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Atlantic Bridge’s web presence has disappeared, as has the Charity Commission’s report on it when it had its charitable status removed. Indeed it has proved rather hard to glean information on this Fox/Werritty vehicle: it seems that William Hague was a member as were, according to Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donell, not just Fox but the two junior defence ministers Werritty met. So this shady fake charity with undisclosed finance sources really was running British foreign and defence policy.

With thanks to my informant, it appears the domain for the Atlantic Bridge website was listed to a Mr Michael Pearsall of 15 Broomfields, Longfield, Kent DA3 8BW. Now what can anybody tell me about him? The contact email for the site registration was [email protected]. Presumably that email address relates to Fox’s portfolio of health before he was switched to defence? If he didn’t make any money from his worngdoing, isn’t it strange how these business consultancies and donation seeking organisations linked to him reflected his official portfolio at the time?

So Michael Pearsall, Peter Stock and Let’s get digging!!

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  • John Goss

    DonnyDarko, that could account for why these companies spring up and dissolve. So the assets are distributed among the shareholders who start new companies with no traceable transactions. You might be onto something.

  • DonnyDarko


    This is just a business address of convenience.They hold your mail, they can provide you with a fax number , do mail forwarding, answer phones etc etc… rent an office…
    When Werrity was company secretary ,then there must have been a managing director… who ??

  • DonnyDarko

    John Goss: The assets can be one pound !! When you set up a Ltd, you inform companies house how much capital each shareholder puts in… they don’t check that its really there, and unless you go bankrupt with lots of debts they wont look for that capital either.

  • CalumCarr

    Probably not helpful but ….

    Stephen Jac Williams is a solicitor; was suspended for 6 months in 2008 see here; later the solicitors of which he was a partner – Evans Beesley Williams went into liquidation. Their address, 13A Shad Thames, London, SE1 2PU, was the address for 2 companies involving Adam Werritty – UK Health Supply Services Limited & UK health Group Limited

  • orkneylad


    There is something very odd about this Longfield address, I’ve put together some basic stuff for you at this location:

    One would need someone ‘on the ground’ to confirm which house is No.15, but I suspect it’s access is a rather unassuming driveway not even accessed via Broomfields itself, and is completely hidden from google streetview from the main road access too. Looks very dodgy indeed if you ask me.

  • nevergiveup

    Interesting that this band of accomplices were trusties or otherwise of the so called ‘charity’. Are they not supposed to ensure that ‘charity’ money is spent wisely and honestly as part of their role?

  • mary

    The more digging you are all doing, the more shady the whole thing looks. Well done. Collars should have been felt by now.
    I would like to know what these masts are for up on the opposite side of the M5 where Fox has his constituency home behind the motorway embankment. The address came from his declaration at the last election and was confirmed when I noticed the house name on the gatepost when reporters were hanging around when the story broke. Are they mobile phone transmitters or something else? I do not mean the camera on the pole off the hard shoulder.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I see ‘SIS’ written all over this stuff, don’t you? Shell companies, front-men… leafy lanes, industrial estates… it must lead to the Cayman Islands, since all such things seem to lead -or possibly to transit through – there (or else Lichtenstein).

  • mary

    FOX, Dr. Liam (Woodspring)
    2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
    Occasional lectures in emergency medicine.
    4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
    Contributions to staffing running of private office from Cllr Michael Batter of Amersham and Mr Alex Rowe of Cornwall.
    6. Overseas visits
    September 1999, to Brazil, to attend a Conference on Human Rights in Brasilia, partly sponsored by the Ministry of Justice in Brazil and several commercial sponsors, including Varig Airlines, who paid for the air travel. (Registered 21 October 1999)
    30 October-1 November 1999, to Charlotte, USA, accompanied by a researcher, paid for by Atlantic Bridge Inc., a group of like minded Conservatives in North America and the UK exchanging political ideas and expertise. (Registered 20 January 2000)
    20-22 November 1999, to New York, accompanied by a researcher, paid for by Atlantic Bridge Inc. (Registered 20 January 2000)
    9. Registrable shareholdings
    (a) Arrest Ltd.; medical education company.

