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Let us assume for a moment that the parcel bombs sent to Jewish targets in Chicago were viable devices and this was a real attack by anti-Jewish, and probably Islamic, terrorists. There are other possible explanations, but it is not improbable this was a real attempted attack.

We are looking at low level, workaday terrorism. Parcel bombs were not infrequent in the UK in my youth, and the Unabomber caused extraordinary levels of alarm in the United States. Any loss of life is deplorable, but the scale of this threat appears to have been small.

It is hard to believe that a parcel bomb would have killed more than a couple of people – there have been a large number of parcel bombs used over decades, and they do not cause mass casualties. Now two or three dead or injured people is too many, but the worldwide media coverage is completely disproportionate to the threat – if they covered every two or three actually, not potentially, dead Afghans in this depth, they would never cover anything else.

It is of course possible that the media coverage was the aim rather than two or three unfortunate people in Chicago. The easy and extremely detailed tip off from the Saudi security services is very interesting. If publicity rather than death was the aim, that rather widens the field of people who might have been behind it.

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184 thoughts on “Workaday Terrorism

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  • somebody

    Steve I don’t know what you do for a living. Is is something that comditions you or requires you to accept the state crap?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Yes, McVeigh murdered children, and he did so on the basis of batshit crazy conspiracy thinking that you share with him.

  • Ruth

    I think it’s very odd the way Larry targets Roderick. Surely if Roderick were spouting rubbish then the best way to deal with it would be to ignore him. But Larry has to repeatedly go for Roderick. Why? Well I think it’s so obvious Roderick needs to be run down by the state specifically because he’s telling the truth. I’ve had and people I know who pose a threat to the state have suffered very similar treatment.

  • Apostate

    Will you guys stop disturbing suhayl!

    He like you has a very ltd. attention- span and is trying to finish Guy de Bord’s Society of the Spectacle.

    When he returns to the comment board I can assure you he will be a new man.

    He’ll literally be bursting to disseminate all he has discovered re-state-sponsored false-flag terrorism.

    Hey Cathouse and Campbell haven’t your shoe,vest,underpants and kilt detonated yet? Ring Larry Silverstein now! He knows the combination number for THERMITE detonator unlocking device.

    Failing your getting through. See you in Canada guys!

    Should you return safely from your mission Mr Silverstein would like you to post some lobsters to Providence,Rhode Island for him.


  • angrysoba

    “I read that the use of the phrase Arabian Peninsula is sanctioned by (S)Hillary Clinton rather than the usual Persian Gulf. This is designed to aggravate Iran.”

    No, the Arabian Peninsula is the Arabian Peninsula. Peninsulas are landmasses. They are bits of land that stick out into the sea. For example, the Iberian Peninsula which consists of Spain and Portugal.

    Now, I think it is true that people argue over whether the Persian Gulf is called the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf. But for the most part, the Persian Gulf is known as the Persian Gulf. It would perhaps be provocative of a US politician to call it the Arabian Gulf but I don’t think Hillary Clinton has done that.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    Roderick has mental issues. I’m doing him a favor by pointing out that he’s batshit crazy and he needs help. The government is not after him – he’s dreamed up a scenario in which MI6 or MI5 is after him because he quit his job and moved to Canada. Now does that seem likely?

    You, on the other hand, are encouraging a mentally ill person. I think you know that you’re doing this, which probably means that you’re a sociopath.

    As far as I can tell, Craig Murray gives absolutely zero credence to Roderick’s clinical paranoia. So, just like with 911, you keep coming back to a blog owned by someone who thinks that you’re a “conspiraloon”.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Somebody, just so you know, steve has written previously hereabout that he is a serving police officer. It’s very courageous of him to post on this blog. Thanks again, Steve.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The persistent and scurrilous attempt to attack Roderick Russell only helps to make his point for him.

    Mr Russell strikes me as being a very sensible, honourable, intelligent and hardworking gentleman who over a number of years has had real concerns about the impact on him and his family of causing irritation to the military-industrial complex.

