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by craig on November 1, 2011 5:56 pm in Uncategorized

I am giving a talk at Occupy London’s Tent City University by St Paul’s at noon tomorrow. Many thanks to all who responded to my request to help the logistics of this. I am going to donate some copies of Murder in Samarkand and The Catholic Orangemen of Togo for people to read on the occupation.

I shall also be giving a talk at the Chapter Theatre, Cardiff on 13th November at 2.30pm, for Freedom from Torture (formerly the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture). This is a wonderful organisation which, among other things, does fantastic work for torture victims who are in the UK.

If anyone knows where I am giving a talk on 8 November please let me know!!!!

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  1. Responsible Citizen

    1 Nov, 2011 - 6:10 pm

    Not entirely irrelevant, I fear. Two recent snaps of the human instrument responsible for applying appropriate pressure to St Paul’s, so far forcing resignation of both Dean & Canon Chancellor:
    Of all Lord Mayors post-War, Mike Bear — an anglicization, as irony would have it of ‘Behr’ as in Bear Stearns — has most reason to revile agitators in general & community activists in particular.
    For more than a decade he presided over the destruction of the centuries-old Spitalfields Market, hampered in his aim only by sustained opposition from Spitalfields Community Association. Bear was representative on the ground of notorious Balfour Beatty. (e.g. in March 2009 the company was found to be a subscriber to the Consulting Association, prosecuted by the Information Commissioner for breaching the Data Protection Act by holding a secret database of construction workers details, including union membership & political affiliations.)
    Bear’s role as director of the Spitalfields Development Group is what first propelled him into financial-quarter politics and, in due course, as a kind of delayed thank you, into the Lord Mayor’s coach.
    Didn’t realise till now that in some quarters the City of London is known as the Jewish Vatican. This tainted — I presume racist — source serves as a for-instance:
    Manchester-based Jewish Telegraph’s interview with gent on left of frame in above snap of joint hands-on opening of Tel Aviv stock exchange:
    As a friend of mine remarked a few weeks back when I pointed this out during Fox-Werrity scandal in which Gould featured: What if HMG had appointed a white supremacist as its ambassador to S. Africa? Or a Communist as ambassador to Moscow?
    The above facts are as grubby as they are undeniable. They’re just the sort of thing that feeds racist sentiment, exemplified in veiled form, I presume, by the blog cited above, & by the likes of the obnoxious saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.
    We are all Jewish. It’s just that some of us are more Jewish than others. I say this not entirely facetiously. Race, like Zionism, is a toxic 19th century construct. Mere demographic arithmetic renders it risible. All the more reason not to shy away from naming those who since 1945 are able to veil selfish & rapacious motives contrary to human interests under the mantle of one of the world’s great religious traditions.
    I myself was born in Jerusalem.

  2. G20 compound in Nice surrounded hy protesters. Just now on Russia Today’s 6pm News. Nothing on ZBC.

  3. Larry Levin

    1 Nov, 2011 - 6:22 pm

    Dear Craig Murray

    Could you film it and put it on youtube?

  4. Larry Levin,

    I have niether the technology nor know-how. Experience seems to show that professional attention to sound quality needed for this to be worthwhile.

  5. Don’t know how you find the time, Craig. But here’s the link for people wanting to know more about Freedom from Torture.

  6. Much appreciated Craig – thanks – I am sure a recording will be made and I have posted announcements for tomorrow.

  7. Dear Craig,
    I will video you tomorrow and will make it available on youtube.

  8. Hope you will promote the following books down at OWS

    Griftopia, but Matt Taibbi (contributor to Rolling Stone magazine), explains how Wall Street screwed the world. It is also relevant to the e-petition from FairFuelUK, as it explains who started the fatefull rise of fuel, none other that Goldman Sacchs with secret deals some 16 yrs ago and why commodities (food) have spiralled upwards.

    Also a book by Glenn Greenwald ‘With Liberty and Justice for some’, self explanatory but should get some refernece material for the protestors.

    good luck with the talk.



  9. ‘Occupy’ Toronto – protestor shot at point blank range:
    discretion advised.

  10. Great news, I wish I was rid of my ‘Beckham’, hobblin’ around does not suit me, would love to be there, shall advertise your talk, good luck and have fun with the issues.

  11. Craig speaks of the victims of torture above and the help given to them by Freedom from Torture.
    Here the makers of instruments of torture are given carte blanche to display their wares at a Paris arms fair.
    Israeli torture traders exhibit in Paris
    10/31/2011 – 18:10
    An Israeli company selling instruments of torture and repression has been given refuge at a Paris arms fair, six years after it was expelled from a similar event in London.
    Electroshock shields were one of the items offered by TAR Ideal Concepts at the Milipol exhibition in the French capital earlier this month, a source who attended this bazaar informed me. Those shields are explicitly designed to inflict pain on people who come into contact with them.
    TAR’s participation went unnoticed by the mainstream media. That was in contrast to the 2005 UK Defense System and Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition. On that occasion, the Israeli firm was instructed to pack up its stand because its brochures solicited orders for stun guns, batons and leg cuffs. TAR founder Tomer Avnon complained at the time that it was hypocritical to single out his firm. “Don’t forget we were among booths offering everything from sniper rifles to silencers, cluster bombs and all sorts of nasty stuff,” he told The Jerusalem Post.

