Confused of Accra 8

Jerry Rawlings’ office has today put out a press release accusing me of publishing a series of “scurrilous” articles about his wife, aimed at damaging her electoral chances. This is being carried widely in the Ghanaian media.

This is strange to me because I have written no articles in the Ghanian media for years, and have not written anything about the Rawlings for over four years. Possibly someone is reproducing (without my permission, and in breach of copyright) some old material, or someone is writing pretending it is by me. But I am certainly not interfering in Ghana’s election in the way suggested.

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8 thoughts on “Confused of Accra

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Craig,

    I wouldn’t worry about it Craig.

    Tell Jerry that I said that you are an honourable man and did not do any such thing. If he has any further issue with you – direct him to my Chambers.

    Next topic Craig.

  • YugoStiglitz

    Just wondering how you reconcile your absolute faith in Ray McGovern with the fact that you’ve (correctly) labeled 911 truthers as “conspiraloons.” He believes the Bush administration orchestrated 911. He also has a history of making wildly inaccurate predictions, on the Alex Jones show and wherever he appears. How can you take that goof on his word?

  • Courtenay Barnett


    You showed a video where McGovern was a point in error.

    Subject to correction, you now multiply his error, seem to ignore the fact that he was highly resepected at what he did – then set out to turn all of this on Craig.

    As regards the 9/11 point, I observe that there are many people who hold views on both sides of the fence:-
    1. Some see the US government’s/Israels’ fingerprints on the
    9/11 tragedy.
    2. Some who do not see the US government’s/Israels’s
    fingerprints on the 9/11 tragedy.

    Now, if a person honestly applies his/her best analytical and intelligence capabilities and comes one side of the fence or the other – so what?

    To put this all in very human terms. I differ with my wife on a number of issues. However, we hold together based on core sets of values and beliefs. In the realms of global and political affairs – are two honest human beings not entitled to hold honestly held different views on some issues – or – aren’t they?

    Over to you.

  • Ernest Opong

    Funny Rawlings is railing at his being maligned by Craig. He must ask John Kufuor how he feels as he goes round the world denigrating the honorable man. Like Courtney, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Rhisiart Gwilym

    For Craig — and Yugo:-

    ** Conspiraloons, hey YUGO?

    I take it that you’re not familiar with the current — and still growing — body of hard, high-quality evidence that rubbishes the official conspiracy fairy-story comprehensively, and at the same time makes it clear that the alternative explanation, of an Inside Job/False Flag operation, is by far the most persuasive — in the real world, that is, rather than in the dumkopf cartoon world of the Western corporate-media propaganda machine.

    I take it also that, when invited amicably to take a detailed look at, and a sensible discussion of, that evidence, as compiled by several thousand (sic!) architects, engineers, professors of physics, professors of chemistry, military and airline pilots, other military experts in highly relevant disciplines, retired professional intelligence analysts, and on an on, through a whole gamut of sane, intelligent professional practitioners in relevant fields of expertise…

    I take it that, when invited to engage with that body of evidence, you’ll do what the rude, scoffing, know-nothing denialists usually do — which is to run for cover without even attempting to engage with the sober evidence, and the sane, honourable and impressive minds who try to publicise it, in the course of their call for a new, proper investigation.

    ** But CRAIG: you never come across as a cowardly and irrational scoffer, but as a man of honour, courage and decency; and of some perception too. So this offer of a trawl through the latest redaction of the sounder, more carefully-sifted evidence is made to you too.

    Men of your stature need to get their heads straight about this extraordinarily-well-sold false-meme about 9/11: the ’19 Islamic jihadis directed from a cave in Afghanistan’ nonsense. A lot of men and woman of moral and intellectual stature, in the West, have escaped finally from that false-meme, and have begun to see the likely truth about the atrocities, and why they were perpetrated. It’s for this reason that so many honest, sane people are now backing the idea of another inquiry. This time an inquiry free of political nobbling and steering, as none of the previous ones have been.

    Wouldn’t you maybe consider another look at where the best of the evidence has got to by now Craig? I’d be most happy to offer pointers towards samples of the best. I’m a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11Truth, and I can assure you that there’s a big concentration of sane and intelligent expertise in that one branch of the movement alone, quite apart from many other equally impressive branches, which would persuade any open-minded person of goodwill — and just a bit of savvy intelligence — that it’s high time to have a rethink about the official false-meme.

    I’m perfectly serious about this offer. I don’t expect Yugo to take it up, but perhaps you should think seriously about it Craig?

    Cheers! RhG

  • Friend

    Craig, I have been thinking about this thread since you put it on. I suspect that the real reason behind Jerry Rawlings…”accusing me of publishing a series of “scurrilous” articles”, could be the prelude/excuse to take somekind of action against you in the future?, he must know you that didn`t, so why?. Its the way things work, you never know who is really behind it, the hand could lead back to here in the UK?. Please keep it in mind!, go careful.

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