet amongst the poets. nice

  • dreoilin

    Arrah, cop yourself on, Larry. All you have in questions, never any answers. You have no impact here. Find something useful to do.

  • Annette

    A lot of respect for making that hard jorney on waighting pesonal risks and losses against the greater good. This reminds all of us of the big warm core inside which makes us humans no matter what nation we represent. Brits own the world quite a bit of that I am afraid.

    Great to see internet making us more human. You ma lost th som of Britan, but you found the world. Hope theright doors in that new big world are openning well. Ever feel down and need a hug, let us know.

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