  12. Craig

    If you talk to Robin at the ‘RealReform’ tent at St Pauls remind him he still has the Murder in Samarkand I lent him last year.

  13. ???

    I feel sorry for the people especially the Greek people.
    Greece crisis deepens: Military chiefs sacked after shock call for referendum on austerity cuts sends markets tumbling
    Chiefs of staff at Greek National Defence, Army General and Air Force get arching orders for no clear reason
    Sarkozy and Merkel call emergency meeting over referendum call
    Huge losses for French banks exposed to Greek debt
    ‘More important than ever’ to push ahead with bailout, says Sarkozy
    FTSE 100 falls 3.4 per cent after opening
    Germany’s Dax falls and French CAC-40 plummet by more than 5 per cent
    59 per cent of Greeks think deal is ‘negative’
    ‘No’ vote could prompt country’s exit from the Euro
    228-year-old US brokerage MF Global goes bankrupt due to euro bonds
    Chinese warn hopes of ‘red knight’ riding to slay euro debt dragon are ‘misplaced’
    Comes as UK growth figures ‘better than expected’

  14. I thought that I had somehow deleted the ‘m’ from marching but no that is how it appears.

    By the left, arch!

  15. “Comes as UK growth figures ‘better than expected’”
    not real growth .. its a sleight of hand.

  16. Greenmachine

    1 Nov, 2011 - 8:35 pm

    ‘Best Wishes’ Craig for your talk on the morrow. My daughter and I visited the camp last Thursday and were impressed by the ‘broad church’ of protestors and their intelligent discourse. The calm, measured determination evident in spreading the message of the immoral inequality and sheer criminality of ‘cartel capitalism’ is making headway. The about-turn of the Church authorities and the growing acceptance of the need for an alternative to the current criminal financial system is heart-warming. Now the MSM, especially the BBC (if not RT and Channel 4 news will have to do!), need to really engage in the debate!
    Keep up with Max Keiser and Gerard Celente to find out what’s really happening in global finance.

  17. Voila, put a microphone near to Craig, if you can. This will make the biggest difference to sound quality. A separate mic and a long cable are needed. I mic clipped to clothing or taped to the lectern would be good. Failing that, Craig could wear an MP3 recorder, and sound could be overdubbed onto the video later. If the recorder has digital sound, leave the record level quite low as Craig can get surprisingly loud when he makes a point.

  18. NATO engineered Gaddafi’s escape by South African mercenaries then bombed the convoy and left their proxies to finish the job brutally, if this article is to be believed. If so this is a cast iron war crime (or is that why the pressure was on to de-legitimise him / depose him before his death?):

    Danie Odendaal, one of the fighters, claimed he was with Gaddafi when the convoy was attacked. He has told South African media that three groups of South Africans were flown in to Libya via Dubai and Cairo to help the Gaddafi family under a deal done with Nato.

    The plan, he said, was initially to take Gaddafi to Niger. “We all believed they [certain Western countries] wanted him out of Libya. But then Nato attacked. It was a gruesome, gruesome orgy, I think we were sold out”. The dictator suffered brutal abuse before being killed. “The poor thing screamed like a pig,” he said. However, some rebels then helped the South Africans get away from the scene.

    The Independent has learnt that Mr Odendaal, who was travelling on a Greek passport, was sent to Cairo to receive treatment for injuries he had received and has since moved to Western Europe.

    However not all the mercenaries have been freed and Mr Odendaal has named two South Africans who were killed in the frantic confusion around Sirte. But the identities remain unverified and next-of-kin have not been informed.

    Revolutionary fighters present at the time of Gaddafi’s capture spoke of seeing bodies of white mercenaries which later disappeared. Abdullah Hakim Husseini, of the Misrata brigade, recalled: “There were, I think, three or four bodies of foreigners. We were told not to touch them, they would not be going back to Misrata… Later I heard they were from Zimbabwe and South Africa.”


  19. Good on you. Will try to make it down

  20. cynicalHighlander

    1 Nov, 2011 - 9:35 pm

    In case you haven’t seen this Wealth Destroyers

  21. Will be there.

  22. City of London is now delaying eviction proceedings. Must have heard you were coming, Craig. Or noticed an upsurge of interest in their very sheltered financial status (see Cynical Highlander’s link, and mine, elsewhere). (Wish I had a personal lobbyist entitled to stand in the Commons….)

  23. Bravo Craig. They are doing a marvellous job of protesting peacefully and justly.

    They are a credit and an inspiration to us all.

  24. @ Craig

    Good luck with the speech tomorrow.

    Try and get it an audio recording if possible,no matter whether hi or lo quality.

    I have the sound engineering eqpt to clean it up,amplify,reduce noise spill etc and can send it back to you in whatever format you wish in order to embed it in your video.