    I think the name of the medical education company is apposite!
    Fox’s airmiles over the years must be worth having.

  • mary

    Revealed: the link between Liam Fox donors and Tory HQ
    Adam Werritty funded by businessmen introduced to former defence secretary by party treasurer

    Rajeev Syal, Rupert Neate and Nicholas Watt
    Wednesday 19 October 2011 21.35 BST

    Liam Fox attacked the media in his resignation speech. He will face a fresh inquiry into his links with Adam Werritty. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe
    The Liam Fox affair has reached the Conservative party’s high command for the first time after it was confirmed that its leading fundraiser introduced donors to the former defence secretary, who then introduced them to his best man, Adam Werritty.
    In a blow to Downing Street’s central tactic of distancing itself from Fox – saying that he was operating in his own way – the Conservative party admitted that its senior treasurer was the conduit for donors to the former defence secretary.
    Howard Leigh passed on the details of donors who wished to support Fox’s campaign during the 2005 Tory leadership contest. They were then persuaded by Fox to give money to Werritty’s not-for-profit company Pargav, according to a source, and some of the money was spent visiting Fox on lavish trips abroad. Leigh was one of party’s treasurers at the time.
    The disclosure is an embarrassment for the Tories and will pose further difficult questions for Fox, who has been told that he faces a parliamentary inquiry into his behaviour and Werritty. In his resignation statement in the Commons, Fox attacked the media for pursuing him.
    Deeper and deeper.
    He was dragging his wife into his speech today. She was apparently in the HoC today and was watching him.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Liam Fox claims on the Register in the House of Commons that he gives lectures on emergency medical procedures. Well, he must have kept up to date – how long has he been out of medicine? Since 1992, it would seem. That’s nearly 20 years. Emergency medical procedures change constantly. And was he not a GP and Civilian Army MO, rather than a hospital doctor? So, on which procedures, precisely, does he lecture? And when does he deliver these lectures, and to whom? Are they GMC-approved? In fact, does the GMC or any of the Medical Faculties know that Dr Liam Fox is delivering these lectures? Can one get Continuous Professional Development points by attending these lectures deliverd by Dr Liam Fox, until two days ago, Secretary of State for Defence? Can I attend one of his lectures? Um? Where are they held? How bizarre.

  • Guest

    “I see ‘SIS’ written all over this stuff, don’t you? Shell companies, front-men… leafy lanes, industrial estates… it must lead to the Cayman Islands, since all such things seem to lead -or possibly to transit through – there (or else Lichtenstein).”
    Suhayl Saadi, I hear that Switzerland is back in vogue these days, did it ever really go away!.
    OT: Anyway, somethings never die, they just keep coming back

  • Miljenko

    “Not sure if my post got eaten – so here it is without links.

    “Michael Pearsall on LinkedIn looks like a senior tech project manager – likely he’s worked on freelance on govt projects, but may just have set the site up for them.

    “Peter Stock is also on LinkedIn as once COO of Uk Health group – is now Service Delivery Manager at MITIE – a major govt contractor – again on the project management service supply/tech area.”

    On the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine MITIE powers and administers (scroll down to the bottom – you’ll see them mentioned):

    Interestingly, missing from the above’s achive is the Who Are We pages from 2009 which Brian mentions and which apparently included Grayling, Gove and Hague. Or, at least, anyhow, *I* can’t find them.

  • Komodo

    UK Health Limited was listed as one of Werrity’s interests, and still extant. Uk Health Supply Services Ltd is another (related) entity which closed down when Fox changed jobs. As did UK Healthgroup.

    Unit 3 Cedar Court is as indicated above a maildrop address. As far as I remember this also hosts another Werritty firm, Todiha.
    This coincides with an accountancy firm: Elan and Co, same address.

    Werritty’s other shell, Danscotia, recently moved its maildrop to Edinburgh.

    I posted some of this on earlier threads, damned if I’m going to retrace it for you. All on Google, but that’s about the limit.

