While I Was Away 183

Here are some brief comments on events while I was busy biographing:

Prince William to wed Kate Middleton

I really don’t give a fuck. Have you noticed he is strangely getting less bald? They’ll both be middle aged and ugly before they come to the throne. Or hopefully not.

Coalition launch “Starve the feckless” scheme

Multiple orgasms at the Mail, Express and Telegraph at launch of amusingly impossible policy guaranteed to increase crime rate.

Demonstrators trash Tory Party HQ

I don’t really approve of riot as people get hurt. But the only thing that makes me angrier than the tuition fee increases, are the NUS leadership hacks who support New Labour who brought in tuition fees in the first place.

Interesting moral conundrum as to whether pre-emptive murder of NUS executives can be justified. Looking at Straw, Clarke and Aaronovitch, it is certainly a debate worth having.

Possible voluntary reduction in London bankers’ bonuses from £7 billion to £4 billion and then £3 billion later. Anyone remember why the public finances are bankrupt? The bonuses are justified by record profits based on funding and administering government debt, which was incurred by governments borrowing to give to the bankers. What?

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  • somebody

    Watch out everyone. Mrs Merkel is after us.

    Germany Warns of Planned Attacks


    There has also been an arrest in the Midlands today. This BBC report has a photo of the statue on top of the courts of justice (holding the sword and the scales) to accompany this report!!

    17 November 2010

    Man charged with soliciting murder over Iraq war blog

    Bilal Zaheer Ahmad was arrested on 10 November

    A man has been charged with soliciting murder in relation to a blog listing MPs it claimed voted for the Iraq war.

    Bilal Zaheer Ahmad, 23, of Dunstall, Wolverhampton, was also charged with other offences under the Terrorism Act, West Midlands Police said.

    Mr Ahmad will appear before City of Westminster magistrates on Wednesday.

    He was arrested on 10 November and officers seized computer and electronic equipment for examination after searching his home.

    Mr Ahmad was charged with soliciting murder under the Offences Against the Person Act.

    He was also charged with with three counts of possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

  • Anonymous

    @Andrew – what did Fitwatch post that the police believed needing taking down?

    @Shoddy Handbags – I was under the impression that Straw was something of a left-wing radical during his tenure in the NUS leadership, yes. But then that would be nothing surprising: Charles Clarke was a communist in his younger days, and look at the reverse somersault he managed!

  • Jon

    ingo, yeah, I keep getting that. Sometimes it works even if the save-comment crashes, sometimes it doesn’t. Would you let Craig know?

  • Jon

    ^ although it worked first time without crashing this time!

    It is worth copying any blog comment to the clipboard before submitting – I do as a matter of course, every time, every website.

  • ingo

    He’ll be checking the forum later so I presume, Jon, no need for alarm yet, but it looks like we have some monkey on our back.

    This site needs dragging into the 21st century, some decent gate keeper software, sadly I’m crap at stuff like this, give me a chisel and a lump of stone anyday.

  • somebody

    There has been a terrrrrrrrism arrest today in the Midlands.


    Watch out. Merkel is after us.The very fascist Mrs Merkel is at it too. Note how the BBC catalogue the ‘previous’ for emphasis.

    17 November 2010

    Germany tightens airport security over attacks threat

    Extra security measures will remain in place until further notice, the interior minister said

    Related stories

    UK travellers warned over Europe

    Germany closes 9/11 plot mosque

    Germany foils ‘massive’ bomb plot

    Germany is increasing security at airports and railway stations in light of “concrete indications” of terrorist attacks being planned for the end of November.

    Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it followed a tip-off from another, unnamed country.

    Germany had information on “sustained efforts” by Islamist extremists to carry out attacks, he said.

    He said the extra security would remain in place “until further notice”.

    “There are grounds for concern, but not for hysteria,” Mr de Maiziere told a news conference in Berlin.

    The federal police force has been ordered to step up checks at airports and train stations, he added.

    Yemen connection

    Mr de Maiziere said Germany had received a tip-off after two parcel bombs were intercepted en route from Yemen to the United States last month.

    Terrorism linked to Germany

    October 2010: four German Islamists killed in US drone attack in northern Pakistan, believed to be part of a group which vanished from Hamburg in 2009

    August 2010: Hamburg mosque linked to 9/11 attacks closed down on suspicion it is again being used to foment extremism

    March 2010: four men jailed for planning explosions and attacks on US soldiers in Germany

    2006: Moroccan student in Hamburg, Mounir al-Motassadek, convicted in connection with plotting the 9/11 attacks

    One of the bombs was despatched via the German city of Cologne but was intercepted in the UK.

