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The Independent on Sunday have bitten the bullet and openly questioned what Matthew Gould was doing in all those meetings with Adam Werritty, and why Gus O’Donnell lied about them.

They have an interesting new line from an FCO spokesman:

“The FCO has total confidence that Matthew Gould has acted appropriately at all times and at no stage was he acting independently, or out of line with government policy,” a spokesman said yesterday.

So “British Ambassador Matthew Gould declared his commitment to Israel and the principles of Zionism on Thursday” – Jerusalem Post 29 May 2011 is therefore a statement of official British government policy. Good to know.

We have not only at last made the mainstream media, we have made the mainstream counter-media:

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  • John Goss

    Komodo, I think when the Israeli press is starting to take notice and spreading Werritty, Gould, Fox truth to its readership, perhaps certain factions are just as concerned about a war with Iran as we are.

  • Franz

    “Hello Stephen: Reading from my print version, Private Eye goes on to say the following immediately after the sentence you quoted: “Given Gould’s experience in British embassies in Tehran and Washington, Werrity’s interest in Iran and his Atlantic Bridge charity linking US neo-cons and UK Conservatives, Murray might be right.”
    Perhaps you didn’t have the opportunity read those lines, because it does suggest PE is endorsing the ‘speculation’ rather than simply repeating it.”
    I think the story’s mere appearance in Private Eye amounts to tacit endorsement. You can imagine how careful PE has to be these days. It has been in the dock innumerable times, not for telling lies, but for being unable to back up its claims with hard evidence. It has to be very careful how it words its articles.
    I very briefly met Ian Hislop earlier this year. He made interesting comments about the Murdoch committee, expressing puzzlement that someone managed to sneak a shaving foam pie past security. But he left it for his listeners to draw conclusions.
    Hislop is walking on eggshells and I think soon is going to be faced with the choice between standing down as editor of PE, and becoming a stooge for the Powers that Be.

  • Mary

    The owner of Ha’aretz (The Land) writes:
    Similarly, this line of thinking goes, the Supreme Court’s interpretation of human rights laws also requires its elimination in its present format. Judgments such as those relating to the Kaadan family (allowing an Arab family to build a home in a Jewish community ); the selling of Jewish National Fund land to Arab citizens of Israel; the amendment to the Citizenship Law (no ruling has yet been handed down, but there seems to be a possibility that a majority of justices will rule it illegal ); the opening of a highway to Palestinian traffic – all these rulings conflict with essential elements in Gush Emunim ideology: the discrimination between Jews and Palestinians (in Israel and the territories ) and the deprivation of the Palestinians’ rights, which transform them into second-class people, absentees or, best of all, refugees.
    Does an Israel of this kind have a future? Over and beyond the question of whether Jewish morality and the Jewish experience allow such circumstances to exist, it is clear that this is a flagrantly unstable and even dangerous situation. It is a situation that will prevent Israel from fully realizing its vast potential, a situation of living by the sword – a sword that could be a third intifada, the collapse of peace with Egypt and a confrontation with a nuclear Iran. Yitzhak Rabin understood that.
    I did not know this – Salman Schocken, a wealthy German Jewish Zionist who owned a chain of department stores in Germany, bought the paper in 1937. His son, Gershom Schocken, became the chief editor in 1939 and held that position until his death in 1990.
    Until August 2006, the Schocken family owned 100% of the Haaretz Group, but then the German publisher M. DuMont Schauberg acquired 25 percent of the shares. The deal was negotiated with the help of former Israeli ambassador to Germany Avi Primor.
    On 12 June 2011, it was announced that Russian-Israeli businessman Leonid Nevzlin had purchased a 20% stake in the Haaretz Group, buying 15% from the family and 5% from M. DuMont Schauberg. This means that the Schocken family now owns 60% and M. DuMont Schauberg and Leonid Nevzlin have 20% each. Wikipedia.

  • Mary

    A search on Ha’aretz for Fox Gould Werrity produced only publicity pieces on Gould and a piece on Fox’s resignation.