    If one reads the story of journalist, Denis Lehane (not the famous US-based crime fiction writer! This one, who is from Ireland, has one ‘n’ in Denis), one would see that such things do go on in our countries. Lehane wrote:

    Dillon, Martin and Denis Lehane, (1973) Political Murder in Northern Ireland. London : Penguin.

    He’s now written another book, this time about his own experiences. He was labelled as ‘mad’ and ‘treated’ as such. All because he upset the security and intelligence services:

    ‘Unperson: A Life Destroyed’.

    It happens, folks.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Mr Russell strikes me as being a very sensible, honourable, intelligent and hardworking gentleman who over a number of years has had real concerns about the impact on him and his family of causing irritation to the military-industrial complex.”

    Obviously you were incompetent as a physician, Suhayl. You wouldn’t be able to recognize a distressed mental condition upon presentation. In other words, if confronted with a person whose evidence for state torture was a set of letters-to-the-editor and letters to MPs that he wrote, a normal, well-meaning doctor would quickly be able to figure out that the person in his care was not right.

    On the other hand, you would tend to believe him – I don’t know if it’s your lack of intelligence, or lack of other mental faculties.

    In any event, obviously you were always incompetent.

    I’m wondering Suhayl – because of your race, were you socially promoted at every level, only for you and the rest of the world to realize at the end of your social promotion that you simply lacked the ability to perform like the others?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    commendable post, and with respect predictable as my long term Naval friend is in the Met and shares your beliefs, but, I’m not sure the device was sophisticated, which I’m sure Suhayl ‘somebody’ has picked up on. An image showed the electronics to be a late ’80’s TV tuner.

  • Ruth


    Why do you attack Roderick and Suhayl in such an underhand way? This isn’t really quite the norm in civilised society though it is a tactic used by intelligence services.

    What’s holding you back from treating me in such a fashion? All you call me is a ‘sociopath’ or a ‘conspiraloon’. Come on do better.

  • technicolour

    Because he’s a prejudiced obsessive and a bully?

    I’m going to request that he’s banned for both, if this carries on. In fact, isn’t he banned already?

  • crab

    Maybe one in hundred, very ambiguous use of the words “as such”. If not i would go for 19 out of 20, as per the scanners spec.

  • Roderick Russell


    Re: Larry from St. Louis at October 31, 2010 9:43 AM – As others have also commented over the last year, Larry the Liar is a professional troll whose job is to SMEAR anybody with a message that his client’s don’t like. In my case I am a whistleblower ?” I am complaining about the intelligence services. Here is the URL of an article that describes our experiences with MI5 and MI6 in the UK, and CSIS in Canada. This article – “Spooks, Lies and Threats: Canada’s Shameful Cover-up” ?” also links to a more detailed report.

    Have a look at other people’s examples of Zerzetsen on pages 17 to 20 of the more detailed report that this article links to. Also note that that there are recordings of death threats in police hands, significant independent witness testimony to verify, and documentary evidence of our government’s cover-up conspiracy. Copy and paste the URL and see for yourself.

    So Larry, if you’re going to smear, why don’t you provide your contact details; why do you always hide behind anonymity ?” or would your MI6 client object?? Bare in mind that I am a whistleblower who has opened a real can of worms for the intelligence services, and that it is normal practice for them to resort to SMEARS (using bottom feeders like the Larry Team) when they otherwise cannot answer the questions raised. Look at the article for yourselves.

  • crab

    We dont know the reliability of the intellegence report that there is only one terrorist on the plane -no specs for that :p

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Roderick: “independent witness testimony to verify, and documentary evidence of our government’s cover-up conspiracy.”

    Sure, but what’s your best piece of evidence?

  • Ruth


    Come on. I’m waiting for you to smear me.

    ‘Craig Murray called you a conspiraloon.’

    Well, it’s just not good enough.

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Do you all cross-dress at Legoland? Is that part of the necessary enhanced positive vetting procedures? ‘Note: Must be a cross-dresser’. How do you tell a genuine cross-dresser from a fake one? Does the latter wear a hair vest underneath?

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