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5 thoughts on “The_Sun_newspaper_front_page

  • Hydraargyrum

    Shades of what happened immediately after the bombing in Oklahoma City. Appalling. Another example of how terrible our press is.

  • Jack

    As vile as Murdoch and his news empire are, he simply publishes what far too many people want to read to confirm their own prejudices. He plays a ready market, but he doesn’t create it. In the UK, Murdoch & Co are no more and no less than a reflection of UK Plc 2011. We need something doing about the likes of Murdoch, but that might involve a moral highground this country has very little right to any more. When we’re all done blaming Murdoch, this country needs to look in a mirror….

  • ingo

    He should get a fence post up his posterior for letting this story past the printer. The sun should not be allowed to publish until they have apologised for lying, on the front page.
    Today, once again, I felt like defacing this rag on the shelf, but nobody would have understood it.

  • Avi of Mondoweiss

    Reply to Jack

    Then who is to blame for all those prejudices? Is the conditioning and the brainwashing the infotainment consumer receives at the hands of garbage US, UK and Australian media a figment of our imagination?

    Do you think if the media and the school system in the US and parts of Europe did their part in educating people, there would be this much ignorance, hatred and racism?

    That’s a rhetorical question, of course. The answer is a resounding, “No!”

    Propaganda is disseminated, people are not born with it. To pretend as though Murdoch is merely giving people what they want is false, false false.

  • Jack

    Avi of Mondoweiss…

    The media does NOT manufacture the prejudices they profit from, unless they adjudge their audience to be receptive in the first place. They simply confirm and reinforce bigotry which is already there – and they’re masters at reading their market.

    As you say, people aren’t responsible for what the media industry pushes at them. They ARE most definitely responsible for their own thought processes and conclusions. Murdoch’s empire and its fellow travellers have never effected nor affected my political and social morality – mainly because I so rarely buy or watch their dross. Others must answer for themselves.

    We’re all responsible for our own actions and prejudices. Just too easy to blame Murdoch et al for the corrupt cesspit this country has become. As someone else here said (somewhere) – people can’t be corrupted, they must BE corrupt to attract the attention of those who profit from them. Just as already-existing bigotry can be reinforced and directed. You can lead a horse to water, but it only drinks if it’s thirsty.

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