  25. Seen this,
    It appears your story from the Independent has been changed very, very quickly.
    In the first publication of the article one of the paragraphs stated,

    ‘The private force of South Africans is said to have undertaken the task of getting Gaddafi out of Libya via a convoy in the belief it had the backing of the Western powers. The men were recruited, it is claimed, by a woman of British background living in Kenya and working on behalf of a company in London.’

    The article you gave a link to had an addition,

    ‘The private force of South Africans are said to have undertaken the task of getting Gaddafi out of the country via the convoy in the belief it had the backing of the Western powers. The men were recruited, it is claimed, by a woman of British background – whose name cannot currently be published for legal reasons – living in Kenya and working on behalf of a company in London.

    Why can’t it be published? It’s of major importance to know if the UK was implicated in Gaddafi’s death.

    Surely the ‘Wonga Coup’ was an SIS operation to take control of Equatorial Guinea’s resources just as this appears to have been a duplicitous plot by our great country to keep the rebels happy making it look as if they were responsible for Gaddafi’s death.

    I think it’s vital to find out who the woman is and the company in London ‘she worked on behalf of.’ There can’t be that many companies in London who hire mercenaries from South Africa.

  26. Sorry OT

    Now the thought police are out – lose your job in Germany if you criticise the Libyan NTC.


  27. That posting by “Mark Golding – Children of Iraq” is misleading, sensationalist bullshit.

    ‘Occupy’ Toronto – my ass.

    There has been no police shooting at “Occupy Toronto”.

    While I would be proud to think that Canadian activists are ahead of the wave, I don’t think they’re that far ahead – the YouTube video linked to was uploaded over a year ago.

  28. Gerald – No need to sound so aggressive towards Mark or his website or so triumphant as it was a misleading upload. Things to come perhaps? Watch out for action by the Toronto police today. They have the form. There were also agents provocateurs in the Toronto G20 ‘riots’ who were identified by the colour of the soles of their boots! Ha! This is from the Occupy Toronto website.
    Solidarity with Occupy Oakland and the General Strike!
    Posted by Outreach | November 2, 2011
    In response to a police attack that hospitalised 25 people, and being forced off their occupation site, Occupy Oakland called for a general strike this Wednsday.
    This call came out at an Occupy Oakland General Assembly that was attended by over 1500 people, and has since been taken up by a number of the city’s large unions, especially among their rank and file. This Wednsdays thousands of workers in Oakland will walk off their jobs and march in Oakland in solidarity with Occupy.
    Major goals will be protesting at banks or corporations that refuse to shut down for the day, then marching in the evening to the Port of Oakland to try to shut down the night shift.
    Occupy Toronto will be marching in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, and in solidarity with the Oakland General Strike!
    Join us at 4:00 as we march to the financial sector to hold a rally and an assembly to decide where to go from there.

  29. and as regards the Children of Iraq, for your information from William Blum’s latest Anti Empire Report –

    The Iraqi Lullabye
    On February 17, 2003, a month before the US bombing of Iraq began, I posted to the Internet an essay entitled “What Do the Imperial Mafia Really Want?” concerning the expected war. Included in this were the words of Michael Ledeen, former Reagan official, then at the American Enterprise Institute, which was one of the leading drum-beaters for attacking Iraq:
    If we just let our own vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don’t try to be clever and piece together clever diplomatic solutions to this thing, but just wage a total war against these tyrants, I think we will do very well, and our children will sing great songs about us years from now.
    After a year of the tragic farce that was the American intervention in Iraq I could not resist. I sent Mr. Ledeen an email reminding him of his words and saying simply: “I’d like to ask you what songs your children are singing these days.”
    I received no reply.
    Has there ever been an empire that didn’t tell itself and the world that it was unlike all other empires, that its mission was not to plunder and control but to enlighten and liberate?

  30. Ruth,

    Interesting isn’t it. South African websites reckon it was Hart Security of 118 Piccadilly. The operation was coordinated by a man called Penfold. Made me wonder whether any relation to Peter Penfold – read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and you will understand.

  31. Jonangus Mackay

    2 Nov, 2011 - 9:26 am

    ‘The Occupy movement really is an exciting development. In fact, it’s spectacular. It’s unprecedented; there’s never been anything like it that I can think of . . . The fact that the demonstrations are unprecedented is quite appropriate. It is an unprecedented era — not just this moment — but actually since the 1970s . . . What’s being played out for the last 30 years is actually a kind of a nightmare that was anticipated by the classical economists . . .’
    Chomsky at occupyBoston:

  32. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 9:28 am

    Well done Mr Murray.
    Hopefully that some in Occupy London crowed after reading Murder in Samarkand will realise that there are even more serious issues around the world than few greedy bankers and few corrupt politicians. And hopefully that they will realise that government should be hold accountable for its foreign policy as much as for the domestic policy. And next time when someone asks where all these refugees are coming from and that we do not want to see them in Britain they will ask themselves whether government is doing something to stop people from far abroad countries to become refugees.
    Also hopefully that some from the Occupy London crowd can open franchise Occupy Uzbek Embassy in London and stay there until Karimov allowed all political prisoners out of prison.
    Looking forward to seeing your speech on the Youtube.

