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The decision to put Julian Assange in a cell over ludicrous sexual offence allegations is a politically motivated act that must be resisted. Assange has never been in hiding from the police, and there is no reason at all to believe he would abscond if granted bail.

This is kompromat – the use of sexual allegations to denigrate a person perceived as a threat to the state. They did it to Charles Parnell and Roger Casement and, a lowlier case, to me. This is an article I wrote on August 25:

The Russians call it Kompromat – the use by the state of sexual accusations to destroy a public figure. When I was attacked in this way by the government I worked for, Uzbek dissidents smiled at me, shook their heads and said “Kompromat”. They were used to it from the Soviet and Uzbek governments. They found it rather amusing to find that Western governments did it too.

Well, Julian Assange has been getting the bog standard Kompromat. I had imagined he would get something rather more spectacular, like being framed for murder and found hanging with an orange in his mouth. He deserves a better class of kompromat. If I am a whistleblower, then Julian is a veritable mighty pipe organ. Yet we just have the normal sex stuff, and very weak.

Bizarrely the offence for which Julian is wanted for questioning in Sweden was dropped from rape to sexual harassment, and then from sexual harassment to just harassment. The precise law in Swedish, as translated for me and other Sam Adams alumni by our colleague Major Frank Grevil, reads:

“He who lays hands on or by means of shooting from a firearm, throwing of stones, noise or in any other way harasses another person will be sentenced for harassment to fines or imprisonment for up to one year.”

So from rape to non-sexual something. Actually I rather like that law – if we had it here, I could have had Jack Straw locked up for a year.

Julian tells us that the first woman accuser and prime mover had worked in the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC and had been expelled from Cuba for anti-Cuban government activity, as well as the rather different persona of being a feminist lesbian who owns lesbian night clubs.

Scott Ritter and I are well known whistleblowers subsequently accused of sexual offences. A less well known whistleblower is James Cameron, another FCO employee. Almost simultaneous with my case, a number of the sexual allegations the FCO made against Cameron were identical even in wording to those the FCO initially threw at me.

Another fascinating point about kompromat is that being cleared of the allegations – as happens in virtually every case – doesn’t help, as the blackening of reputation has taken effect. In my own case I was formerly cleared of all allegations of both misconduct and gross misconduct, except for the Kafkaesque charge of having told defence witnesses of the existence of the allegations. The allegations were officially a state secret, even though it was the government who leaked them to the tabloids.

Yet, even to this day, the FCO has refused to acknowledge in public that I was in fact cleared of all charges. This is even true of the new government. A letter I wrote for my MP to pass to William Hague, complaining that the FCO was obscuring the fact that I was cleared on all charges, received a reply from a junior Conservative minister stating that the allegations were serious and had needed to be properly investigated – but still failing to acknowledge the result of the process. Nor has there been any official revelation of who originated these “serious allegations”.

Governments operate in the blackest of ways, especially when it comes to big war money and big oil money. I can see what they are doing to Julian Assange, I know what they did to me and others (another recent example – Brigadier Janis Karpinski was framed for shoplifting). In a very real sense, it makes little difference if they murdered David Kelly or terrified him into doing it himself. Telling the truth is hazardous in today’s Western political system.

There are a couple of things to add. The lead complainant is a serial crier of rape who made allegations against someone else which were found groundless, and has published a guide to sexual revenge over men. She consulted with the second complainant before the second complainant went to the police; these are not two unrelated complaints. The second one relates to a Swedish offence of not wearing a condom.

This from Danish WMD whistelblower – jailed for two years for whistleblowing – Major Frank Grevil:

Comparison of crime statistics between the three Scandinavian countries,

which have historically a highly similar societal structure, gives the

remarkable result that the incidence of sexual crimes is about ten times

higher in Sweden than in Denmark or Norway. Usually Sweden’s higher

proportion of unassimilated immigrants from first and foremost islamic

countries is blamed, but it would seem to be only a minor part of the

explanation. Rather, political instructions to the police seem to be the

major reason!

Critics maintain that Sweden has turned into a gynocracy, with some of the

most hateful female politicians – front figures for a party called

“Feministiskt initiativ”* – having publicly declared that male fetuses

should be selectively aborted, and all adult males castrated!

In such an atmosphere of hate, the Swedish police has been instructed to put

all alleged crimes of even the most remotely sexual character under the

statistical heading “rape”. This includes consenting intercourse between

teenagers with the female part being slightly under-age. It also includes

consenting intercourse where the female part was drunk.

So whoever initiated the plot to go for Assange on Swedish sexual charges knew what they were doing.

I am not a fan of radical feminists. They are hate filled individuals whose very souls are ugly. They seem particularly fixated with causing trouble to political radicals. Anyone who knows the real story of the Tommy Sheridan debacle knows that. They succeeded in alienating me from the Stop the War movement

Now, very much more importantly, they are gunning for Julian Assange at a crucial time for democracy. Silly little girls.

