Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch 297

The neo-con Blair and Cameron regimes are very comfortable with each other. War criminal Alistair Campbell’s “evidence” to the Leveson inquiry is risible.

“Only a few people in number 10 knew Cherie was pregnant, so it must have been phone hacking that led the Mirror to it” is a statement that would not stand ten seconds thought, if it were not ramped by being given the status of a leak.

Campbell’s statement ignores the range of explanations as to how the Mirror could have learned from the “small number of people in No. 10” that Cherie was pregnant. These include:

a) gossip
b) No 10’s motive to get the news out to boost Tony’s popularity
c) the hospital
d) phone hacking

Phone hacking is the least possible explanation. My money is on b)

No, this is a rather pathetic attempt by the Blair camp to divert attention from Murdoch onto Piers Morgan, who the war criminals have never forgiven for his opposition to the War in Iraq. It is so blatant a ploy that it needs an extra boost to the story as a daring “leak” by the Tory neo-con PR man Paul Staines, to be a succesful diversionary tactic.

Blairites and Tories get together to manufacture an incident to take the heat off Murdoch at Leveson Inquiry. That is the real story.

297 thoughts on “Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch

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  • Fedup

    Why do you rise to bait? Ignore it, and it will vanish. Noting the other day it arrived, and did the usual shitting up the place, and no one took any notice, offsky it was gone for a few days lying down in its bed and crying its eyes out.
    On the other hand you may intend to rip the piss out of shit, then carry on by all means, but remember be funny so we all can have a good laugh at the fool. This kind of cyber settler can only prove effective, if anyone reacts.

  • Ruth

    ‘Yes and we even got those nice Iranian policemen to stand aside and refrain from their usual practice of murdering protestors against the Iranian Govt, which of course has no history at all of taking hostages from foreign embassies.’

    Of course, Stephen, here in the UK we have no history of killing an innocent bystander in a demonstration or of course smashing kids’ skulls in.

    And of course we have no history of supplying brutal dictators including Gaddafi with weapons to kill peaceful demonstrators.

  • Komodo

    “On this blog, if anything threatens Sunni populations, the commentators stay silent, sniggering up their sleeves.
    This blog is anti-Islam, and pro-anything which is bad for Islam.”
    No it isn’t, and, speaking personally, no, I’m not. I even considered converting once, but I couldn’t honestly say I believe in what I would be required to believe in. Islamic communities, where they are permitted to work, and the zealots don’t get a hold (I’m not talking about British ones, btw, though it’s true for them as well) are as good a social model as I’ve seen. What is your opinion of the extreme Sunnis running Saudi Arabia, though? Or Saddam’s Sunni minority when it was running Iraq? There were villains on both sides of that divide, and still are.
    Are you for intervention in Syria? Shrapnel will gut a (minority)Shi’a as readily as a (majority)Sunni child. Now that’s what I call bad for Islam.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    John Goss,
    As predicted America is prepared and poised to orchestrate the collapse of Syria and render the highly strategic Golan Heights, annexed by Israel since 1967, unchallenged and in Israel’s hands. Golan is Israel’s primary source of ground water.

    Despite a splintered Syria being a catastrophe for the central Mideast, the US and and Britain, blinded by their anti-Iran passion, are ready to destroy Syria and force Iran into conflict. Britain’s Navy are ‘watching the skies for a star-burst’ – I believe all the lights are on in the West’s war rooms and NATO pilots are in the briefing room awaiting the ‘no fly zone’ order to scramble. A false-flag Syrian attack on Turkey tomorrow (30th) is the catalyst. Turkey is on the same page as America and HAS BEEN PROMISED control of the area backed by massive American aid.

  • Fedup

    What was anno’s outburst about?
    I fail to see the connections.


    Meanwhile back at the ranch,
    A fate worse than worse than worse than ……
    Cameron and Billy fourteen pints are threatening fire and brimstone as seen in Telegraph, and Guardian, both waxing lyrical about all manner of misdeeds of Iranians, however going missing is the jump in Oil prices, which is a welcome news in the midst of the current depression!
    Way to go boys, contracting out the Foreign Policy to ziofuckwits has such a wonderful outcome. Humpty Dumpty has been dumped on epic.