  33. Ruth, interesting point. Would Mann not have then had some leverage here to try to secure his release? He served around 5 years in total (of 34, admittedly) I believe.
    Regarding web pages changing here is a useful site you might like: http://www.freezepage.com/
    > Prove exactly what was at a web address at a specific date and time.
    Take copies of web pages and keep them for your own records.
    Easily and safely share web pages with friends, students and colleagues.

  34. http://www.citypress.co.za/International/News/Gaddafis-exit-plan-20111029
    “The recruiting was done by Sarah Penfold, a well-known name in the industry based in Kenya, who apparently acted on behalf of a company in London.South Africa’s State Security Agency is aware of her visit to Joburg on August 17, and she is being investigated.”
    “After being issued with false passports, three groups of South Africans flew to Dubai and Cairo, from where they hurriedly flew to Libya to assist Gaddafi.”
    Fake passports? Flights direct to Libya ?
    “..no request to the South African authorities” “Intelligence sources believe there were agents among the mercenaries, or in some of the security companies, who were spying for the transitional government and reporting the the mercenaries’ movements.
    Nato launched its attack on Gaddafi with deadly precision, and Odendaal believes someone “sold them out”.”
    So no mention of a deal done with NATO here more a murkier double cross?

  35. Craig…wrong mate..It was arranged by Penfold’s loyal sidekick, Dangermouse.

  36. So much that the general public just doesn’t have any idea of – in all areas. Transparency? Of course not, that would be against ‘our’ interests, and anyway ‘they’ wouldn’t be interested – give them X Factor and Strictly so they’re kept voting about nothing, since that’s all they’re fit for.

    Reminds me of Ted Hughes ‘The Hawk in the Rain’ – ‘I am going to keep things like this’.

  37. Mary

    Since you seem to spend your time listening to Russia Today (old habits die hard?) perhaps you could enlighten us as how the Occupy protests are going in Moscow under the benevolent oversight of the KGB retread oligarchs that run that country.

  38. Stephen: although Russian GDP has dipped as a result of the economic downturn and its stock market depressed, its banking system has had only minor exposure to the Western banking crisis and only the Bank of Moscow has had a bailout, to the tune of a measly $14 billion. We had to shell out almost one trillion pounds. Russia remains the world’s biggest oil exporter. I don’t think the Russians are quite as pissed off as we are.

  39. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 1:48 pm

    Most of those who tried to organise protests in Moscow on 31st October have been arrested including 6 year old boy who came along with his parents and nanny. Russian authorities since KGB took power are notoriously against any type of protests. There have been few protests in Russian regions in the last 2 years but scape goats have been found and crowds seemed to be dispersed.

  40. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 1:58 pm

    Trust me Russians are pissed off too (every year hundreds of billions of dollars being transferred from Russia to off-shores and to the West in wholesale money laundering exercise). But unlike people in the UK or in the rest of Europe Russians are not allowed to hold mass demonstrations without facing consequences and possibly criminal records.
    There is not a single opposition party in Russian parliament that questions actions of Russian government. To add to all this that it is clear that Vladimir Putin is coming back to Kremlin once again and it is most likely that his puppet Medvedev is going to replace him as Prime Minister of Russia. Do not you think that some Russians are pissed off of this? Not only banks undermine social justice system but corrupt governments can and do much more harm.

  41. We’re very much looking forward to the event Craig!
    John Goss, thanks for sharing the Freedom from Torture website.

    Here at Freedom from Torture, we’ll be tweeting live from the event, so if you are on Twitter, please do follow @freefromtorture or go to http://www.twitter.com/freefromtorture to find out more. Hopefully photos will also be going up on http://www.facebook.com/freedomfromtorture after the event.

    Many thanks all

  42. Uzbek: I’m sure Russians have plenty to protest about. Most of the things you mention apply here too. I emphasised Russia’s financial and economic position however because over here the debt issue is such that people are beginning genuinely to fear for their and their children’s future.

  43. MJ

    You really have little clue about the situation in Russia – the Oligarch’s really care very little about ordinary Russians. Just Google Russian pensioners and perhaps you will find that what we fear has already come to pass in Russia. When people from Moscow take bread to give to their neighbours when vsiting their dachas 2-3 hours away – then you know things are pretty bad.

  44. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 3:23 pm

    Since collapse of the USSR Russians (and by this I mean majority of Russians) have never had social guaranteed similar to those during 70th and 80th. While Mr Murray and others quite often are concerned about the income gap between rich and poor in the UK but in Russia this gap is much wider. While there are huge estates being built for Russian oligarchs just outside Moscow there are millions of Russians (some even in Moscow) whose income does not exceed 10$ a day and these are not people on benefits.
    If you look carefully at the state of schools and hospitals in Russia (outside Moscow) you will realise that majority of oil and gas export revenues are being spent on wrong things and some even being stolen. While Russia is a major gas exporter there are some towns in Russia where gas is a luxury and people use diesel fuel in order to heat their homes.