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  • Vic

    I wasn’t aware that Sweden had turned into a fascist state. My memory of it was always as a society of equality and freedom. I suspect Julian Assange had thought the same.

    How wrong we both were.

    There’s a very close relationship between feminism and fascism and of its current manifestation in Sweden you can read more here:

    It’s quite telling that these feminists who run Sweden have turned it from the most famous equal and free society in the world to a fascist backwater.

    Be warned.

    Democracy and due process are essentially male values, I’m afraid.

  • Anonymous

    The unfortunately named Judge Riddle, in gaoling Assange, claimed that one factor guiding his decision was that Assange would be safer in gaol from those who would do him harm.

    To which one can only say- pull the other one (The case of Billy Wright in Long Kesh springs to mind).

    And the other argument that, as a foreigner, he is more likely to abscond, is disregarded in criminal cases every day in the London courts.

  • Tom

    You wonder are these American criminals living on the same planet as the rest of us.

    5.30pm: With perfect timing an email arrives from Philip Crowley at the state department:

    The United States is pleased to announce that it will host Unesco’s World Press Freedom Day event in 2011, from 1-3 May in Washington, DC.

    Ironic? Read the next paragraph from the press release:

    The theme for next year’s commemoration will be 21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers. The United States places technology and

    innovation at the forefront of its diplomatic and development efforts. New media has empowered citizens around the world to report on their circumstances, express opinions on world events, and exchange information in environments sometimes hostile to such exercises of individuals’ right to freedom of expression. At the same time, we are concerned about the determination of some governments to censor and silence individuals, and to restrict the free flow of information. We mark events such as World Press Freedom Day in the context of our enduring commitment to support and expand press freedom and the free flow of information in this digital age.

    Shameless. You really could not make it up.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Read the post you linked to about the STWC and it’s contempt for HOPI. I support the STWC in general and i’m a member but some of them do seem to be a bit naive about the Iranian government and e.g take it’s news channel Press TV as being a “balancer” against the bias in the BBC, Fox News etc. Unfortunately it’s no kind of balancer, because it just churns out propaganda from the Iranian government, just as Fox does for the right in the US. George Galloway, who i respect on most things, is making a big mistake by working for Press TV. It gives his enemies ammunition and makes him look as if he’s supporting the Iranian government, which, while it’s not quite so bad as the Saudis or Mubarak in Egypt, is pretty damn bad and a long way from a democracy.

    A lot of the STWC also seem to be extremely touchy about any debate of their viewpoints and policies. If you give your own point of view and it doesn’t perfectly accord to theirs they can get unreasonably tetchy about it sometimes.

    It’s a big organisation and the people in it vary of course – overall i’m grateful to them for organising it and think they generally do a good job, though they could do even better if they’d listen slightly more.

  • Jake Turner

    One of the absurdities of modern liberalism is the way radical feminism, which is deeply authoritarian, is conflated with women’s liberation.

    You only need to consider the contradictions between feminists’ support for women’s right to choose what to do with their own bodies in abortion, and their patrician attitude to strip clubs, porn and prostitution to see the philosophical vacuity underlying the whole business.

    Radical feminism made mainstream is a danger to liberal democracy. Ironically, its success in going unchallenged is largely down to male chivalry.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Interesting about Sweden, Craig, I didn’t know about that aspect. As I understand it, the original prosecutor had dropped all charges, but some other prosecutor in a different city (this is astounding) decided to raise them again, or some others, or some such hocus-pocus.

    Of course, as you suggest, they will use anything and if they have nothing, they will invent something out of thin air, something that is difficult to refute, difficult to disprove.

    I like it – ‘Judge Riddle’ – sounds like the title of a Prince Buster ska song! So where, one wonders, is Judge Dread? On that logic (of imprisoning someone for their own safety, as in a Deep South beneficent sheriff/lynch-mob drama starring Gregory Peck and Sidney Poitier), perhaps they should consider permanently imprisoning most world leaders! Let’s start with Tony Blair, shall we? Someone ought to write a quick ska song!

    Yes, absolutely, it’s Kompromat. It’s shameful. It’s obvious. They are pathetic and the world sees that they are pathetic. Idiots. Good.

    Now, where are the demonstrations?

  • Anonymous

    Didnt we let Pinochet off

    Wasnt there that high faluting Russian (Rich) girl who got bail and absconded after mowing down a killing a cyclist?

    Haven’t we just let Blair of war-crimes

    Didn’t we let god knows who of for aiding and abetting persons for Torture

    Will we arrest Mrs Clinton when she arrives in Britain for spying on the UN against the UN Convention?