    Results for ‘fox gould werrity’
    sort by relevance | sort by date
    Embattled U.K. Defense Secretary resigns from post

    Liam Fox, accused of using a close friend as an adviser, says he had allowed the distinction between personal interest and government activities to ‘become blurred.’

    by DPA
    17:59 14.10.11 | 0 comments More On This Topic
    U.K.’s Cameron says backs embattled defense secretary
    Report: Ex-U.K. Defense Secretary adviser involved in plot to topple Iran President

    Adam Werritty tied to Iran opposition and viewed by Israeli government as high-level Iran expert, according to U.K.’s Independent on Sunday report.

    by Haaretz and Reuters
    20:07 16.10.11 | 6 comments More On This Topic
    Embattled U.K. Defense Secretary resigns from post
    U.K. envoy to Israel: I didn’t ask to serve in Israel because I’m Jewish
    After serving in Tehran, Britain’s first Jewish ambassador-designate to Israel speaks about his Jewish roots.

    by Cnaan Liphshiz
    02:24 11.12.09 | 0 comments
    Britain’s first Jewish ambassador to Israel ‘excited to live here’

    39-year-old Ambassador Matthew Gould says his goals are to explain Israel to Britain, explain Britain to Israel and forge strong ties between them.

    18:28 11.09.10 | 0 comments

  • Komodo

    You’d think someone would have hacked his phone by now, wouldn’t you? Right now he is in Liam Fox’s basement, tied hand and foot, with several yards of duct tape wound round his mouth. Which may well be his preferred position…

  • John Goss

    Don’t make me laugh Komodo. My phone’s gone on the blink (Nokia) and I’m in serious mood. Yes I remember Ottaway. Slime doen’t get much thicker or slimier.

  • ingo

    Yes Mary, maybe we should send B/Fenton on his trail, where is he indeed. He could not show his face anywhere near any international airprots right now and he has been told to lay low.
    Do we know a Private investigator who could have a look for him, maybe someone from GCHQ could give us a hint, or the chap who worked for NI. He needs serious interviewing, maybe thats what is going on now, who knows?
    Just posted your link on the Spiegel International side which notoriously slow to moderate and might remove the post, but worth informing once German friends of this betrayal.

  • John Goss

    Craig, did your post get past the Trots at Stop the War? I don’t think mine did. If not, it makes me question if Stop the War really wants to stop wars or is it just a band-wagon of polits who saw an opportunity to target a large section of public opinion.

  • anno

    When Maggie proposed the Poll Tax, and the hoo-ha that followed, it was modified and enacted into law. Tories operate differently than New Labour straight lying. Tory technique is to outrage all common sense and decency, as has been done by Fox Werritty Gould and GO’D collectively, and satisfy 90% of public opinion that democratic consultation has occurred. The result will be a UK policy to support an attack on Iran, backed by NATO and UN.
    The 10% of die-hards who refuse to compromise are regarded as politically uneducated, until a few years down the line the 90% announce that nonbody could have foreseen the awful consequences of an action that 90% of people supported at the time.
    Evil stupid Tory/Liberals or even eviller stupid New Labour.
    Either way, the Zios win.

  • ingo

    I have suggested this topic as the next one for the Guardian, again, no doubt it was batted back by the Apex moderators.
    I suggested that they should ask Craig to write an article on Fox Werrity and Mathew Gould, lets see whether they will dare to allow us to make the suggestion, now that the cat is out of the bag.
    Suggested that the buried torture inquirey report would also make an excellent issue to have an article written on, I mean, how much more teasing can they take?
    Agree Mary, Tony Buckinghma might be just the right figure to help/disappear A. Werritty, whichever is more appropriate. who knows he might be up to his neck in it, still, popping up in war torn situations first seems to be what he has had in mind in Angola and Libya, what do we know what his plans are for Iran or whether he has any… once a plotter, always a plotter.

  • oddie

    Mary –

    do u remember this?

