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The media is in a frenzy about Iranian “suspected” nuclear weapon development, with virtually every article and broadcast also referencing Israel’s view.

A free copy of The Catholic Orangemen of Togo for every one who first points out each mainstream media reference to Israel’s own massive illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons.

I don’t anticipate giving away a single book.

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  • Jonangus Mackay

    ‘How Britain helped Israel get the bomb.’
    I’m forced to conclude that the senior Foreign Office official who figured prominently in Crick’s report, one Michael Israel Michaels, was an Israeli agent of influence. He arranged end-user certificates for heavy water shipments from Norway to Israel without, it was alleged, the knowledge of the UK government. Mr Michaels is now buried, I note, on the Mount of Olives.

  • Abe Rene

    “..for every one who first points out each mainstream media reference..” Very good, since no-one will bother chasing up every one, in both English and other languages, even if they could read them!

  • nw coke


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    Israel ‘has 150 nuclear weapons’

    Mr Carter was speaking at the UK’s Hay-on-Wye literature festival
    Ex-US President Jimmy Carter has said Israel has at least 150 atomic weapons in its arsenal.

    The Israelis have never confirmed they have nuclear weapons, but this has been widely assumed since a scientist leaked details in the 1980s.

    Mr Carter made his comments on Israel’s weapons at a press conference at the annual literary Hay Festival in Wales.

    He also described Israeli treatment of Palestinians as “one of the greatest human rights crimes on earth”.

    Mr Carter gave the figure for the Israeli nuclear arsenal in response to a question on US policy on a possible nuclear-armed Iran, arguing that any country newly armed with atomic weapons faced overwhelming odds.

    “The US has more than 12,000 nuclear weapons; the Soviet Union (sic) has about the same; Great Britain and France have several hundred, and Israel has 150 or more,” he said.

    Israel’s Dimona reactor is understood to provide plutonium for the country’s nuclear weapons

    Nuclear power in the Middle East
    Israeli PM dismisses nuclear row
    Israel’s nuclear programme

    “We have a phalanx of enormous capabilities, not only of weaponry but also of rockets to deliver every one of those missiles on a pinpoint accuracy target.”

    Most experts estimate that Israel has between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads, largely based on information leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper in the 1980s by Mordechai Vanunu, a former worker at the country’s Dimona nuclear reactor.

    The US, a key ally of Israel, has in general followed the country’s policy of “nuclear ambiguity”, neither confirming or denying the existence of its assumed arsenal.

    However, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert included Israel among a list of nuclear states in comments in December 2006, a week after US Defence Secretary Robert Gates used a similar form of words during a Senate hearing.

    Former Israeli military intelligence chief Aharon Zeevi-Farkash told Reuters news agency he considered Mr Carter’s comments “irresponsible”.

    “The problem is that there are those who can use these statements when it comes to discussing the international effort to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons,” he said.


    During the press briefing, Mr Carter expressed his support for Israel as a country, but criticised its domestic and foreign policy.

    “One of the greatest human rights crimes on earth is the starvation and imprisonment of 1.6m Palestinians,” he said.

    The former US president cited statistics which he said showed the nutritional intake of some Palestinian children was below that of children in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as saying the European position on Israel could be best described as “supine”.

    Mr Carter, awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, brokered the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty, the first between Israel and an Arab state.

    In April he controversially held talks in the Syrian capital Damascus with Khaled Meshaal, leader of the militant Palestinian movement Hamas.

    The former US president’s Carter Center was unavailable for further comment.

  • Chris2

    Bernhard at The Moon of Alabama, has a series of very valuable dissections of this ludicrous propaganda campaign against Iran (and humanity.)
    There is nothing new in this report but the half truths, most notably the suggestion that a long standing interest in small artificial diamonds is related to furnishing justification for Israel’s fascists to start a war, in the hope that the US and its satraps will finish it for them.

  • Chris2

    PS I hope that you are feeling better: a profound re-alignment, one of the the few major change since the 1790s when the Convention in Paris gave us our left and right, is taking place as humanity ponders its mortality.