    Just as longs as were being consistently inconsistent!

  • Roderick Russell

    Of course it’s Kompromat. The timing is just too obvious. What is particularly disturbing is not just that supposedly democratic governments are trying to set Mr. Assange up, but that all too often the media is supporting them.

    Of course it’s Assange’s disclosure of information from the US government that tells people facts that, as Suhayl Saadi said, they have “systematically been lied to about” – that is his real crime. Let’s take a couple of examples of lies from the Canadian and UK governments that are now blown, thanks to wikileaks.

    Take the reported allegations, by Canada’s former Intelligence Chief, that CSIS (***Canadian Security Intelligence Service***) does practice a form of **no-touch torture in Canada**. Disclosing this sort of information is a huge public service that all Canadians should have the right to know. Though their victims (and the establishment’s censored press) have been well aware of this for years, up till now, the Canadian Government has consistently lied to hide the truth. Click on my signature to view details.

    Then take the now blown myth that a special relationship exists between the UK and USA that allows UK Diplomats to punch above their weight in diplomatic terms. We now hear that the US not only regards this self serving “special relationship” myth, that the FCO has been spreading for years, as a bit of a joke, but furthermore a joke that could (perhaps has ?” Iraq??) be used to manipulate British foreign policy. Wikileaks and the US diplomats who drafted the leaked cables have done democracy a huge favour; though one that the media should have been doing all along.

  • dave FF

    a quick repost ..

    For those interested in evidence, Counterpunch has a number of very interesting articles . Alexander Cockburn, Paul Craig Roberts, and this one on the IRANIAN MISSILE THREAT by Ray McGovern – extracts : —-

    “To its credit, on Dec. 1, the Washington Post decided it had to be a tad more honest


    “Experts cast doubt on Iran missile cache” was the headline of a surprisingly contrite article placed above the fold on page one, no less! Post writers John Pomfret and Walter Pincus laid out so many problems with the U.S. side of the case that attentive readers are likely to have reacted with the same incredulity as that displayed by the Russians regarding the missile claims


    “There is no indication that the Musudan [the “missile” paraded by the North Koreans on Oct. 10] is operational or that it has ever been tested,” the Post article noted. “Iran has never publicly displayed the missiles, according to experts and a senior U.S. intelligence official, some of whom doubt the missiles were ever transferred to Iran. Experts who analyzed Oct. 10 photographs of the Musudan said it appeared to be a mock-up.”

    There is an article by Gareth Porter, Dec 1, giving more detail .

    The NYT is a serious offender :—

    If you’re a Times editor who knows it’s smart to go with the flow, don’t forget to post the missile-parade photo in color on the Times’ Web page, making the menacing missiles seem even more dangerous, dripping with bright red blood-color paint on the payload tips. Yes, and give it a scary title, say, “Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea.”

    NYTimes: Case Study in Creative Writing

    “Consider this: The Times had several weeks to get the “long-range missiles from North Korea” story right, or at least to include the doubts from missile experts. But authors William J. Broad, James Glanz and David E. Sanger decided to cherry-pick the evidence within one WikiLeaks-released cable to highlight one version ?” the version U.S. officials were pushing with their Russian counterparts who, the same cable makes clear, didn’t believe them.”

    Paul Craig Roberts is particularly interesting on the Hilary Clinton ‘Identity Theft’ possibilities by obtaining all possible personal info on UN and other agency officials.

    Many thanks to Julian Assange!


    This particular case could be an example of SAVING LIVES…

  • Lucretius

    He’s not against war…

    He hates the 9/11 truth movement…

    He has no info about the Bush or Obama White House…or the Federal Reserve Bank…or Goldman Sachs (but he is helping take down Bank of America)…

    His “leaks” paint Pakistan as a threat and foreign politicians the CIA doesn’t like as jerks…

    He believes Osama is alive…and probably in Pakistan…

    Everything else he “leaks” is stuff we all already knew…

    The mainstream media loves him…

    The right wingers love to hate him and are using him as a justification to censor the Net…

    Yes, its the second coming of Christ.

  • Vronsky

    Hopefully this will not be prophetic:


  • glenn

    The squeeze is certainly on Assange. As Glenn Greenwold put it:

    —start quote

    “Whatever you think of WikiLeaks, they’ve never been charged with a crime, let alone indicted or convicted… They’ve been essentially removed from the internet… Their funds have been frozen… Leading politicians and media figures have called for their assassination, their murder, to be labeled a terrorist organization,” attorney Glenn Greenwald told Democracy Now on Tuesday.

    “What’s really going on here is a war over control of the internet and whether or not the internet can actually serve what a lot of people hoped its ultimate purpose was, which was to allow citizens to band together and democratize the checks on the world’s most powerful factions.”

