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14 thoughts on “Litopia Interview

  • deaf fool

    The Dyson Conundrum and Our Man in the Cold: very droll, but more Green that La Carre i.e. 1st and last suggestions taken together are an illusion to the hoover salesman in Our Man in Havana and perhaps tease at the possibility that the man who cleans up may be making it up! It is unfair for those at home and on line to blame the diplomats, who don’t resign. Craig, whilst he should be ordinary is not. He is very rare. We all cold shoulder our conscience. Until we live with our conscience in the small details of our day to day own lives there is no real meaning when we point at others. It is very easy to play moral about world politics. Craig it would appear has listened to his conscience in his day to day life and that is rare. Let those who have ears listen. He is worth listening to.

  • momo

    interesting the interviewer casually dropped in when talking about Uzbekhastan: “..that the president was a man accused of presiding over torture, religious repression, forced child labour, murdering its own people, probably, something like on par with what apparently’s happening in Syria, hundreds of protesters killed…”

    is Syria a fully totalitarian country? how valid was it for interviewer to draw it as a parralell to Uzbekhastan?

    interesting interview overall

  • Abdul Jarndyce

    An excellent & important interview which, sad to say, my former employers at the BBC would never have broadcast. To anyone passing this way who’s not yet listened: I urge you to click on the link & stick with it. It’s no mere string of soundbites. You won’t regret it.

  • AgentPete

    Thank you so much for all the above comments about our show. Craig stayed up until 1:30am to take part, which I thought was simply heroic.

    Wooden… well, that seems to be part of our format now(!). We do indulge in fairly excruciating wordplay, usually at the beginning and end of the show. In Craig’s case, we cut out the end session, because we wanted to hear more from him. But listen to other shows, and you’ll suffer & groan along with us…

    Syria… this was a fairly garbled attempt on my part to get Craig talking about this. But it wasn’t phrased as a question, and came out a bit wrong. Sorry.

    Thank you so much for the BBC comparison, above. We deliberately set out to create shows that would never be broadcast on the BBC, either for reasons of length, controversy, or simply for fear of offending whoever their political masters happen to be at the time. I’m so pleased that you think we’re coming close to that.

    Craig indicated that he’d be up for a return visit, and we’d love to have him back.

    If you’re interested in the “secret state”, then you might like to know that we have famed espionage writer Nigel West on our show on May 3rd. Join us live in the chatroom to ask questions.

  • nevermind

    Excellent interview, you seemed to have enjoyed it tremendously and the team behind it was getting into the spirit of things.
    The comment on Syria was out of place though.

  • crab

    That was just really good radio, thoughtful, light yet substantial. Thanks Craig and Litopia!

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