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The police investigation into bribes to police officers by News of the World is called Operation Elveden. It has not identified, suspended or arrested a single bent cop.

What’s in a name? To Norfolk people Eleveden is a notorious bottleneck on the A11, the main road into and out of the county. You can, literally, queue for miles and for hours to get through Elveden in either direction. It is a place notorious to Norfolk for frustration, obstruction and never getting anywhere. I myself have spent a huge amount of time being stuck by Elveden; it is extremely difficult to avoid or get round. Elveden means no progress.

Andy Hayman was Chief Constable of Norfolk before moving down to the Met.

Did the Met name Operation Elveden as a grim in-joke to indicate they would make sure the accusations never went anywhere?


I have just realised I am definitely right. Operation Weeting is the investigation into the News of the World phone hacking itself. Weeting is the village at the southern end of the notorious Elveden traffic jam.

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52 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

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  • Jaded.

    I could give some other examples that are obviously relevant, but can’t be bothered. This sort of thing, and similar things, happen quite frequently. All a coincidence, not.

  • mary

    As the posts about the flotilla are way back now, I thought I would post this here.
    One of the Canadian boat pasengers in Greece took this really clever action. The biter bit.
    Sandra Ruch commented on the message:
    Israeli cruise ship “Royal Iris” in Agia Nickolai July 17–please file a “complaint” against it!
    I did it!! Went to Port Master and filed a written complaint against the Royal Iris. They were very nice and got the inspector to speak to me. I was very serious. There was one of the residents of Aghios Nikolaos in the office and he gave me a little smile…he knew what I was doing and was showing his appreciation for our “little idea”.
    I wrote:
    I am lodging a complaint against the Royal Iris currently docked in Aghios Nikolaos. I have been informed that this ship is unseaworthy. I believe that the ship is a danger to our environment and to its passengers. Specifically in regards to its emissions and waste management. There are also questions about the legal status of their captain and if he is legally recognized by the flagging country.
    Sandra Ruch
    Tahrir, Aghios Nikolaos

  • Jon

    @evgueni – thanks for the reply, and no worries – all good. Having a cold can be a bugger, as I think we can both attest.
    Indeed, I should be happy to continue on that discussion – excellent brain food!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    How about selling coal to Newcastle? They’d do that, too. They, and their corrupt, backhanded customers in these assorted countries, have no shame. HRH Prince Andrew is the Shiny King of Deals! Oh, but I forgot, there is no coal in newcastle anymore. Even more reason to sell them coal, then! Go for it, HRH Prince Andrew! To Newcastle we ride!

  • powderhound

    What did anybody expect? in 1978 Operation countryman had 200 officers investigating police corruption, 4 million quid later and 400 officers “retired” but not a single prosecution. In a force that big this has to be a statistical impossibility. The Police do as they have always done, look after their own.

  • YugoStiglitz

    Mary, your silly assertions about Jewish spying in Israel are merely an indication of how much the world hates Jews.

    Now why would you feel comfortable making such posts here?

    And why weren’t your posts deleted from this site? Way off topic, and inflammatory. Do you think it’s because some people at this site want to always put Jews in a bad light?

  • Methuselah Now


    You couldn’t make it up, more on the delectably self-importantly thick Mrs. Mensch, from her twitter feed:

    [. Gave many interviews today, refused one to Al Jazeera. Not interested, given their coverage of Israel. My last name is Mensch. @maindepowr ]


    [. For everybody new, my twitter avatar is green to support pro-democracy activists in Iran. ]

    As with the Piers Morgan slander, she did a similar childish thing with the super-injunction issue, like the arrogant/smug kid who pokes and bullies, then needs to hide behind an elder sibling when Karma catches up.

    Kind regards,


  • mary

    The Israeli Ambassador to +++NEW ZEALAND+++ has refused to comment.
    Do you need to go to Specsavers?

  • craig Post author


    Neither the newspaper article Mary refers to, nor Mary, refers anywhere to Jews. I wish you would take your obsession elsewhere.

    On the other hand, I agree that it is irrelevant to this posting and not a very interesting story. In general will people kindly resist the temptation to post about sonething different, that they think I ought to be blogging about. This is not a general message board.

  • mary

    As Murdoch, his nurse Wendi and the entourage flew off in their private jet, I expect everyone has noticed that the ‘Move along, nothing to see’ mode is now in operation. It is now all about ‘austerity’ and the control of Europe by the fascist leaning Merkel and Sarko, and the dangers and likelihood of another imminent financial crash.
    Germany and France agree common position on debt crisis
    Angela Merkel wants private investors to share taxpayers’ burden if Greece restructures its debts Greece crisis
    Q&A: Debt crisis
    Austerity plans in full
    Timeline: Eurozone crisis
    EU austerity country by country
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have hammered out a common position on the euro debt crisis.
    A statement by the French president’s office said agreement had been reached after seven hours of talks in Berlin.

  • ingo

    Ms. Mensch, which means ‘human’ in German ought to ask herself why so many able BBC journalists have joined Al Jazeera and how she justifies her media bias, because the reasons she is giving are a tad islmaophobic.

    She also should look at what influences those who meet under the banner friends of Israel hold over british foreign policy, why she has joined the warmongers and why she thinks that Iran has not got a democratic, albeit violent, democratic discourse at elections.

    Further, unless her knowledge is as young as herself, she can asceratin from US records that some 400million/annum and rising has been spent on infiltrating opposition groups in Iran, influencing elections, just as in Ghaza last time were it failed abysmally, for fuelling old tribal rivallries and for undermining Iran as the only major oil producing country in the middle east that does not whistle Dixie.

    If she is trying to replace Rebekah Brooks as the principal female warmonger, pairing up with the likes of Melanie Phillips and Mr. Aaranovitch in her false fury, then she must not be surprised if some of her constituents are turning away from such belicose sabre rattling.

  • David

    I am from the village of Weeting and work near Elveden and I’d have to agree with you.

    Although Weeting isn’t attached to Elveden, it’s six miles away and the traffic in elveden has no impact on our village.

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