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Atlantic Bridge’s web presence has disappeared, as has the Charity Commission’s report on it when it had its charitable status removed. Indeed it has proved rather hard to glean information on this Fox/Werritty vehicle: it seems that William Hague was a member as were, according to Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donell, not just Fox but the two junior defence ministers Werritty met. So this shady fake charity with undisclosed finance sources really was running British foreign and defence policy.

With thanks to my informant, it appears the domain for the Atlantic Bridge website was listed to a Mr Michael Pearsall of 15 Broomfields, Longfield, Kent DA3 8BW. Now what can anybody tell me about him? The contact email for the site registration was [email protected]. Presumably that email address relates to Fox’s portfolio of health before he was switched to defence? If he didn’t make any money from his worngdoing, isn’t it strange how these business consultancies and donation seeking organisations linked to him reflected his official portfolio at the time?

So Michael Pearsall, Peter Stock and Let’s get digging!!

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  • Dena Shunra

    I’ve just been digging in the same direction.

    The US website,, was registered via GoDaddy to one Dennis Barham. It’s closed down now, but the wayback machine archive has this charming picture:
    which indicates that The Atlantic Bridge is a registered 501(c)3 charity. That means its tax reports are public. Searching here for atlantic bridge, I found quite a few documents. Am combing them right now to see if they’re relevant.

  • Dena Shunra

    BINGO. Where should I send the documents? Or download them yourself from the site I linked to in the post that got eaten by the spam filter (it had a link in it).
    The EIN (employer identification number) for Atlantic Bridge Inc. is 56-2127606 and it is domiciled in North Caroline.

  • Dena Shunra

    On page 15 of the 2008 tax return, it claimed that it did not attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum through any means.
    Page 17 is a list of names advisory council, board of directors, etc.
    2008 seemed the most interesting, because it had the highest recorded assets that year.

  • Jon

    Seems like a few peeps have the same idea as me 🙂
    Interesting that specifically instructs the search engines not to index it:
    “Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt” (the robots file is a mechanism to instruct search engines and other automatic web crawlers what parts of the site may be indexed).
    Edit: ah, this might not signify anything. The domain is “parked” and so is not being used as a website – just as an email domain.

  • Dena Shunra

    In the latest tax filings for the US charity, the “gifts, grants, contributions, and membership fees received” are listed as follows:
    2005: $ 13,280
    2006: $ 29,922
    2007: $133,929
    2008: $ 50,000
    2009: $280,508

    Adam Werrity is mentioned as UK Executive Director. Dennis Barham (who listed the web domain) appears as VP Marketing (for $32,000/year, + $2,029 expense account.)
    US executive directos are Randal Popelka (c/o Capitol Bridge Consulting), then either Lee Cohen or Amanda Bowman. Do these names ring any bells?

    Anybody want to read this along with

  • Jon

    By the way, you don’t always need an informant to get info about a domain (though sometimes the info can be missing or replaced by a third-party to protect privacy/secrecy). Here is the publicly listed “whois” info for
    There is a UK mobile tel number there. Journalists perhaps might want to give it a buzz, though I doubt you’ll get any answers!

  • Lee

    Lady Thatcher speech to AB


    “This Atlantic Bridge must connect the brightest minds, the soundest ideas, and the boldest young leaders of the future. It should serve at once as a memorial to our heritage, as an investment in our prospects, and as a bulwark against the good – and not so good – people on the Left, who always turn out to have such very bad ideas. You may recall the challenge of Horatius:

    “In yon strait path a thousand
    May well be stopped by three.
    Now who will stand on either hand,
    And keep the bridge with me?”

    Well, my friends, the presence of so many fine conservatives here tonight proclaims that there will be more – and many more – than three to fight this battle.”

    I think the “Bulwark” and “Battle” stuff might just be her going a bit mad though, rather than a pointer towards the true agenda of the organisation. Interesting all the same, this archived stuff.

  • Dena Shunra

    The website was created on 30 Jul 1999, John. (which is kind of interesting. When was the charity formed? Was the domain purchased as speculation?)

  • John Goss

    Type in the following string “With immediate effect Adam Werritty has resigned as CEO and Michael Pearsall (Non-Executive group Chairman) is duly appointed Chief” into a search engine and see if you can find the article. I can’t.

  • Alison

    Looks like this cd be Michael Pearsall’s LinkedIn profile: Seems like standard freelance highly qualified techie – worked for Fujitsu and Serco, so may well have project managed on govt projects. But probably did nothing more than set up a website for them.

    This could be Peter Stock on LinkeIn: Was COO for UK Health group ltd. Now Service Delivery Manager at MITIE – one of the largest government contractors.

    Think UK health group was wound up in 2009 – according to stuff recently in news reports about Werritty’s activities.

  • Alison

    Not sure if my post got eaten – so here it is without links.

    Michael Pearsall on LinkedIn looks like a senior tech project manager – likely he’s worked on freelance on govt projects, but may just have set the site up for them.

    Peter Stock is also on LinkedIn as once COO of Uk Health group – is now Service Delivery Manager at MITIE – a major govt contractor – again on the project management service supply/tech area.

  • John Goss

    Alison, I think the link in my penultimate post shows that he was more than a web designer. Third from last with this one.

  • DonnyDarko

    Michael Pearsall

    Experienced Programme and Project Manager

    Longfield Hill, Kent, United Kingdom
    Information Technology and Services


    Director bei Axsys Partnership Limited
    Senior Project Manager/Programme Manager bei Dimension Data (UK) on contract to Deutsche Bank
    Project Manager bei Serco

    Alle anzeigen …

    Various (Military Family so loads of schools)


    3 Personen haben Michael Pearsall empfohlen

    163 Kontakte


    Öffentliches Profil

  • orkneylad

    What I can tell you is that address [on googlemaps] is a house on a cul-de-sac, with a ‘sold’ Hartley Estates sign outside, and -intruigingly- tagged on google as ‘The Installation Co’. . . . .apparently they’re a ‘Bathroom Goods Supplier’ but if you buy that, then I have a nice bridge I’d like to sell you.

  • John Goss

    I confess I don’t know much about running a business but Michael Pearsall seems to be director of a company which lasts for while, a couple of years up to several years, and is then dissolved with assets of £5 or so.
    Most business people I have known like to keep their companies going under their original because of the goodwill created in doing so. I’ve noticed on programmes like Watchdog that some of the very dubious (dodgy) businesses keep changing their names, or shelter under umbrella companies. Perhaps others can enlighten me.

  • Brian Moylan

    The web site is still there, just has *no content* displayed.

    The old who we are page in September 2009 had:


    Dr Liam Fox MP – UK Chairman
    Lord Astor of Hever DL – Trustee
    Michael Gove MP
    Chris Grayling MP
    The Rt Hon. William Hague MP
    Eleanor Laing MP
    George Osborne MP
    John Whittingdale OBE MP

    Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) – Honorary US Chairman
    Congressman John Campbell (R-California)
    Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina)
    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
    Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-Connecticut)
    Senator Mel Martinez (R-Florida)
    Congressman Adam Putnam (R-Florida)

  • Arsalan

    Is any of this an inland revenue issue?
    If the charity was fake, isn’t the money gathered by it taxable?

  • DonnyDarko

    a limited company can run for up to 18 months before submitting accounts.Then there isn’t a whole lot of information at companies house about the company.

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