  45. Why has this diversion been created about Russia Today (no I rarely look at it – it’s on Ch 85 Freeview fyi) protests in Moscow or the lack of them, and the Russian oligarchs? We are talking about the protests going on in this country and the reasons why they are happening.
    PS Don’t forget there was a revolution there. Coming here soon?

  46. Stephen, please stop your insinuations, trying to tar those who provide valuable links and deabtes to this blog is not necessarry or clever.
    If you want to do something about Russian oligarchs and their influences here, most of them seem to congregate in London, why don’t you go and see what you can do about it with some of your FoI comrades in the Labour party?
    If you sing the right songs they might even let you into their illustrious places, try No1 Marble Arch, the penthouse, always a good start.

  47. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 4:04 pm

    Goodness Mary,
    Circumstances in 1917 in Russia are hardly comparable to those in the UK today.
    There will be no revolution in the UK. Majority of population here are politically inactive (meaning they do not care who is running the country all they care about is their job/benefits/pension). Yes, there is a problem with those things but absolute majority still have jobs/benefits/pensions and thus they will not support any type of revolution nor they will join Occupy London crowd.
    Some people on the left are trying to portrait this as revolutionary situation but this is far from truth. For revolution to take place as Lenin taught there should be situation when ‘lower classes (and presumably middle classes) cannot live by old rules and upper classes cannot govern by new rules’ then those lower classes take on upper classes and changes whole system of government. This on its own is pretty much disturbing and can cost nation much more than bailouts. That what has happened in Russia in 1917, twice.

  48. “it’s on Ch 85 Freeview”
    Indeed and the Keiser Report is one of the few programmes on telly actually worth watchibg.

  49. “Stephen, please stop your insinuations”

    Don’t you like it when someone responds in kind? I think you will find that I and others who try and put a contra view to the regulars on this blog are on the recieving end of rather more insinuations – well blow me down you end your post with another one.

  50. Worth noting that most successful de facto revolutions in this country have been linked to power struggles between elite groups. We don’t usually call them revolutions, but the usual people got killed. Uzbek is perfectly correct. For a base-up revolution, the bourgeois and the peasants, to use old red terminology, must unite, and for that to happen, the bourgeois must feel hardship first. What we have in this country is not hardship. Or likely to be for some years. On the international historical scale, what we have is mild discontent, and a still-high standard of living for most. But still, even public unrest can influence governments, so the effort isn’t wasted.

  51. I dont know Craig, but you might want to point out that British officials are preparing our military for a strike on Iran.
    Who are they ? How can we be bludgeoned into yet another war where there never seems to be another option except attack ?
    this is exactly what Fox and Werrity were up to and here we are already.
    What kind of country do we live in.
    Are we a vassal state of Israel ??

  52. Seen This? Freedom Waves flotilla

    2 Nov, 2011 - 4:41 pm


    The Irish yacht Saoirse (Freedom), which carries 15 activists, and the Canadian boat Tahrir (Liberation), which holds 12, will attempt to carry $30,000 in medical supplies beyond the Israeli blockade later this week. ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’ is the 11th attempt by international activists to deliver humanitarian aid through the Israeli blockade of Gaza since 2008.

  53. Uzbek in the UK

    2 Nov, 2011 - 4:44 pm

    Does not Iran have gas and oil? What else is needed to attack a sovereign state these days.
    It has been a while since Iran is being mapped as next target but it seems that NATO first decided to clear up some bases: Iraq, Libya, Egypt and probably Syria. If it is proven that Iran is enriching uranium itself this will be sufficient and will make this war look like morally right unlike war in Iraq. Of course it later can turn out that Iran did not enrich uranium, but who would care after the war.
    The other problem is that Arabs actually support anti-Iranian actions as they are afraid of Iran more than they feel any Muslim solidarity with it.

  54. Ruth I agree and the recruiting lady for the Gaddafi family extraction, Gaddafi’s wife, Safiya, his daughter, Aisha, and his sons, Hannibal and Mohammed, accompanied by their children to Algeria was Sarah Penhold who operates from Kenya, ‘an executive protection and security specialist proficient in a wide range of firearm handling and safety techniques.’
    Gerald – pulled from Occupy Britain group who of course are ahead of the curve – timely reminder EH?

  55. Ruth I agree and the recruiting lady for the Gaddafi family extraction, Gaddafi’s wife, Safiya, his daughter, Aisha, and his sons, Hannibal and Mohammed, accompanied by their children to Algeria was Sarah Penhold who operates from Kenya, ‘an executive protection and security specialist proficient in a wide range of firearm handling and safety techniques.’
    Gerald- pulled from Occupy Britain group who of course are ahead of the curve – timely reminder eh?

  56. MOds 1 brewing plse.

  57. Ruth I agree and the recruiting lady for the Gaddafi family extraction, Gaddafi’s wife, Safiya, his daughter, Aisha, and his sons, Hannibal and Mohammed, accompanied by their children to Algeria was Sarah Penhold who operates from Kenya, ‘an executive protection and security specialist proficient in a wide range of firearm handling and safety techniques.’
    Gerald-pulled from Occupy Britain group who of course are ahead of the curve – timely reminder eh?