    The Yemen plot showed “the adaptability and the persistence of terrorists in pursuing their aims,” Mr de Maiziere said, and also underlines “the reliability of some leads.”

    Germany would not allow international terrorism to constrict its way of life or liberal culture, he said.

    Last year, twelve militants vanished from Hamburg, some to resurface in Northern Pakistan where at least one, but not all were killed in an American drone attack.

    Some of the new security measures would be clearly visible, Mr de Maiziere said, but others would not.

    The BBC’s Stephen Evans, in Berlin, says a month ago, Germany was dismissive of American warnings of attacks. That feeling has now gone.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    CheebaCow at 2:42pm, granted. But being cynical for a moment, it seems likely that this is because for the US ‘Christian’ Right (and indeed for the various imperial regimes of the West in general), supporting ‘Human Rights’ in Burma serves an instrumental purpose, much as it does in Tibet. And as it did in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, etc, etc. Basically, they will oppose anything that is supported by China, or anything which they think might contribute to extending US power against China.

    That’s not to say that one ought not to support human rights in Burma, of course. One must. It’s just that imperial or other elites (whether American, Russian or Chinese, or whatever) are highly selective about the causes they support – and that that support is never, ever, given for anything other than wholly selfish reasons and with hypocritical ultimate goals.

    Yes, ingo, there is most definitely a monkey on our backs, and there has been for quite some time. In fact, there is probably an entire family group.

    Jon, good on you for joining the demo!

  • tony_opmoc

    I realise I kind of disgraced here, but I think this entire Nazi thing is on the cusp of being turned around…

    I think The Fascists have gone one step to Far and Even The “sleeping” Americans are in complete disgust…

    I of course add my contriutions.

    tony_opmoc [Moderator] 37 minutes ago in reply to bird48

    As strange as it may seem, my wife and I have been completely O.K. with being completely Nude at loads of Beautiful Places In The World – Most of Which We Got To By Via Aircaft….

    We don’t have a problem being Nude in Appropriate Places, but when I was 8 years old, I had to go into hospital for an emergency operation (I slag doctors off – but in this case a Doctor saved my life (It Killed My Granddad)

    Whilst I was slowly recovering – I became constipated – you know really hard….

    Yes she was really pretty lovely and kind…and she said to me sorry Tony – but I really have to do this…

    It was the most painful think I have ever experienced…..

    When I got older I felt really sorry for homosexuals having to get their pleasure by having a penis stuck up their bum….

    And this was just a pretty blonde nurse I was complaining about

    There is No Way I Am Having a Big American Bloke Sticking His Fingers Up My Arse To See If It Contains a Stick of Dynamite


  • tony_opmoc

    O.K. I have got the time, I am fit and healthy etc…And I am retired….and so I have the time to literally mix my ideas with people not just in the UK..but try and see at least a bit of the bigger picture…..

    I just wished I had also learnt several different languages besides Oldham, such that I could also explore the virtual world in other languages and other parts of the world…

    But whilst travelling no one has failed to understand me…

    And for the last 4 years or so, I have spent on average 2 or 3 days a week talking to real Americans – some of who’m “hide” behind a pesudonym – a login handle – and some of who’m don’t

    I again was asked to travel to California today….I have been asking her to come over to England for 3 years…sure I know she is completely nuts…but that isn’t the point – I was completely GENUINE in my Invitations To Her, and I Know She was completely GENUINE in her invitations to me….

    You see there is something completely weird about the Internet – The Number of People Who Actually Write Their Heart an Soul For The Entire World To See Is INCREDIBLY Small….

    Everyone else thinks they are doing it by describing what they had for Breakfast on Facebook

    And then you have goy websites like this, where my respect for the People who Host It is Overwhelming


    I’ll Fuck Off Now

    Got Things To Do Tomorrow


    Love 7 Peabse,


    (Got a New Keyboard Coming Tomorrow – This One All the Keys Are Rubbed Out – well actuall – it doesn;t come with a keypad – it comes with a UPS and a 3 Phase Supply and The Fastest Internet In The World – If what my lad is trying to pull off comes true….

    I said O.K. I will come with you. I won’t say anything -but I may take some photographs


  • Clark

    Don’t you go spilling your Old Speckled Hen into that keyboard, Tony – not if it has a three-phase supply! You’ll get done for causing an explosion, you know.

  • tony_opmoc


    Despite the fact that I hope to receive something that looks like an Apple tomorrow, I would like to point out the historical fact that my keyboard still works perfectly – it is just that some of the letters on the kets have been rubbed off….

