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This is the link for the video recording of the Public Administration Committee meeting at which Paul Flynn MP was prevented from asking questions about the role of the third man, Matthew Gould, in the Fox-Werritty plot to promote a war with Iran.

The key action starts 1 hour and thirty minutes in (use the slider). The actions of long term paid zionist shill Robert Halfon – whose whole career has been bought and paid for by Werritty’s main sponsor Poju Zabludowicz – and the neo-con committee chairman, Bernard Jenkin, in suppressing free speech by an MP are despicable. Anyone who does not believe there is a fierce Tory cover-up of Gould’s role must watch this. Anyone who believes parliamentary democracy is still more than a sham should watch it too.

Which brings me to the extraordinary refusal of my freedom of information request for the Gould/Werritty correspondence. The refusal of my request came back in just one hour and fifteen minutes – about three weeks shorter than usual – and astonishingly at 11.31pm. The FCO refuses to meet its Freedom of Information Act obligation to provide the Gould/Werritty correspondence because it would be “too costly” to do so.

But did not Sir Gus O’Donnell just conduct a full and thorough investigation into the role of Adam Werritty in association with Liam Fox? And would not such a full and thorough investigation have gathered together all the relevant documentation, and particularly correspondence between Werritty and senior British diplomats?

There are two alternatives. Either the material is already collected, in which case there is no cost to collecting it, and the response to my Freedom of Information request is both illegal and a deliberate lie. Or the documentation was never collected and the Gus O’Donnell investigation was a complete sham.

Either is not good. Yet there is no other possible explanation.

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99 thoughts on “The Third Man

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  • wendy

    “Re: So is it now thus: Free cybermedia break a story; lamestream media HAVE to follow, finally? ”
    its what Alex Jones / inforwars uses, he has linked up with the most influential ‘alternative’ media .. from which the corporate media find it hard to ignore ..

  • CanSpeccy

    Lizard Brain Komodo said: “Canspeccy claimed not to know what the EDL was a couple of weeks ago. Now he’s fighting its corner?”
    Don’t be a total twat.
    I said: “I see Tommy Rotten, aka Stephen Yakuza-Lennon and the EDL are getting into the game, just to make sure the “far-right-wingism” label sticks to all those with the temerity to claim that they are “putting the interests of the British people first.”
    Obviously you’re illiterate or a liar.
    And, yes, I learned something about he EDL in the last couple of weeks. Looked them up, actually.

  • CanSpeccy

    And Anno, you seem to be another total twat:
    Your argument that we should pay attention to what the BNP put on the outside of the tin is pathetic.”
    I said that the BNP was a state operation designed to smear opponents of imperialist wars as racists, etc. What’s hard to understand about that. And why when that is pointed out on this site does it generate a chorus of moronic accusations of racism, etc.? How many shills are there on this site, anyhow?

  • CanSpeccy

    Anon, for now I exempt you from the twat league of shills, and assign you to the division of morons with whom it is fatuous to argue because they cannot understand an argument. Very wise of you, I would say, to go under the pseudonym of “Anon.”

  • anon

    they cannot understand an argument
    I was not responding to your argument. I didn’t think it was interesting enough to merit a response. I was pointing out that you made a false statement.

  • Komodo

    Canspeccy: you also said:
    “But it seems to be a general rule here, that any reference to the fraudulence of the BNP or the EDL triggers a smear attack. That’s quite interesting, isn’t it.”
    So you feel the EDL and BNP are hard done by. So you’re fighting their corner.
    There is absolutely no need to contradict yourself, old chap, or should I say buddy? We enjoy doing it for you.

  • Jon

    Alright, CanSpeccy (and everyone for that matter) – easy on the insults. Let’s have a spirited but civil discussion, shall we? Attacking each other doesn’t actually assist the understanding of a point, especially since some parties come from different political perspectives.

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