  58. Isn’t it surprising Donny, it all happens at once.


    Bibi and Ehud, very naughty boys indeed, decide to test ballistic missiles, without twelling anyone in the Knesset, now they finally can reach any country within Europe. The Middle east’s sole nuclear power, developed in secret and outside the international NNPT framework or the IAEA inspection regime has become just that little more dangerous to all of us non chosen one’s. They are cheering each other on. What progress indeed, both have their respective bedside buttons, just in case they want to surprise the Knesset with a little bit of nuclear war.

    What can hit Iran can also hit Turkey or France, these delivery system will change the balance of power in Europe and our FoI’s will have jack shit control over them.

  59. donnydarko

    I put this comment onto a Guardian thread on Syria – surprise, surprise, there isn’t one for the Iran story yet.

    ‘And meanwhile the BBC has this:

    Israel has tested a rocket propulsion system from a military base in the centre of the country, the defence ministry said.

    Israeli media reports said a ballistic missile had been fired.

    The test came amid speculation in Israel that the government could be preparing a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    The defence ministry said the test had long been planned. Israel successfully tested a ballistic missile in 2008.

    and there’s the new story on the Guardian’s front page about Britain planning back-up for a United States attack on Iran.

    No way is NATO going to attack Assad in Syria!

    It has quite another fish to fry.
    In alliance, of course, with Israel – Atlantic Bridge, anybody?’

    I’ve also commented elsewhere in the same paper that an attack on Iran would take everyone’s eyes off the deteriorating situation re the City, the Archbishop’s comments re the Tobin tax, and the situation regarding Greek debt.

    By the way, Craig, how did your speech at the Occupy protest go down?

  60. They’ll find the books useful. They can tear out the pages for toilet paper.

  61. @Stephen – I think you and I have debated in the past. Please go easy on people here – Craig and most folks here welcome opposing views, but civility is requested of everyone. Mary and MJ are valuable and well-informed commenters on this blog, and are hardly clueless.
    I hope you can take my suggestion in the positive spirit it is intended – and with the notion that if one intends to persuade people to a particular position, one needs to get them on-side first :-)

  62. OOps Sorry folks about the wall-paper posts – Jon/mod can you delete Plse, cheers.

  63. Can’t locate it now but someone put on a link to an article written by Peter Wilby in the Guardian about Prince Charles having a veto on government matters and taking advice from Melanie Phillips and David Starkey.

    P Charles presents himself as a kindly eccentric, a man of the people and concerned about the general good.

    I have heard and seen it all now. I find that one of his outfits is devoting a day to study Thatcher’s Personality and Impact. She set in traint the pattern of our decline, banking frauds aside, leading in part to the current hardship we are enduring. Unbelievable that this uncritical sounding programme is being offered to teachers under his auspices.
    11 November, 2011
    Museum of London Docklands
    West India Quay
    London E14 4AL
    Margaret Thatcher: Personality and Impact
    Friday 11th November 2011, Museum of London Docklands, London, 9:00 – 15:45

    A day which focuses on the powerful impact Margaret Thatcher had in shaping the British landscape and its policies. Participants will consider her role in contemporary British history and will be offered practical ideas for presenting the context of this in the classroom. The event is being led by James Sladden, Head of History at Queen Elizabeth School in Kent. The aims of the day are to:
    Examine the role of personality in the Thatcher years, including Margaret Thatcher and her ministers
    Consider how Historians might analyse Britain under Thatcher
    Analyse the social and economic impact of Thatcherism
    Analyse the reasons for the downfall of Thatcher
    This day is suitable for those teaching History at all Key Stages and at IB level.
    Provisional Programme of Events

    9.00 – 9:30 Registration and coffee
    9:30 – 9:40 Welcome and Overview of the day: James Sladden
    9:40 – 10:40 Lecture: John Campbell: Margaret Thatcher: Her Life and Legacy
    10:40 – 11:00 Break
    11.00 – 12:00 Lecture: Professor Richard Vinen: Britain’s Thatcher
    12:00 – 13:00 Teacher Workshop: James Sladden: Thatcher in the classroom
    13:00 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Group discussion
    14:30 – 15:30 Seminar: Lord Richard Wilson: The Thatcher years
    15.30 – 15:45 Evaluations and depart

    Speakers: On the link


    Here are the four Trustees including Harvey McGrath, Chairman of Prudential, a banker, an acocuntant and an academic.

    Fascist stronghold.