    2009: Haaretz: Israeli media mogul Haim Saban mulls stake in Al Jazeera
    Haim Saban, estimated to be worth more than $3 billion, brought Power Rangers to the Arab world.
    Saban, an Egyptian-born Jew, was first reported to be negotiating the purchase of half the Doha -based network in 2004, after visiting the emirate with former U.S. President Bill Clinton…
    Last month Saban blasted calls to boycott Israel for the occupation of the West Bank. He called those who support boycotting the Toronto film festival’s decision to showcase Tel Aviv “anti-Semites” and “Jew haters.”…
    Among the artists who signed the petition calling for a boycott of the festival’s Tel Aviv Week in August were Ken Loach, Julie Christie, Danny Glover, David Byrne and Jane Fonda – though Fonda later retracted her decision.
    Meanwhile, a number of Hollywood Jews, including Jerry Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen and Natalie Portman, issued a counter-statement in defense of the festival’s decision.

    up until the attack on Libya, i would watch some aljazeera; since then, i rarely turn it on.

    as for MANMADE global climate change (requiring the commodification of carbon dioxide and trillions of dollars for Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan/Clinton Global Initiative & cohorts) being “progressive”, when it would, in fact, further marginalise developing countries, i was a BELIEVER until Climategate 1. visit wattsupwiththat.com and http://www.bishop-hill.net/ and the chaotic blog of the remarkable Steve McIntyre http://climateaudit.org/ for the more shocking Climategate 2.0 revelations which the MSM is desperately trying to conceal from the public.

  • John Goss

    That’ll be me then, I guess.


    “Katuntu added: “If government knew that Heritage didn’t intend to produce oil, why did they give it a production licence? If Tullow didn’t intend to produce, why did government give it a production licence? What officials were doing was to connive to deny this country $2.9bn and $1.4 billion [respectively from the companies] worth of certificates,” Katuntu said.
    Relevant Links

    East Africa
    Legal Affairs

    He explained that government officials involved in the negotiations misled the government into going for a farm-down and this is where money could have exchanged hands.

    The MPs concluded by asking the committee to investigate two meetings that Mbabazi held in Dubai and London on December 7, 2009 and January 4, 2010.

    They allege that these meetings were attended by: Tony Buckingham of Heritage Oil and Capu Zuma, nephew of South African President Jacob Zuma, and the premier’s former aides at the External Security Organisation (ESO), Robert Kabuchu and one Kimbareeba.”

  • Young One

    JNF that practices such open discrimination operates freely in the UK with patrons including former PM Gordon Brown.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I’m sure that others will have noticed that Matthew Gould’s name appears on a list of alleged SIS officers, published in 2005. One has to be skeptical of these lists. Craig has stated that Gould is not a spook, so of course one accepts that as it stands. Indeed, perhaps this illustrates that one must be wary of such lists, which may be disinformation generated by the intel services, mixing publicly well-known officers or ex-officers (eg. Alan Petty, Paddy Ashdown, Nicholas Langan, etc.) with people who may not be SIS at all (though I have absolutely no idea whether or not that pertains). Perhaps those who know about these things may wish to comment. For what it’s worth, here is the entry and the link (I assume this is the same person):
    “Matthew Steven Gould: dob 1971; 94 Manila, 02 Islamabad, 03 Tehran (DHM).*”

  • John Goss

    Roger it looks like the spooks have disabled the comments button on Brian Brady’s article. Someone’s messing with my phone too.

  • Komodo

    Right now, HMG is collaborating with Israel on a joint scientific project called BIRAX – The Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership. Initiated in 2008, it appears to be a broad-spectrum initiative to tie research in a range of fields in the UK and Israel more closely together. Major players in this include the British Council,the Pears Foundation and UJIA ( http://powerbase.info/index.php/United_Jewish_Israel_Appeal )whose chairman is Mick Davis and CEO Douglas Krikler (see link). BIRAX is a cuddly bunny, set up to beat the academic boycott of Israel, by Gordon Brown. It only does attractive stuff. But, as Mike Cushman of the London School of Economics said:
    ‘Much of the finance for these partnerships is clearly coming from parts of the private and voluntary sectors that are allied to Israel … We are urging our colleagues not to touch any of this funding with a bargepole. It is blood money and they should recognise it as such’.
    Both Davis and the Pears Foundation have surfaced on this blog as funders of the Conservative Party and some of its pro-zion MPs.
    Gould is an enthusiastic supporter.
    Watch this space.

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