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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Mum

  • Julian (Toff)

    Happy birthday Poppy. My dad was 81 two months ago.
    Good to know you’re feeling better Craig. Keep up the good work.

  • arsalan

    Happy birth day.
    Craig you better buy her something nice.
    And take her grand kids to go see her.

  • mary

    Happy birthday from me too. Wish I still had my Mum around. I am sure you value and cherish yours Craig and I hope she is in good health.
    Mark who are the old boys? Fishermen?

  • Abe Rene

    Indeed, Happy Birthday to her! As a house painter said to me once, ‘You’ve only got one Mum!’

  • Iain Orr

    Congratulations to Poppy; may you and your children share her longevity genes! She is in good company having her birthday on St Martin’s Day [ the saint whose “capella” or cloak gave non-conformists their chapels] – so do Dostoevsky (1821), Roy Jenkins (1920), Kurt Vonnegut (1922) and June Whitfield (1925).

    The ghosts of the dead – not just those fallen in battle – return to earth on Martinmas:

    “It fell about the Martinmas
    When nichts are lang and mirk
    The carlin wife’s three sons cam hame
    And their hats were o the birk”
    from “The Wife o’ Usher’s Well” [ the birch hats – made from a tree growing at the gates of Paradise – were to protect the dead from the influence of the living].

  • Banksie

    Happy Birthday Mrs Murray. Its also my daughters 17th and my best friends wifes birthday (You’ve met him Craig, he came and cleared your garden and cut some trees for you when you first moved into your house in Ramsgate) – I know loads of people with their birthday today!!

  • ingo

    my heartfelt regards to your mum,

    Sue lebe hoch, sie lebe hoch, sie lebe hoch, sie lebe hoch, sie lebe dreiiiiimaaaaal hoch/

    these men in Marks picture are proud ‘Shannoks’ Mary, fishermen from Cromer and Sheringham.

    Corrsponded with a lady from Vancouver island in the past for a some three years, her anekdotes mark these very poor men out as honest hardworking and fearless men.
    ‘Matty’ her name, told me how they moved from Sheringham to Cromer. They could not affrod to hire a waggon, so they dismantled everything and her husband rowed everything, wardrobe an all, along the coast to cromer, back and forth until the move was done. That sort of people.

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