    I have been bashing it to hell for nearly 6 years, and not spilt beer on it once…

    I both smoke and drink beer outside, and whilst it is a wireless keyboard, the screen is 46″ wide – and I can’t easily see it when I am getting stoned.


  • tony_opmoc

    And when I turned on the TV a week ago, and I recorded all the News Channels in High Definition….

    I went Oh FUCKING HELL

    And was of course searching for MY DAUGHTER – co she has got History…

    And Then She Phoned Mum

    No She Hadn’t Been Arrested Again – In Fact She Hadn’t Even Been There…

    She Had Got Started The First Day of Her New Job – and Was Full Of Herself…

    Now We be able to EAT

    (She is Sharing a House With Two Other Girls at University – They are All In Their Second Year. They Blew All Of Their Money In The First – Where They Had The University Looking After Them (Off Campus – But It Was Still Student Accommodation) This Is The Real World – where you have to collect Firewood – if You Want To Warm Up Your Home…

    Seriously – They Have Been Cut Off

    They Are Using CANDLES


  • MJ

    Mark: I’ve just watched the Fox News item you linked to earlier. Remarkable indeed, in a number of ways.

  • CheebaCow

    Suhayl –

    I understand your cynicism and I largely share it. However in this case, or at least with the US groups I was referring to, it is very much a grass roots community campaign and there appears to be little or no involvement of the elites. I remember watching a docco (not produced by the church) on one of these groups, it basically started with bake sales etc and then some of the people from the church flew to Thailand where they personally smuggled supplies across the border to the Karen rebels. The whole operation was done on a shoestring budget and the people were genuinely risking this lives to help.

    I think grass roots religious groups are capable of great kindness and humanity, and I like to share examples of this. The old ‘opiate for the masses’ line is much too simplistic for my tastes. Other examples of genuine progressive Christianity can be found in Liberation Theology and the anti-war Quakers. Now I suspect that the US groups helping the Karens is not as high minded as the LT’s and Quakers. I guess in the case of Burma it is conservative US Christians shouldering the ‘white man’s burden’ to assist fellow Christians being oppressed by an undoubtedly cruel regime. Still, they risk their lives to help others, I respect that.

    Obviously there is an overlap in the interests of the elite and US Christian groups in this case. However in this case I think they elites are happy to watch the US Christians do what they do and not really get involved because the elites just don’t care enough.

  • ingo

    Question to a lawyer.

    Is it possible for you to be told by a newspaper, who makes up a story according to what they receive from the Magistrates court, that you are fined by this court, without you or your election agent being informed about the fine?

    Further, the charges printed for all to see, are wrong, embellished by the council who wants to make you look like a twit, as their allegiances have been with one party for over three decades.

    Somebody is faced with this situation, Shall they appear before they even have been informed of the fine by the courts?

    Does a magistrate court have a duty to record all outgoing post? or can they just say they’ve sent it on such a such date?

    Is it normal practise to not inform you of a judgement against you, indeed can a court make such an order without you knowing of it being taken?

    Should this person appeal without knowingly having been informed?

    This person was a candidate in the general election and this is part of the ‘winners appreciation’ towards the loosing campaign of this accused candidate. The newspaper and other cservice providers such as the police in that town have all acted accutely biased favouring this incumbent MP and eating out of his hand.

    His sour grapes now resulted in the council taking this action, although with no word does it appear to look like this as the newspapers are all in his pocket as is the local sitting Lord.

    Should you not want to say on here, please send to [email protected], thanks in advance.

  • somebody

    This letter sent to William Hague at the FCO on 10th November 2010 signed by a Bishop and five other UK citizens has NOT been acknowledged or replied to.

    The Rt Honourable William J Hague

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    King Charles St


    SW1A 2AH

    10 November 2010

    The sentencing to death of Tariq Aziz, formerly Foreign Secretary to the Republic of Iraq

    Dear Mr Hague,

    We write as citizens of the UK and as fellow humans. We plead that you and your government seek clemency for this man who represented the interests of Iraq abroad.

    Our main reasons are:-

  • ingo

    Thanks somebody, I suppose by putting it up here its now an open public letter for all to see, thank you.

    We can merely hope and copceal our excitement as to the reply we will receive from young William.

    His allegiances are somewhat split and it would be opportune of us to assume that he is interested in what Iraqs judiciary feeds its pigs on, or whether this in any way can be traced back manifesting our gullible tail wagging past.

    He will have to reply, but for how long can Aziz hold out?

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