    —end quote

    I’ve cancelled my mastercard, Paypal and Amazon accounts. I suggest anyone with such accounts will – at the very least – call these organisations and tell them they’re going to be losing business.

  • alan campbell

    Yeah, these bloody women with their breasts and nice long hair leading us crusaders for freedom astray. The sluts.

  • alan campbell

    Yeah, these bloody women with their breasts and nice long hair leading us crusaders for freedom astray. The sluts.

  • alan campbell

    Yeah, these bloody women with their breasts and nice long hair leading us crusaders for freedom astray. The sluts.

  • alan campbell

    Yeah, these bloody women with their breasts and nice long hair leading us crusaders for freedom astray. The sluts.

  • alan campbell

    Yeah, these bloody women with their breasts and nice long hair leading us crusaders for freedom astray. The sluts.

  • alan campbell

    sorry about that. the repetition not the comment.

    “where are the demonstrators?”. No one cares outside of the blogosphere and N1.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    He didn’t criticise all women though alan – just some especially extreme feminists – i wouldn’t have used the term ‘radical feminists’ as there are plenty of feminists who are radical and have a valid point without hating men or demanding that all leadership positions should be held by women (which is just swapping misogyny for misandry)

  • Duncan McFarlane

    You’re also wrong that no-one cares about the witch hunt against Assange – people all over the world care. It’s blatantly obvious that they couldn’t get him for leaking, so they used trumped up sex charges to try and get their hands on him and to damage his reputation if they can’t.

  • Freeborn

    The true provenance of WikiLeaks is the Silent Weapon for Quiet Wars elite mind control strategy.

    It’s another Weapon of Mass Distraction. SWQW works with diversion of the public attention as a key strategy. The simplest means of securing a silent weapon is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other.

    Like the pied piper our gatekeeper host uses the WikiLeaks silent weapon to lead the gullible and intellectually impaired sheeple down the road to mental slavery.

    We gaze awestruck at the fortitude of self-designated “whistleblowers” like Murray, Ritter and-most improbable of all-Julian Assange! We marvel at their martyrdom on our behalf and the sordid depths to which the establishment will go to discredit them.

    Silent weapons like WikiLeaks will win if we allow ourselves to be distracted and infantilized by following the pied pipers.

    Wake up before it’s too late,saps!

  • Clark

    Suddenly there was a flash! We couldn’t agree what kind of thing made it, except that it was called WikiLeaks. Suddenly, forces that had seemed independent or even opposed were converging on the source of the flash, with weapons; it was clear that they didn’t want any more flashes.

  • Ruth

    If you just consider that Assange’s arrest is just a government fix up, then I believe you are completely wrong. I’ve said many times smearing a person, setting them up on false charges and even imprisoning them is a frequent occurence in the UK for people posing a threat to the government. Equally I know of cases where government agents/participating informants have been jailed to hide their roles.

    There have been calls for something to be done about Assange and the outcry may become much stronger if the next lot of revelations does actually cause damage possibly financial damage. In this case people would expect Assange to be arrested and charged and a trial to follow. But if Assange is an intelligence operative this might reveal too much.

    So if he’s being actively engaged on another unrelated charge, then the WikiLeaks’ accusations would have to wait.

    As Suhayl pointed out there’s something odd about the dropping of the charges and the raising of them again.

  • Apostate


    My Arse!

    Watch Richard Grove. He’s a whistle-blower who will help you find the research tools to see through the disinformation that’s out there:

    Watch 7/7 Ripple Effect by the guy who’s just been quietly extradited to Britain from Eire:

    These guys ARE whistle-blowers. The others are sayanim.

    Wake up you dumb-arse saps!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Duncan McFarlane,

    I completely disagree that Iran is ‘a long way from democracy’ and ‘Press TV is ‘no kind of balancer.’

    Iran is a democracy in a strict sense because people participate in the government. I also believe that equality, freedom and justice exists in Iran’s society on a scale compared to ours. In order to gauge a point on that scale, consider the illegal genocide in Iraq by Britain and America, consider the apartheid in Israel and the treatment of Gazans, consider the torture and rendition of innocent terrorist suspects and as a complement, consider the treatment of the British Naval personnel who entered Iranian waters; consider the treatment of whistle-blowers as clearly described here by Craig and consider the pervasive ‘gynocracy’ witnessed recently in Sweden.

    When I was allowed a chance to express my views on torture to George Galloway on PressTV (they phoned me back and I timed out) I felt a sense of deep admiration for such journalistic freedom. Such freedom was plainly apparent after Hassan Ghani of PressTV submitted his report on the Gaza flotilla carnage after being detained by Israel.

    I apologise for such pointed remarks Duncan and I hope you reach a position where you can reassess your judgements that seem to centre on propaganda and a view that suggests a somewhat gullible and naive anti-war movement.

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