  • glenn

    Oh don’t worry about it, Fedup – Anno likes to fire off his accusation- blunderbus now and then, for reasons best known to himself.

  • Komodo

    Billy fourteen pints, fedup? Surely Halfpint Wullie? If that bugger drank fourteen pints of anything it was Kaliber, to top up his wind and piss levels.
    No, seriously. Not sure where Anno is coming from, he’s getting a bit self-contradictory IMO.

  • Fedup

    thanks for the laugh, the name sake George Bu$h suffers from the same syndrome as the original; full of shitness.
    Can’t get the heads working yet these cretins’ bluster seems to have no end in threatening the world with destruction.
    The prize goes to Herbie;
    Yeah, MI5. Incompetent fuckwits, in search of a headline. That sounds about right.
    Useless, plodding, fucking plods.
    God help us, and all who sail in us.

  • Fedup

    Recollecting his interview in one of the rags; claiming he drank fourteen pints! I take him at his word!!!

  • stephen

    So Ruth you’re not denying what I’m saying but justifying it by the bad behaviour of others – but then the ends justify the means in your book don’t they?


    Coincidences happen – but Norwegian Police regularly practicising handling situations where terrorist run amok shooting people doesn’t sound too extraordinary to me. Perhaps a more interesting coincidnce is how several conspiracy nut web sites all appear to have picked up excatly the same paras from the Norwegian newspaper and translated them exactly the same (just Google the words) – but somewhat peculiarly have missed out the paras about unconfirmed souces.


    Why don’t you learn some manners – it’s one of the nice things about democracies people can have different views and put different arguments and can find ways around censorship.

  • Komodo

    I remember him as boy wonder of the year addressing a Tory conference at age 16. He has said nothing new since. I once drank 14 pints. It was Watney’s Red Barrel, and I’ve had more effect breathing deeply at a filling station… (Ah, youth. I was 17)

  • Tony_opmoc


    At the start of the reporting of the Norwegian atrocity, I was convinced that some of the initial photography of the victims of the bomb blast had been faked. Then I thought I was nuts, and of course it happenned just as described.

    However, I know that the Telegraph does not always tell the truth. Why should Aftenposten?

    Then I saw a video of the bombings and the victims. It looked staged to me – like unreal. Then I thought I was nuts, and of course it happenned just as described.

    Now I don’t really care, cos I think we are all totally fucked, by every means possible.

    The human race comprises such a bunch of tosspots, it deserves what is coming.


  • glenn

    Stephen – perhaps you need to learn some manners too. You were told by this blog’s host that you’re not welcome, but you come swaggering back in anyway, and rudely set about denouncing people here. For someone who puts stock in manners, you have the remarkable air of a thug and a troublemaker, albeit one with a refined accent.

    Pray tell – because your sort of behaviour has often puzzled me. What’s keeping you, given your contempt for us, the blog host, the general conversation and so on. Something must surely be fascinating you!

  • Fedup

    The cringe factor is in the notion of being unwanted, uninvited, and in fact shunned, yet to return, and settle in. This is an indicator; highlighting a distinct lack of pride, and self worth. However in the world of the Jewish supremacist these facets are turned upside down and projected onto goyem, hence the swagger: “there are ways around it”, just like rapists thinking “no” means “yes”.
    “The human race comprises such a bunch of tosspots, it deserves what is coming.”
    Don’t give up and join the long lines of the misanthropes. Human beings are wonderful, their capacity for goodness not easily surpassed. Alas the conditions and the deprivations are at the root of all evils, it is the artificial constructs and the environment thereof, not the species.

  • tony_opmoc


    The human race consists of 4% psychopaths who are in control of all major institutions and can’t be shifted. 85% living in gross poverty or rapidly approaching it. 0.5% who have a clue what is going on but are powerless to change anything and 10.5% who a comfortably numb.