    Off with their heads

  64. I see our friend Mr Hintze of Fox Werritty fame is in the equation.
    The Chairman of the Trustees is Harvey McGrath, and the Institute’s Co-Directors are Bernice McCabe and Christopher Pope.
    The Prince’s Teaching Institute is supported by the very generous sponsorship provided by The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, Harvey McGrath, Dr Jonathan Milner, the Clore Duffield Foundation, Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, ICAP plc, the Sidney E. Franks Foundation, Nord Anglia Education PLC, Mr and Mrs Tager, Pennon Group plc, Keith Breslauer, David Tucker, Edmund Lazarus, Ben Iversen, Rupert Mitchell, The Nomura Charitable Trust, Mr and Mrs Weiss, Mr and Mrs Hampson, ShareGift, Baring Private Equity Asia, a number of anonymous donors and by the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

  65. Get the banking and corporate sponsors out of the G20.

  66. worth a watch

  67. @Mary – Margaret Thatcher: Personality and Impact
    So on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we have “Britain’s Thatcher.”
    You couldn’t make it up.
    I wonder if the programme includes the number of passengers killed on the railways after Thatcher put in motion the privatisation of British Railways, leaving the directors of Railtrack with the usual legal responsibilies for the interests of shareholders (money) and none for safety?
    Off with their heads most definitely.

  68. Hadn’t spotted that coincidence of the number 11!
    Wonder if His Nibs turns up to their ‘events’ or any of the disciples of Thatcher in that list of trustees.

  69. Latest information on the Dr Kelly case.
    Londoner’s Diary

    02 November 2011 12:59 PM
    High Court to revisit death of David Kelly
    Bad news for Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell. The Londoner learns that the death of Dr David Kelly will be examined at the High Court next month after a senior judge ordered a special hearing as part of his review of the case. A source tells me that Mr Justice Kenneth Parker, who is considering an application challenging the Government’s recent decision not to have a coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, has requested the session in open court on December 19. This could eventually help secure an inquest which, uniquely in modern English law following a suspicious death, there has never been. It will be the first time that issues about Dr Kelly, the Hutton Inquiry and the suggestion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction will have been tackled in court as opposed to at a public inquiry. My source says Lord Falconer, Blair’s chief legal adviser on the Kelly affair, is in line for a verbal thrashing. Reaching this stage is largely down to the efforts of David Halpin, a retired surgeon from Devon, who has never believed the official line that Dr Kelly killed himself in 2003. Two months ago he sought permission to judicially review the Government and it is his written submission that Mr Justice Parker is considering. More than 800 donors have contributed over £40,000 to cover Halpin’s lawyers’ fees. He is the sole claimant in the action.His barrister, John Cooper QC, tells me: “My client has said for many years that on the available evidence Dr Kelly did not commit suicide. He welcomes this first chance since Dr Kelly’s death to put before a court the kernel of his case.”


  70. PS I believe John Cooper QC is also acting for the St Paul’s Occupiers.

  71. Sometimes I despair.
    The extent of commercial and extranational influence on government is MASSIVELY greater than anything Charles the 2.5 can manage. The City of London Corporation alone can give him points and a beating when it comes to preferential treatment.

    Concentrate on the main issue, will you? This is a mere distraction. It may well be an intentional one. And it will completely alienate potential allies of the splendid isolationist tendency if it is pursued.

  72. Here we go again.
    Let’s worry about Charles interfering in planning decisions, eh? It’s not as if anyone else is dragging us towards armageddon.
    “One senior Whitehall official said Iran had proved “surprisingly resilient” in the face of sanctions, and sophisticated attempts by the west to cripple its nuclear enrichment programme had been less successful than first thought.

    He said Iran appeared to be “newly aggressive, and we are not quite sure why”, citing three recent assassination plots on foreign soil that the intelligence agencies say were coordinated by elements in Tehran.”

    Not sure why? What sort of moron inhabits Whitehall these days? Might a sanctions regime coordinated by Iran’s biggest bugbear (a non-signatory, unlike Iran, of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, nuclear-armed to the teeth and probably in possession of ballistic weapons capable of reaching most of Europe), allied to what is effectively an act of war – the Stuxnet virus – not have something peripherally to do with it?
    I’d be getting bloody aggressive if I were Iranian. I’d be looking at who wanted my oilfields, and predicting the likely future.

  73. Agree with Komodo that the Charles issue (although infuriating, just what you’d expect in this democratic country!) is a carefully-placed distraction tactic. We are seeing the possibility of another war – carefully manipulated by the usual suspects – to divert the minds of the populace from the economic devastation that is being wreaked upon us.
    Most people probably think that Iran would turn out to be an easy target – and haven’t we some troops in Helmand Province next door in Afghanistan? – they’ll be able to finish the job in a couple of weeks … months … years … decades …
    Meanwhile, plenty of lovely profits … real profits from real industrially-produced weapons – not from ponzi schemes! What could be better? That will be the line from the City anyway.
    The reality would be horrendous, and we probably wouldn’t live long enough to see the end of the economic devastation that would follow – not just for the Iranians, but for us.

  74. Mary regarding Dr David Halpin’s application for JR you may wish to listen to him being interviewed by James Corbett of the Boilng Frogs (Sibel Edmonds) website and streamed on Dr Halpin’s home page. It’s an excellent listen: http://dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1
    He also asks for any legal contributions in a non tin rattling sort of way.

  75. Dr Kelly – good news Mary? – Thank-you so much for the update.

  76. Does anyone know whether Craig gave his talk yesterday and, if so, how it went down and whether it was recorded? Nothing yet on TouTube as far as I can see.