  • mark_golding

    Mobile phone repeater on the left Mary. I have to go and physically look at the right mast. I’m guessing it is a micro-wave link to Portishead Down SOCA HQ which I believe houses a new MI5 regional office. If that’s confirmed then I’m for the high jump.

  • Komodo

    “Howard Leigh passed on the details of donors who wished to support Fox’s campaign during the 2005 Tory leadership contest. They were then persuaded by Fox to give money to Werritty’s not-for-profit company Pargav, according to a source, and some of the money was spent visiting Fox on lavish trips abroad. Leigh was one of party’s treasurers at the time.”

    Good catch, Mary, and the Guardian.

    Howard Leigh’s lovely. Jewish Leadership Council.

    “In July 2009 Conservative Party Treasurers Howard Leigh and Stanley Fink joined the Council as individual members. At the same meeting Mr Mick Davis, Chairman of UJIA was appointed as the first Chairman of the Council’s Executive Committee, and Michele Vogel President of WIZO UK became an organisational member of the JLC.

    In December 2009 the Council sought and published a legal Opinion from Lord Pannick QC advocating a change in UK law to prevent the issuing of arrest warrants against Israeli leaders without prior consent of the Attorney General.”

    Coincidence. Just coincidence. Stanley, Lord Fink is also a CFOI and all round kosher egg, as noted earlier.

  • Felix

    @Orkneylad – there is no No 13 in Broomfields, Hartley – quite a few streets/blocks don’t have the no 13.

  • mary

    I do hope not Mark and thanks. These are the buildings attached to the masts which are on a track leading from the bridge over the motorway. I am assuming that the camera lower down off the hard shoulder is merely a Highways Authority type thing but who knows in our surveillance ‘society’.

  • Komodo

    PS – Mick Davis, also credited in the above snip, was a donor to Pargav…


    “Howard Leigh was as shocked as anybody to find that donors’ funds were being used to fund Adam Werritty’s trips. There is no way that he would have countenanced that..”
    Then what in G_d’s name did he think he was telling his chums to fund?

    Couple more familiar names on the JLC’s books:

    Mr Bill Benjamin Assembly of Masorti Synagogues
    Mrs Lucille Cohen Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region
    Mr David Dangoor Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation
    *Mr Mick Davis UJIA
    Mr Alex Dwek Union of Jewish Students
    Dr Simon Hochhauser United Synagogue
    Mr Lucian J. Hudson Liberal Judaism
    Mr Brian Kerner Cross Communal Group
    Mr Nigel Layton World Jewish Relief
    *Mr Steven Lewis New Leadership Network
    Mr James Libson New Leadership Network
    Mr Stephen Moss CBE Movement for Reform Judaism
    Mr Bernie Myers Norwood
    *Mr Gerald M. Ronson Community Security Trust
    Mr Harvey Rosenblatt Nightingale
    Mrs Michele Vogel WIZO UK
    Mr Vivian Wineman The Board of Deputies of British Jews
    *Mr Poju Zabludowicz BICOM
    Mr Stephen Zimmerman Jewish Care
    Not forgetting the vice presidents. Sorry, Is this the JLC or the Conservative Party? Hard to tell from this:
    Sir Victor Blank, Sir Trevor Chinn CVO, Mr David Cohen, Lord Fink of Northwood, Mr Henry Grunwald OBE QC, Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, Mr Howard Leigh, Mr Leo Noé, Lord Woolf of Barnes

  • I'm no fan of chinless twats

    You are publishing private information about private people.

    Don’t start whining when this comes back to bite you.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Is that a not-so-veiled threat made to Craig Murray, ‘I’m no fan of Chinless Twats’? Veiled threats (“I strongly advise you to refocus your attention on worthy matters…”) and unveiled threats (“Stop! Or you will be bitten!”), yeah, good theatre. It may suggest that CM is onto something.

  • mark_golding

    Mary my broadband went down with a router authentication failure (very unusual) for about one hour despite continued retries – in other words I was admonished for divulging too much information – a warning I guess.

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