    Revolutionary socialists, individualists, liberals, conservatives of every persuasion and nationalists, some even verging on racism, find themselves in agreement on all the important questions, and are beginning to learn that, with a modicum of goodwill, we can make constructive compromises on the matters that divide us and facilitate rule by thieves and the thugs they employ.

  • Arsene Wenger

    nw coke et al

    If you’re so desperate to get a copy of the book that you’ll post all these ancient links which are not what was asked for, you can find it to download free online. That’ll save you clogging up the thread with ‘I found this 2003 article first!’ ‘no I did!’ ‘look, this one’s from 2004’.

  • Komodo

    While there are references to Israel’s nuclear capability in the MSM, there are very much fewer pointing out, as Guest does above, that Israel has many more weapons than would be required as a simple deterrent, it can strike in any direction, can reach much of Europe, and is currently developing a vehicle with a range of 7-12000 Km. With its record of collaboration with the UN, its current government policy, and its hair-trigger response to criticism, let alone aggression, it is well positioned to blackmail powers which presently regard themselves as its friends. Allegiances can change, sometimes suddenl;y (think Turkey), and anyone thinking strategically must certainly regard Israel as an actual, existing, nuclear threat.
    Conclusion; no-one in the West is thinking strategically.

  • nuid

    “Yesterday, Freedom Waves to Gaza activists detained in Israel – including Canadians David Heap and Ehab Lotayef – came before a judge and were told they could be held in prison for 2 months without charges or trial.
    “To avoid this, the judge told them, they must sign a statement that they entered Israel ‘voluntarily’ and ‘illegally’ despite being violently kidnapped from international waters and taken to Israel against their will while trying to reach Gaza …
    She added: “Two water cannons started to pour lots of water into the Irish boat, which flooded it, blew their sockets, and cut off all the electricity. And so, at that point, the Irish delegates I spoke to said they told the Israeli army, ‘We’re taking on water. We’re sinking. We’re going to go down at sea if you continue with the water.’”

    “Hafiz went on to describe the violent takeover during which guns were pointed at the heads of the boats’ passengers, how they were roughed up, mistreated, strip-searched, and filmed naked. She also tells of how the journalists’ equipment was confiscated, in a bid to silence any reporting that might contradict the sanitized Israeli account of what happened during the hijacking of the Tahrir and the MV Saoirse.”
    Full text

  • Komodo

    So, no Fifth Amendment in Israel, then. Wonder what the international position is on being forced to incriminate yourself as a condition of being freed?

  • Pee

    What about this, then?

    “As part of his bid to be allowed to leave Israel, he has applied to have his citizenship revoked as should, by law, happen to anyone convicted of treason, as he has been. He would then seek to be allowed finally to leave the country.

    Vanunu’s attempts to leave Israel have been dragging on for more than seven years now. He was released from prison in 2004, after serving 18 years”

  • Wiz

    Lawyers will recognise Israel’s attachment to the notion of adverse possession. This curious rule entitles people who occupy someone else’s land for twelve years uninterruptedly to apply to the court for a declaration they have become the owner. Israel has extended the concept to the doing of things that nobody likes for a very long time, and that then becoming ‘normal’, and something that has always happened, and therefore something they are entitled to do. Eventually they will gain confidence in their legal entitlement to do this illegal thing, and say they will stop doing it in return for concessions – the 1967 boundaries, for example. But this mutant form of adverse possession is not available to neighbouring states. Interesting that Obama clearly hates Netanyahu. When the great crash comes, Israel is going to be very lonely.

  • Colin

    I was listening to the Today programme on R4 this morning and thinking exactly the same thing. When journalists talk about Israel’s worries and the possibility of ‘defensive’ strikes by Israel I’m simply amazed at the level of manipulation of the facts. The fact that israel has the World’s (probably) third largest nuclear weapons capability, undeclared and not even subject to the most rudimentary inspections is the elephant in the room.