  77. Thanks Seen This?

    Ref the heir to the throne. I see him and his faamily as the embodiment of state power, preferment and privilege under whom agressive wars are fought and resources of other peoples are stolen. Think of the MoD arranged theatre of the parades through Wootton Bassett, elevated recently to include Royal in its title, as a reward for waving the blood soaked Union flag. That little ceremony, where Charles’ sister presented the town with its new Royal warrant, was attended by Cameron and was televised live by both news channels.
    Similarly we will soon have Remembrance Sunday, originally to remember those who died protecting us in the two World Wars, but now taken over by the state propaganda machine. The Royals line up in their military rig outs, complete with rows of medals, alongside the policitians and prime ministers past and present. They add God into the mix too and military music. I could go on, the Albert Hall Service of Remembrance, Trooping of the Colour,…
    My reason for putting that link up to the Princes Teaching Institute was that I felt indignant it is interfering in what is being taught to our children and that Thatcher was being eulogised by making her and her policies the object of a study. I also think he should keep well clear of the affairs of what is laughingly called government.

  78. MJ

    After some initial confusion about the arrangments, Craig gave his talk to a group at Tent City University which grew while he was talking, building up to about 30. Several of us knew Craig from before and his talk, as usual, was clear and punchy, but largely covered familiar ground. There was some good discussion, moving on to solutions to our present moral, political and economic morass – such as renationalisation of key resources such as energy, water supplies and rail transport; and encouraging smaller banks and building societies. I was aware of some people filming, but did not speak to any of them.

    On the possibility of a war against Iran, Craig feared that was likely, but had no strong views on the time frame. He cetainly saw western military/oil oligarchs as hoping for this. An attack on Syria was unlikely as it had insignificant oil reserves. He thought he would live to see an independent Scotland, but did not venture an actuarialassessment of that timescale. view of

    There was a good atmosphere of semi-anarchic optimistic idealism coupled with a determination to see changes to the woeful legacy of recent generations (including my own).

  79. Iain Orr: many thanks for the info and excellent summary of proceedings.

  80. Thanks for that Ian. Voila said s/he would film Craigs talk, no doubt it will take some time to edit.

  81. BBC 1 tonight’s Panorama is entitled Britain on the Fiddle.
    Stevo on MediaLens message board gives the figures and comments:
    see the government’s lackeys are preparing the ground for the government again.
    The figures for this tell you all you need to know:
    Figures for benefit fraud: £1.5 billion
    Figures for unclaimed benefits: £17.5 billion
    Figures for tax evasion and avoidance: Anything between £70 – £120 billion.
    I presume, purely in the name of impartiality you understand, that there is going to be a similar programme about massive financial fraud, tax fraud that occurs in this country on a massive scale?
    It seems as usual that the media wants to pick on the easiest and weakest victims of government policy. Most people who are among the tiny minority who actually do fiddle their benefits usually earn amounts under a hundred quid; hardly worth the effort to tax. If government are going to throw people out of work and do nothing to create new work and then cut peoples benefits as well, then how can the government be surprised if people fiddle their benefits?
    Expect the black economy to rocket once the new credit scheme is introduced.
    I concur.

  82. Thanks for the report Iain, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it along.

  83. Rally at 2pm 5th Nov steps of St Paul’s followed by a peaceful March to Parliament.
    We are the 99% – come and show your support for the occupation of the London Stock Exchange and find out more about our cause.
    5th November: No Gunpowder. No Treason. No Hidden Plot.
    Rally at 2pm on the steps of St Paul’s followed by a peaceful March to Parliament. We will be distributing thousands of leaflets with our 8 point statement in central London.
    We stand for progressive alternatives to making the majority pay for a crisis they did not create.
    Caroline Lucas MP
    John Pilger
    Bruce Kent
    Seumas Milne – Guardian
    Kate Hudson – Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
    Josie Long – UK Uncut & award-winning comedian
    Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Campaign
    Stef Newton, NUS LGBT Campaign & National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts
    Weyman Bennett, Unite Against Fascism
    Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition

  84. A tory type fop was reviewing the papers on Sky News just now. Because ‘666’ has been daubed on St Paul’s he was smearing all the protesters and said they must be cleared off.
    The graffiti has only been reported in the Mirror and Express so far as I can see at the moment.

  85. This study would be worthy ramming up the noses of any who bleat about “wealth creators” http://tiny.cc/w969s

  86. Two-thirds of the young choristers have their school fees paid by donors, and wear medals bearing their names at special events.
    An American arm of the cathedral’s fundraising operation, meanwhile, organises glitzy dinners where tickets can cost up to $50,000 (£31,306) for two tables.
    Those who give money to help restoration projects are promised they will be “greeted by high-ranking clergy” when they visit the London landmark and ushered to “reserved seating in the Choir stalls for Evensong”.
    Details of the benefits received by corporate donors during church services themselves are likely to prompt fresh concerns about the close links between St Paul’s and the world of high finance.
    When the cathedral authorities attempted to remove the anti-capitalist protesters camped on its steps last week, triggering three resignations, it was claimed that they were abandoning Christian ethics by siding with the rich businesses of the City.

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