    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?
    Come on, now,
    I hear you’re feeling down.
    Well I can ease your pain
    And get you on your feet again.
    I need some information first.
    Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts?

  • Jives

    @ Fedup

    “Don’t give up and join the long lines of the misanthropes. Human beings are wonderful, their capacity for goodness not easily surpassed. Alas the conditions and the deprivations are at the root of all evils, it is the artificial constructs and the environment thereof, not the species.”

    +1…wise words.

  • Jives

    @ Suhayl,John Goss,Roderick Russell et al.

    Yep i hear you about the spook/phone/street theatre stuff.I’m not naive about it.I have no doubt that Craig’s blog is one of the hottest tickets in town at the moment.His scoops are genuinely making a mockery of the MSM.In light of this i’ve no doubt the spooks are all over it-and other comms.
    What to do?
    Well i just do what i do.I don’t post rage or bile anyway,i’m non-violent,non-religious so until posting prefectly legal comments on blogs becomes a crime i will continue to do so and suggest you do likewise.I don’t take counter-measures or change phones etc.That just plays into their already rampant paranoia.They can listen and watch me all they want but the only thing they’ll be pissed off at is how boring i am.I go to the pub,do gigs,do pub quizzes and listen to alot of Steely Dan,Hendrix and Talk Talk on YouTube-amongst many others-whilst posting here.
    I know i’d be bored too if i had to watch,tap or follow me.

  • Jives

    @ Suhayl,John goss,Roderick Russell et al..

    Gentlemen,let this beautiful song and video,with some of the most poignant lyrics you’ll ever hear give you strength.

    i saw him gigging in Glasgow 2 weeks ago,a superb gig,simply superb gig after almost 30 years from his initial success.


  • tony_opmoc

    the queen of terror and war … a living weapon of mass destruction. The central figure at the center of the worlds mass human death projects. The fact she can laugh at it reveals the true sociopathic lack of empathy inside this woman. She just engineered the war that has destroyed Libya and killed tens of thousands, and now she is going to engineer the new government, another “transitional” puppet regime.

    She will have over 50% of Americans laughing with her, whilst I feel a projectile vomit coming on.

    12 seconds of the way we are


  • Fedup

    Russia threatens to block NATO routes ,
    And from the book of how to whitewash a massive cock-up?
    Taliban is wot done it
    Whilst the Pakistanis having had enough are calling it a day, and kicking out US from the rented airport.
    NATO airstrike deliberate act of aggression
    And China just to make sure;
    China backs Pakistan’s efforts in safeguarding independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity
    Although suddenly language of threats become less appealing;
    “making threatening statements doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose, least of all the Iranians.” Dammit don’t do as I do!
    Well if the calibrations for degrees of fucked-up guage, were not so screwed-up and out of whack, someone would be getting the sack, but hey we know that aint gonna happen; Gould of Tel Aviv is left to carry on the troika agenda despite those nice boys; Fox and Werrity making a hasty exit.

  • nuid

    “you miserable bastard, you’re fixing to screw up and derail another thread, right?”
    Doesn’t sound like that to me.
    And who might you be “Dec”?

  • Dec

    Doesn’t sound like you know how Tony Opmoc likes to post, Nuid. Why didn’t you bother looking at a few earlier threads to see how that drunk bastard does mass postings when he’s totally blotto? OF course he does some reasonable posts, but FFS look at how he takes off late at night before you criticise me for discouraging his drunken rambling BS!
    Who might I be? WTF should that matter? WTF are you, pal?

  • Jimi Pingpong

    Don’t be an arsehole all your life, Dec. Tony doesn’t ‘derail’ threads – he never posts more than four or five posts together, they’re easy to skip. He’s not like the wanker trolls like Stephen who actually try to engage people in spurious distorted debate. They’re the ones who derail things.

  • Jimi Pingpong

    Oh, and Dec,
    It’s Craig’s blog. He has moderators working to his requirements. If you don’t like it, start your own blog, then you can abuse people all day.

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