  • ingo

    sorry to be off topic, but this festering conflict has had my attention since the 1970’s.
    Sukarno’s belligerence and military occupation, as in the WB and Ghaza, for not getting his way with the UN has divided a people and raped the landscape. PNG’s copper mine, owned by Rio Tinto, afaik, as well as gold and other resources have turned Indonesia into a totalitarian Government with fascist murderous tendencies.
    East Timor was not an isolated case and this rebellion against the Papuan democratic movement and forming of an alternative Government is a righteous cause we here in Europe all too easily forget.

  • oddie

    wish i had a prize to give anyone who can post a link for the alleged open mic sarkozy/obama comments re netanyahu, which allegedly journalists plural heard a week ago but didn’t report, and which reuters has provided credibility for but no audio to back up the claim.

    every so-called alternative liberal website is making much of this, as if to separate sarkozy and obama from netanyahu at this time. did it really happen, or is it cover in case israel goes it alone with an attack on iran?

    btw this is on US Dept of Defense website a day after the alleged open mic exchange:

    4 Nov: Obama: Libya Mission Underscores NATO’s Effectiveness
    By Donna Miles
    American Forces Press Service
    He (Obama) noted that American pilots flew French fighter jets off a French carrier in the Mediterranean Sea during the operation. “Allies don’t get any closer than that,” he said…


  • oddie

    should have mentined americans think the US military did not play a significant role in Libya, apart from drones, so the admission that americans were flying the french fighter jets over libya is not widely known at all…

  • Mike W

    ” The fact that israel has the World’s (probably) third largest nuclear weapons capability, undeclared and not even subject to the most rudimentary inspections is the elephant in the room.”

    Not really. Why? – I’ll tell you:

    1. Israel is not going to use their nukes as a first resort – unlike the danger from the Iranian regime.

    2. Israel doesn’t want to commit suicide – they value life – unlike the Shia mullahs.

    3. Until now, the Middle East has never been so much at risk of total conflagration ( the Iranian nukes ). Think of the past 3 major Arab-Israel wars, the Iran-Iraq war, or the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. No major risk of world contagion. If Iran possesses several nuclear weapons, it means the whole Arabian Gulf, Middle East and North Africa will feel threateend as never before. Our economies will be hard hit. Israel-Palestine is just a local pinprick by comparison.

    Israel or no Israel, the Iranian madmen need to be stopped.

  • ingo

    Mike W, there are several things wrong with your statement here.
    First the madman was elected, just as the WW2 obsessed netanyahu who is endeared by Churchill and would love to leave his mark as Winston did. Both are not very popular at the moment, Netanyahu for failing to engage in the peace process for seven years, according to Dov Weinglass, a hardliner par excellence, andAhmadinedjad for failing to open Irans society to modernity, not to speak his tarmpling on the opposition.

    The only nation ever having used nukes is the US. Iran is surrounded by nuclear proliferation, whether its the sixth fleet in Bahrain, the French base in the Arab Emirates, Russia to the North, not to speak of Israel clandestine operation, nuclear tipped Tomahawks on board Israeli subs patrolling the Iranian coastline, fuelling Winston Netanyahu’s fantasy.

    “Israel does not want to commit suicide, they value life, unlike the Shia mullahs”
    This sentence has definately ruined your day, the comment is preposterous, that of a lickspittle propagandist.

    What has changed in the ME is that realtions between Turkey and israel have soured tremendously and that the brazen attacks on unarmed vessels with brute force is continuing to harrass the international community. Syria’s Gholan is still occupied, no change there and Ghaza is still denied its territorial integrity according to international law, despite now being recognised by the majority of UN members.

    Your assertion that Israel is not going to use its nuclear weapon as a first resort is totally unfounded, wishfull conjecture and fantasy Mike W., the sort which is used to divert from the big fat elephant in the room.

  • Raquel Scotch

    Mike W
    All of your three points are rubbish. You’re just reciting propaganda bullshit.

  • Komodo

    Ingo – Mike’s is general-isssue hasbara bullshit, and barely merits comment.
    (1) Dayan’s comment: “Israel must be like a mad dog – too dangerous to bother”; in conjunction with its position as a non-signatory of international agreements and its weasel position on the matter:
    “Although Israel does not officially confirm or deny having nuclear weapons, the country is widely believed to be in possession of them. Its continued ambiguity stance puts it in a difficult position, since to issue a statement pledging ‘no first use’ would confirm their possession of nuclear weapons, which would make its support for a WMD-free Middle East untenable. Instead Israel has said that it “would not be the first country in the Middle East to formally introduce nuclear weapons into the region.”[24] If Israel’s very existence is threatened, the “Samson Option”, a “last resort” deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons, may be initiated should the state of Israel be substantially damaged and/or near destruction.[25][26][27]” (Wiki) argue against Mike’s statement. As does its general unreliability in smaller matters.

    (2) The lives Israel has respect for are exclusively Israeli. Israel’s interests outweigh anyone else’s right to existence. No Likudnik would dey this.

    (3) What Mike means is oil. As a matter of interest, it is China’s interests in Iran that are threatened by Israeli aggression, and much of this farrago is aimed at coercing China into supporting sanctions against Iran, facilitating “peaceful” regime change, and letting the US in.

    (4) To effectively destroy Iran’s nuclear programme, nuclear weapons are the option of choice against deep hardened sites. First use by Israel will be spun as precision strikes minimising harm to the civilian population. Where have we heard that before? (The devices will fry and contaminate vast areas: the penetration capacity of a missile or bomb is too low to permit a completely subterranean explosion.)

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Contrary to the most popular opinion here I will play a ‘black sheep’ again to state that nuclear weapons are not necessarily absolutely useless. Nuclear deterrence has worked well during Cold War. It might work well again during Cold War 2 scenario that is eventually coming upon us. That is kind of a weapon that is not to be used as a weapon but to be used as a tool of political influence in International relations. It seemed that when Cold War ended nuclear weapons have become expensive toys as security dilemma issues have shifted from superpowers competition to terrorism, weak and failing states, and globalised organised crime. But with raise of China that will ultimately lead to new way of competition International relations will most probably return to the nuclear deterrence as a tool of political influence.
    We can of course all play pacifists and scrub nuclear arsenal but when time comes we will eventually be left with no tools as it is very unlikely that either China or Russia will give up their nuclear arsenals.

  • nuid

    Mike W would get on well with Douglans Alexander who said on Andrew Marr’s programme on Sunday morning (I think to that Vine fellow) “Iran must learn that it cannot be an international pariah”.
    My mouth is still hanging open.

  • Stephen


    I think you meant to say that the madman rigged his election.

    You also conveniently forget the small question of the UN Security Council resolutions about Iran’s development of nuclear power and the access to be given to IAEA inspectors – or are we allowed to be selective and pick and chose which international laws are valid when it suits our political viewpoint?

    I also don’t think you have got the correct line on suicide bombers – “Iran can recruit hundreds of suicide bombers a day. Suicide is an invincible weapon. Suicide bombers in this land showed us the way, and they enlighten our future.” – Ahmadjinedad April 1, 2007 Whatever you might say about Netanyahu it is pretty clear that Ahmadjinedad is not consistent in valuing life.

    One only hopes the Russians and Chinese have the common sense to call time on this idiot – you never know if they were to do so they might even strengthen Obama’s hand in dealing with Netanyahu.

  • Tom Welsh

    “Lawyers will recognise Israel’s attachment to the notion of adverse possession. This curious rule entitles people who occupy someone else’s land for twelve years uninterruptedly to apply to the court for a declaration they have become the owner”.

    That sounds a lot like the system the Assyrians, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Huns, Mongols, etc. used. Briefly put, “might is right”.

    I have no problem with people who claim ownership or supremacy based purely on their superior strength. While I prefer the modern interpretation of Christian ethics, there is no way of declaring one system objectively better than another.

    What does make me sick is hearing people alternately prating about human rights and the equality of all human beings, and then falling back on “might is right” when it suits their purpose.

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